Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier (Multi Use for Travel Office Desk Desktop Car Small Bedroom) Personal Humidifier / USB Portable Mini Humidifier/ Air Purifier for Baby Room with Water Bottle (Blue)

Product Feature:
In Working Time
Mist volume 40 ml/h. Meet the demand of private humidification.

On Travelling
With an on-board cup, vehical-mounted humidification on your business trip,travel.

Silent running, Running noise like the voices of flowers

Much More Mist
New 12 hours automatic shut-off with an unlimited water source
Up to 8 hours automatic shut-off with travel bottle Extra-long 3-ft USB cord, as useful as phone charger cable
Rugged material for extra durability

Easy To Use
Just drop the humidifier into a water source, then soak the filter wick for about 5 minutes. Power it on with car charger port, power bank, or computer, then you are ready to go! That’s it!

Great Warranty
100% satisfaction guarantee

Product Features

  • New Version Cool Mist Humidifier: Ideal for Desks, single rooms, baby rooms, travel hotel room, Planes and kids rooms. Small enough to take with you wherever you go, even your car! Plugs into any USB power source including portable phone chargers, puts moisture back into dry air from over-heating or cooling.
  • Portable Mini Humidifier: comes complete with matching water cup for added stability and keeps water clean from dust and lint.You can also take out and insert the main part into any glass or bottle. 12 hours Auto shut off, compatible with any micro-usb cable, compatible with any water bottle.
  • Improve Air Quality And Prevents Damage From Second Hand Smoke, Stale Air And Allergens: It functions as an ionizer by releasing negative ions into the air which combat harmful positive ions. This provides many health benefits e.g. improves breathing, strengthen the immune system, help to lift your mood and relieve stress.
  • Whisper-Quiet Ultrasonic Operation: Less than 15 db means that this humidifier is one of the most silent ever made.12 hours automatic shut-off with an unlimited water source, also automatic shut-off when no water.
  • Very easy to use: You just fill up the cup with water, after the internal filter was soaked, plug the device into your USB port and press the on/off button.

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iHome&iLife Natural Air Purifying Bag Charcoal Activated Carbon Air Freshener For Car Home Shoes (Blue)

This carbon package put in the car, can purify the air, adsorption air conditioning put in next to the computer can play the effect of radiation.
Remove the odor, humidity, mites and antibacterial effect of reducing the source of asthma or nose allergy.
Emit far infrared rays, negative ions, by quick blood circulation, promote metabolism, increase the air of negative ions and activated cells, and beneficial to human health.

Material: Flax + bamboo carbon
Size: about 6.69″x3.54″/17*9 cm
Weight: 160 g (one pair)
Clean up the air and odor

Package included:
2 x Activated Carbon Pack

Product Features

  • Natural Bamboo Charcoal Bag are the PERFECT shoe deodorizers. Simply add the bamboo charcoal bag into any smelly situation and witness this natural activated charcoal odor eliminator work it’s magic
  • Made from 100% ORGANIC activated bamboo charcoal. Activated charcoal bag naturally ABSORB moisture, odors, and bacteria. Don’t cover that odor eliminate it with bamboo charcoal bags to provide a natural freshness to any space. Fragrance, chemical, gluten, cruelty, and meat free.
  • This cute bag can be used in many areas in the house or office such as Kitchen, Refrigerators, Freezer, Closet, Luggage, Shoes cabinet, Kid’s room, Pet Area, Gym bags and Auto Mobile
  • With an INCREDIBLE life of up to 2 years, Charcoal air freshener can be used again and again, providing constant freshness to any area.
  • REFRESH BAGS MONTHLY: place in sunlight for 1 hour.

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FOR AIR PURIFIERS – CareforAir Lemon Essence 100mL – Clear Nasal Passages And Sinuses – Good For Exhaustion, Dizziness, Anxiety – Promotes Positive Mindset – Improve Concentration And Alertness – Good For Skin And Acne- USE IN REVITALIZERS, IONIZERS, HUMIDIFIERS

The CareforAir Lemon Essence is a water soluble essence that can be used in any water based Air Purifier/Humidifier/Revitaliser.

If you havent got one already please check out the CareforAir Rainbow Breezer available for sale on Amazon.

Did you know that?
Lemon has antibacterial and antifungal properties making them a natural alternative to treat acne.
When dispersed in the air, Lemon through inhalation, is beneficial for clearing the nasal passages and sinuses promoting good air flow and steady breathing
Lemon is calming and therefore helps in removing mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety and nervousness.
Lemon scent has the ability to refresh the mind by creating a positive mindset and removing negative emotions.
The scent of lemon is also good for concentration and alertness.

