3-Pin UK Mains / Home / Wall Adapter & Charger with USB Port – Compatible with the HEPA Air Purifier – by DURAGADGET

Introducing DURAGADGET‘s high-quality mains charger adaptor for your headphones – simply pop your micro or mini USB cable into the plug’s USB port to give your gadget a full overnight charge or power boost from a UK mains socket.

The ideal daily companion, our adapter offers charging on the go, whether you’re at home, at work or staying in a hotel. Pick up one of our chargers at a fraction of the official merchandise price whilst being assured that this replacement doesn’t compromise on quality! With CE and RoHS certification and reverse-circuit protection, our charger is both safe and secure and offers the perfect alternative.

Our uniquely-sized charger is both lightweight and compact and offers a suitable portable solution and storage-friendly accessory.

N.B. We don’t include a micro or mini USB data cable with this product.

Product Features

  • DURAGADGET’s premium quality wall charger uses your device’s USB cable to charge from any UK mains socket
  • Our wall adapter provides an in-home solution to charging overnight for full power the next day
  • This wall adapter can be used with any USB-friendly device – your tablet, MP3 player, camera, satnav or smartphone/watch!
  • The plug features a standard USB 2.0 port and supports any micro USB or mini USB to USB 2.0 cable (CABLE NOT INCLUDED IN PURCHASE)
  • With 1A – 1000mAH output, our charger provides fast and efficient charging

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