AIRY Snake Plant – Sansevieria trifasciata – Natural air purifying plant for healthier indoor climate – Suitable for AIRY pot and box (17cm)

The indoor plants are available in two sizes:
The 12 cm pot fits perfectly to the ‘AIRY box’
The pot with 17 cm fits perfectly to the ‘AIRY pot’

The name ‘Snake Plant’ derives from the shape of the plant’s leaves. ‘Mother in law’s tongue’ might be derived from its erect, pointed and sharp leaves: They can grow up to about 120 cm in height. With good care, you will be rewarded with delicate inflor escence that has a delicious fragrance, after several years.

Decades ago, Sansevieria was a guest in almost every living room. Then it went out of fashion but now celebrates its comeback: New admirers find that its graphically precise shape perfectly fits modern ambiences. Snake Plants even thrive at somewhat less than perfect locations; however, they have an aversion to draft. They rather get by with drought than with too much water. If there is a water level in the plant pot permanently, it may come down with root rot, which you can recognize by the leaves turning brown ish. Apart from that, it is rarely afflicted by diseases or pests.

Product Features

  • HEALTHY ROOM AIR – Snake Plant effectively purifies the air from pollutants. It is ideal for bedrooms because, in contrast to other plants, it absorbs CO2 at night and increases the oxygen content
  • 100% QUALITY – Our plants are from AIR SO PURE, a Dutch gardening association that specialises in high-quality indoor air purifying plants
  • A POWERFUL TEAM – Plants purify the air in a natural way. Together with our patented AIRY air purifier, pollutants are filtered, which has been proven to improve the indoor climate
  • LIGHT CARE – Snake Plant enjoys great popularity. It is very frugal and needs little care. A robust plant that thrives even in less optimal locations
  • DECORATIVE – Snake Plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue always sets great accents in the home or office

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