Good News!!!
Lemon has a rich citrusy aroma that is refreshing and uplifting.
Lemon scent helps stimulate brain brain for concentration which is helpful when studying for exams or assignments
Because of the calming effect of Lemon scent, it can help you get a good night’s sleep and helps ease an anxious mind.
Lemon scent can help give you that positive mindset to face your day with a smile!

Just use a few drops of the CareforAir Lemon Essence and you will be able to enjoy the relaxing, brain-stimulating, stress relieving scent of Lemon.
Your kids will love this too and will benefit from all the effects!

Each 100ml bottle will last approximately 30-45 days depending on usage and frequency of use.

What are you waiting for? Click the ORDER BUTTON above to get all benefits and more of Lemon!

Product Features

  • Water soluble essence for Revitalisers/Air Purifiers
  • Used in conjunction with any Air Purifier – Recommended Air Purifier Rainbow Breezer by CareforAir
  • Beneficial for clearing the nasal passages and sinuses. Good for clearing the skin of acne and spots.
  • Ideal fragrance in the kitchen – Available for purchase in 100ml and 200ml sizes
  • Non toxic, Non inflammable, Non-corrosive, 100% Biodegradable, Environmental Friendly

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Wokesmart Refrigerator Deodorizer, Ionizer Air Purifier, Fridge Ionic Food Freshener Preserver, Waterproof Ozone Anion Sterilizer, Freshness Extender, App Control, Up To 90-Day Battery Use.

[From the Manufacturer]

Wokesmart Fridgmate Smart Fridge Ozonizer Food Preserver

1. Ozone and Negative Ion Dual Mode Sterilization Kills 96.26% Bacteria
2. Deodorization Expert Brings You Good Smell and Sweet Smile
3. Freshness Extender Doubles Shelf Life of Food
4. 90-Day Consecutive Working and IP65 Waterproof Construction
5. Smart APP Control and Self-Management

1. Charge the product via USB cable (power adapter not included)
2. Scan the code or download APP via searching “WokeSmart” in App Store or Google Play.
3. Press the Power Button to turn it on, with blue light flashing once per 2 seconds.
4. Set the volume of your fridge on APP.
5. Put it into your fridge to work at AIR STERILIZATION MODE
6. Press the Blue Button once a week to access DEEP STERILIZATION MODE for at least 2 hours.

APP Smart Control
1. Check real-time bacteria residue
2. Check healthy status of today or the past week
3. Low power indicator and remaining working time estimation
4. Set smart frequency and operating time of deep sterilization mode

[LED Indicator]
Normal Operation: flashing blue once per 2 seconds
Turned Off: no indicator light
Charging: flashing green
Fully Charged: green color
Low Power: flashing red

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Battery: 2600mAH
Rated Power: 0.04W
Input: 5V 1A
Charging Port: Micro USB
Fridge Space: 20-120L
Working Temperature: 14℉-122℉ (-10℃-50℃)
Ozone Release: 10mg/h
Bluetooth 4.1 Chip: Industrial Chipset from TI in USA
Transmission Distance: 26 Feet (Fridgmate Inside the Fridge)
APP Compatible Devices: iPhone/iPad, Android Phones/Tablets.

Product Features

  • [Dual Mode Sterilization] Fridgmate releases 3 million negative ions simultaneously and 10mg ozone per hour to kill 96.26% pathogenic bacteria. Dual mode sterilizations kill bacteria in the air and on the interior surface, letting you say goodbye to diarrhea/stomachache caused by psychrophilic bacteria.
  • [Deodorization Expert] With bacteria decomposition, Fridgmate is a much more efficient deodorizer than other products like bamboo charcoal working by passive adsorption. A refrigerator with good smell always starts your day with sweet smile.
  • [Freshness Extender] Fridgmate doubles the shelf life of your food like fruit and vegetable to reduce food waste and also speeds up the degradation of potential pesticide residue. Smart self-management keeps a low concentration of ozone. Save money with safe food.
  • [Smart APP Control] As the 1st smart fridge robot, Fridgmate has smart APP to check bacteria residue, health status of today and the past week, as well as remaining power and working day estimation. You could also set smart frequency and working time of deep sterilization.
  • -HIGH QUALITY BACKED with RELIABLE WARRANTY:100% Brand New and High quality from Exotic Life ,sold by Exotic Life ONLY! Exotic Life offers 12 months Warranty and 31 days free exchange for all the Exotic Life products which are built with the highest quality standards and we stand behind for best after service

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Rustic Style Freestanding Hanging Metal Tillandsia Air Plant Rack Holder Black Bronze 8cm x 8cm Height Quadrilateral Cube Shape Geometric (Black)

Scandinavian style traditional geometric iron ornament, a great accents in office and the sitting room as a decoration or air plant cultivation.

Beautiful rustic style decorative hanging / freestanding metal air plant rack holder for indoors, gardens, or patios.

Allow you to hang this planter pot from any branch, eave, or ceiling.

