ALF-Portable Ionic Air Purifier for Large Size Rooms – Europlug, 240 Volts

The air ionizer technology produces negative ions with the use of electricity and discharge them to the air and those negative ions stick to positively charged particles and result of this, those positively charged particles and negative ions bond together creating dense dirt particles and those heavier dirt particles cannot float in the air and as a result they just fall to the ground. In the nature, all articles in the air have a positive charge, so whenever energy is transferred into the air, those negative and positive charges attract each other; splitting of water into droplets by waterfalls or ultra violet light from the sun causes high concentration of negative ions in the air and provides refreshing. ALF air ionizers clean and refresh air in a natural way, inspiring by the nature.

Product Features

  • Ideal room size around 30 m2. Europlug.240 Volts
  • 100 % Quiet. Efficiently dispenses clean air. Low energy usage.
  • Easy to clean. No maintenance costs.
  • Ionic air purifier with UV Sterilizer. ALF air ionizers clear the air of mold spores, pollen, pet dander, odors, cigarette smoke and dust, significantly decreases airborne viruses and bacterias, increase the sense of well-being and mental clarity, improve energy levels and focus, regulate sleeping routines, make breathing easier and boost the quality of the air.

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