A-SRHY Humidifiers Portable humidifier 14ml which uses two AAA batteries

Material: ABS plastic
Product Size: 10 * 2.9cm
Product weight: 46g
Water tank capacity: 14ml
Spray: 1.2-1.8ml per minute
Power supply: two 7 batteries

Product Features

  • This is a portable humidifier, which uses two AAA batteries
  • Its water tank capacity of 14ml, can not add oily cosmetic solution
  • Spray for 45 seconds, automatically stop, cut off the power
  • In the process of spraying, the air molecules will ionize the negative ions, negative ions can purify the air
  • For air pressure reasons, each time you add water or each time the lid is tightened, you must immediately open the switch spray for 30 seconds to prevent the spray outlet from leaking

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