Simple and modern style, easy to go with different styles of room.

Please note: the plants are not included.

Shape: Cube

Colour: black / bronze

Size: 8cm x 8cm

Product Features

  • Scandinavian style traditional geometric iron ornament, a great accents in office and the sitting room as a decoration or air plant cultivation.
  • Beautiful rustic style decorative hanging / freestanding metal air plant rack holder for indoors, gardens, or patios.
  • Allow you to hang this planter pot from any branch, eave, or ceiling.
  • Shape:Cube
  • Size: 8cm x 8cm

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Aroma Diffuser, Oak Leaf Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Essential Oil Aromatherapy Electric Diffuser Air Purifier Lonizer with LED Mood Light for Bedroom Baby Room Yoga Office SPA Wood Grain

Product Description
AUTO SHUT OFF – when water runs low. Worry free from the shut off bother, enables a peaceful sleep.
Night Light – Warm color light, it could be set steady on or recycle with 7 colors. Great night light for bedroom and baby room.
Beautiful Decorations – New wood look design with warm color, which is the best choice to decorate your house. Make you home full of romance atmosphere.
Humidify your living space to prevent dry, stuffy air and flu/cold germs. Perfect for home, yoga, office, spa, bedroom, baby room.
Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (NOT INCLUDED) to enjoy wonderful aromas throughout your home.
Humidify the air, breathe easier, and relieve cough and sinus congestion due to colds, allergies, and flu. Reduce odors in your house from cigarettes, cooking, and pets.

Material: PC/PP, AS
Colour: Wood Grain
Volume: 110ml
Power Consumption: 12w
Dimension:5.1*5.1*3.7inch / 130*130*95mm
Power Input: DC100-240V
Voltage output: 12V
Working Time: 4-8 hours

Package Includes:
1* Essential Oil Diffuser
1* Adapter
1* Measuring cup
1* User Manual
Note: Oil is not included in this package

Product Features

  • DESIGNED TO DECORATE: Premium finished PC body coated with wood grain in a water drop shape, stylish and natural.Multi-mode mood-enhancing 7 Color LED light of this Aromatherapy Diffuser illuminates nearly the main tank cover, you can also press the Light button to adjust the LED lights (Auto Changing/Fixed Colour/ Colour OFF)
  • WHISPER QUIET OPERATION: The nearly silent Aromatherapy Machine produces a gentle hum but neither heat nor vibration. Sets up in minutes, produces mist instantly. It will not disturb the peace of your life.
  • WATERLESS AUTO SHUT OFF when water runs low – adds to safety, energy efficiency, and peace of mind- especially for use at night.
  • TWO MODES: Diffuse for 3 minutes, pause for 1 minute recycle; constant on. Respectively working for 8 hours and 6 hours with these 2 modes. The Essential Oil Diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to instantly vaporize water and essential oil in the tank to produce a cool fragrant mist.
  • PERFECT AS A GIFT SET: Can be used as an Aromatherapy Diffuser/Humidifier/Air Purifier/Night Light. Perfect for bedroom, study, office, living room, bathroom, yoga, SPA, conference room, baby room, etc.

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Megadream 2-in-1 Mini Auto Car Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser And Mini Humidifier With 180 Degree Rotation/ 2 Hours Power Protection/ Anti-Dry/ Add Water For Cool Mist That Humidifies The Car – Add Aromatherapy Oil For A Therapeutic Air Freshener for Car and Travel Use – Green

How to Use:
1. Counterclockwise turn on the water tank
2. Pour the amount of water
3. Add the right amount of essential oils if need
4. Clockwise tighten the water tank
5. Insert car cigarette port
6. Press car humidifier touch switch to get 2 working modes:
—>6.1 Press once, blue light on, humidification mode, mist spray at all the time
—>6.2 Second press, purple light on, oil diffuser mode, mist spray 5 seconds per time
—>6.3 Third press, red light on, turn off

Power Supply: DC12V
Working current: 130mA-150mA
Power: 1.5W-2W
Spray Volume: 25mL/H


1. Purified water is highly recommended as unfiltered water would block the vaporizer.
2. Using Humidifier when there is not water in the tank that causes mist mouth burns.
3. When the mist becomes thinner, please replace the sponge.
4. Use regularly a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the scale on the surface of the atomizing plate. Do not use excessive force, since that may damage the atomizing plate.
5. To use oil diffuser function, please add 2-3 drops of water soluble essential oils onto purified water, it will cause danger to the humidifier without purified water.
6. Adding greasy aroma oils which is insoluble in water that may result in clogged mist mouth.
7. Finger skin too dry will cause low touch sensitivity sometimes, and then please keep skin moist(Water)

What’s in the package:
1x Car 2 in 1 Humidifier with an extra free Sponge Stick
1x User Manual

