Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, YEGU Air Purifier Humidifier Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers Cool Mist Fragrance with 15 Color Lamps, 4 Timer Settings, Whisper Water-less or Rollover Auto Shut-Off

Aromatherapy diffuser breaking the water molecule into 0.1-5 micron nano-grade cold mist via the high-frequency ultrasonic vibrating working system,
producing a lot of anions, and making medical reaction with harmful molecules in the air which will clearly eliminate the formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC, etc.

Functions of Yegu 300ml wood grain ultrasonic essential oil aroma diffuser:

Silent—unlike other aroma diffusers with annoying machine noise, this portable personal humidifier features its quiet operation; Perfect for bedroom, kids room, and Yoga.
Exquisite Design — Natural wood grain with built soften the colorful LED light; this electric fragrance diffuser makes a nice decoration for your home and office;
Just follow the rhythm of the pulsing light, to lessen feelings of tension, calm emotions
Safe— Automatic shut off when water is used up, no worry about being burnt; BPA FREE, safe for kids, and anti-corrosion material, to ensure your safe use.
User-Friendly— Enjoy the feeling of a Spa every day; Intermittent and Continuous mist to meet your different need.
Quality assured— Manufacturer with years of experience specialized in the field of essential oil diffusers and humidifiers;
Your maximum satisfaction is guaranteed by our excellent service team.

1.Do not add water over MAX line.
2.Please use the Water-Soluble Essential Oils, which will help fill your space with more fragrance without affecting mist output.
3.We recommended that you clean the diffuser after each use to avoid clogging and other problems. Empty the water and gently wipe the water tank to dry.
DO NOT wash the device directly under the water tap.
4.Children must under adult supervision when using the aroma diffuser.

Well, add to cart to get your diffuser now. Enjoy your life!

Product Features

  • 【Upgrade function-Automatic sensor】With microwave automatic sensor switch, when the machine detects movement of the human body, 4 indicator light on and starts the aromatherapy spray function; within 6 minutes, if the machine does not detect the human body to move again, will suspend the spray, the 4 lights flashing.Sensing range:3-5m. The automatic sensing function can make a 300ml diffuser create an effect of a 500ml one.
  • 【Time Setting and Mist Control】4 timed setting options: 1 h/3 h/6 h / steady on. The “LIGHT” button can be used to change the LED light color and brightness level. You can use simply “MIST” button to choose either thick or thin mist as you like. It can produce up to 30~50ml of moisture per hour and last up to 10 hours of continuous output. It can be used as aroma diffusers, humidifiers or air purifiers.
  • 【7 Color Lighting 】White, green, purple, pink, blue, yellow and red. Fixed one color steady on / 7 colors rotating through / no lights on. Each color is adjustable between bright and dim. A perfect nightlight for a kid’s bedroom and mood light for creating a romantic atmosphere.
  • 【Safe & Quiet】 The humidifiers will auto off when it is waterless or rollover, adds to safety, energy efficiency. Adopted ultrasonic technology, it is extremely quiet when working. It gives out ultra smooth mist which can soften and moisten dry and chapped skin. It also helps you breathe better when you are sleeping with the air conditioner on.
  • 【Atomization in aromatherapy & Warranty】Keeps the fragrance of the essential oil all day; relaxing, energizing, setting a better sleeping atmosphere. Shoots a cool, continuous vapor straight into the air, cover the smell of pets or smoking, and protect your family from the excessively dry air, microorganisms, allergens, dust, and more! One year warranty.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A very elegantly shaped aroma diffuser. Not like other plastic looking cylinder shaped designs on the market, this one has lovely curves a bit like a flying saucer, covered with my favourite chestnut wood colour which matches my bedroom furniture perfectly.It is bigger than i thought it would be from looking at the picture, which is good, it means it can hold more liquid. I put about 200ml water and a few drops of lavender oil in the first time to test, and it lasted a week with…

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