AIRY pot – Innovative plant pot as a highly effective air purifier – Natural air purification with houseplants without electricity and chemicals (Honey Mustard)

AIRY with the outer colour “Snow White” and eight different colour options for the air intakes.
Plants clean the air. NASA found out: About 90 percent of this is done through the roots. AIRY is the first plant pot to aerate the roots of plants in a natural way. AIRY thus strengthens the ability of houseplants to purify air many times over.
The AIRY plant pot captivates with its modern, timeless design. At the same time, it is also extremely powerful: its three air-permeable slats allow your plant to draw a lot of traction.
Our AIRY allows up to 40 cubic metres of room air to reach the roots in 24 hours and cleans around 75% of all pollutants. That means for you: lots of clean air in your home.
In addition, AIRY offers the perfect stage for the stars: the plants! The facts speak for themselves: 22 cm inner diameter – large enough for adult plants. 1,6 l water tank – what a luxury to water only every few weeks! Optimum root growth through “air pruning”: Never repot again!
AIRY is not a flowerpot. AIRY is a plant based air purification system.

Product Features

  • EFFICIENCY – The NASA has proved that plants filter pollutants through the roots – but only if they’re exposed to the air! Plants that grow in an AIRY can absorb pollutants up to 8 times as much as in conventional plant pots
  • HEALTHY INDOOR AIR – Interiors are up to 8 times more polluted than outside air! Thanks to AIRY filtration, allergy and asthma sufferers, smokers and children benefit from a cleaner indoor climate
  • 100% SATISFACTION: “The indoor plants thrive and the air is noticeably better”. One of many user opinions. Find out for yourself. Test it for 30 days and if not satisfied, return it with no obligation
  • SAVE MONEY – Electric air purifiers consume power and require expensive replacement filters. AIRY saves you money because AIRY cleans the air highly effectively as a natural permanent filter
  • QUICK & EASY SET UP – Instructions and a Youtube video will help you to plant the AIRY air purifier. You’ll receive a brochure about the plants in which we’ve summarized everything you need to know

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3 Responses to AIRY pot – Innovative plant pot as a highly effective air purifier – Natural air purification with houseplants without electricity and chemicals (Honey Mustard)

  1. K. R. Fellows says:

    Flawed assembly?

  2. MR M G says:

    Five Stars

  3. Mr J L Hastilow says:

    Outstanding, but dont expect immediate results. This is a lovely plant pot, the air filtering through the soil and the substrate should work immediately but it will take between 2-3 weeks for the roots to spread to the edges and reach the open air, and the bottom where the water is. I’m using a Peace lily in mine and, unsure if placebo affect but after 4 days I am already sleeping better (plant is in the bedroom). The plant cleans the air of toxins by using them as food through the roots, so you should not expect an instant effect. The…

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