Product Features

  • 2 in 1 function: Humidification and Aromatherapy, Add water for cool mist that humidifies the car – add Aromatherapy Oil for a therapeutic air freshener. The Megadream Car Aromatherapy Humidifier is suitable for using in car
  • Fill each car with a lovely fragrance that can sooth and relax weary senses after a stressful day or night. Perfect for masking stubborn smoking and pet odors. Portable – easy to move and make your car smell wonderful
  • Humidifier water tank could be 180-degree rotation with no leakage, standard car charger interface, which could compatible with the most vehicles and support SAFETY timing function, two hours power protection, when time is up it will turn off automatically, At any time any place can use the carefree
  • Stay Healthy – humidify your space to prevent dry, stuffy air and flu/cold germs infecting your loved ones. Prevent dry and chapped skin in dry winter and hot summer months
  • Perfect gift idea for family and friends who love aromatherapy or can benefit from the theraputic essential oils

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Discoball Car Air Purifier with Latest Technology in Ionizer Air Cleaner for Removing Dust, Pollen,Smoke, Perfect for Your Car, Truck, & RV (Blue)

Discoball Car Air Purifier Release large amount of negative ions that can effectively remove dust, dander, bacteria, pollen, mould, smoke
and PM2.5, chemical vapours, and other allergens in the air. Once the positive and negative ions are bonded together, they become too heavy
to float, and no longer affect the air quality of the surroundings. This Hi-Tech Car Air Purifier Light up Your Way.

Material: Plastic + metal
Color: Blue
Voltage: DC 12V
Power: ≤ 0.8W
Using Space: <15m³
Negative Ion Concentration: 3,800,000pcs/cm³
Ozone Concentration: 3mg/h
Indication Light: Blue LED
Working Temp.: -10-40 celsius
Storage Temp.: -10-60 celsius
Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
Size: 2.3*2.3*8.8cm / 0.9*0.9*3.5 “
Net Weight: 0.025kg / 0.9oz
Applications: car, home, office

Package Included:
1xCar Air Purifier
1x Manual

Product Features

  • This qualified Ionizer Air Cleaner releases millions negative ions(4.8millionper 132) which removes minuscule particles from the atmosphere, enhancing the air quality in your car. An ion is basically a particle that is charged, either negatively or positiively. The ionizer creates negative ions which seek out positively charged particles, such as dust, dander, microbes, pollen, germs, smoke, bacteria, and other allergen
  • Light indicator on once it is connected. Easy to connect and hassle free. Comes in Blue, Black and Red. Weight – 38g, Voltage: 12 V/ DC, Negative ions concentration: 4800000 PCS/cm3, Ozone concentration: 4.8 mg/h, keep within temperature of -10C to 46C.
  • Kill harmful bacteria and viruses and dispel unpleasant odor by generating safe amount of ozone. Enhance metabolism and relieve fatigue
  • Plug the device into the car cigarette lighter directly,the Blue indication light will be on when the device is working
  • Quality & Safety: FCC, CE and RoHS certified and approved.

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Nasal Mask ECVISION Air Purifier Anti-mist PM2.5 Nasal Mask Breathable Personality Anti-dust Isolation Anti-Pollen Allergic Nasal Respirator Mask with 30pcs Filter

Product Name:
PM2.5 Nasal Mask

Made of high quality Polycarbonate, Non-woven,Medical silica gel.

Function: Anti-dust isolation,Anti-pollen allergic,Air purifier,Anti-mist.The replaceable filter. Has a good anti-dust,dust resistance,anti-pollen allergic and other effects.
Remarkably comfortable, soft, lightweight nasal mask and easy-to-adjust the straps
At the heart of the ECVISION Nasal Mask is a low-profile, minimalist frame that reduces facial contact and eliminates the need for a wide, hard forehead support.
ECVISION soft nasal cushion fits over just the tip of the nose so it requires very little facial contact.
High filtration efficiency, thoughtful sealed design, no leakage, wear comfortable and convenient.

Product Features

  • PM2.5 Nasal Mask Functions: Anti-dust isolation,Anti-pollen allergic,Air purifier,Anti-mist.High filtration efficiency, thoughtful sealed design, no leakage, wear comfortable and convenient.
  • Remarkably comfortable, soft, lightweight nasal mask and easy-to-adjust the straps
  • The replaceable filter,has a good anti-virus, deodorant, filter bacteria, dust resistance and other effects. The replaceable filter is extending the life and cost effect.
  • Suggestion:Before use, please put the product into the clean odorless containers, soaked with water disinfection about 10 minutes, then take out of the product and air dried naturally.Depending on the situation you use, please replace the filter every week.
  • Note:The rubber skin allergies are disabled and don’t use scented soap or toothpaste etc to rinse air purification cotton, purifier

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