Car Air Purifier Freshener HEPA – Helps With Allergies – Smart Mode Led light True HEPA Air Cleaner System UV Sanitizer and Odor Reduction Ionizer Oxygen Bar with 12V DC Car Adapter (iron gray)

Polluted air enter the product from air inlet. Purification process as belows:

①.HEPA filter: Traps particles as small as 0.3 microns.( allergens, pollen, dust, smoke,pet dander, etc. )
②.Photocatalyst Filter works with UV Light to break down and destroy poisonous fume,VOCs,odors,germs,viruses,bacteria,mildew and fungus.
③.UV light and photocatalyst filter:Breaks down poisonous fumes and VOC’s, i.e. formaldehyde, ammonia.
④.Nano Siver Filter kills many types of germs, viruses, fungi and bacteria
⑤.Activated carbon filter: Absorbs smoke and odors.
⑥.Negative ions: emits more than 10 Million anions
Finally, the fan draws the purified air through the ionizing area and releases pure, ionized air back into the room.

Product Features:

Granular Activated Carbon Filter
99% True HEPA Filter
Advanced UV Nano Photocatalytic-oxidation
Advanced Electron Spray Ionization
Air Quality Sensor
Air Quality Sensor Light Indicator
Three Speed Mode
Smart Built-in Operation Timer
Portable Handy Design


Product Size: 8.1*6.2*2.1in
Power Supply: 12V-2A
Power Consumption: 17 Watts
Charging: DC Adaper
Concentration: 10 Million/CC
Interface: Car Power

What in the box?

1 x HAYATA Ltc-2000 Car Air Purifier
1 x 12v Power Adapter
1 x Ture HEPA filter(in the purifier)
1 x Nylon strap
1 x User Manual
12-Month Warranty

Product Features

  • TRUE HEPA : True HEPA and charcoal filter captures 99% of allergens including pet dander, dust mites, pollen, formaldehyde PM2.5,smoke,bacteria.It is good for removing the car chair leather smell and other smells.
  • COMPACT DESIGN : Except placed on the common location, by coordinating with the complimentary nylon strap, it can be fixed behind the chair. It saves much room. Besides,it does not affect the purification function.
  • KIll GERMS : Added with a built-in ultraviolet germicidal lamp. After filtered by the filter screen, the air will be exposed to the ultraviolet to kill the bacteria. Meanwhile, the negative ion generator will generate many negative ions.
  • BIGGER FILTER SCREEN : The size of the filter screen decides the purification effect of the purifier. And together with the advanced Japanese fan, the CADR value can be up to 16, which is higher than all the purifiers in the market.
  • SMART MODE : Can automatically adjust the fan speed in according with the inside air quality. Besides, it can display the current air quality by changing the color of the LED light.

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3 Responses to Car Air Purifier Freshener HEPA – Helps With Allergies – Smart Mode Led light True HEPA Air Cleaner System UV Sanitizer and Odor Reduction Ionizer Oxygen Bar with 12V DC Car Adapter (iron gray)

  1. Mike Anderson says:

    Not a small unit, but a powerful car air purifier with variable positioning/fixing. Cleans air, rather than just masking odours. Amongst my other sins, I am a smoker, and I do smoke in the car when I am alone (not at other times). But the odour lingers and others do not deserve that.Furthermore, I carry my dog in the car regularly. She’s not a particularly dirty dog, but all dogs can create a bit of a smell – especially when wet.So, in the past I have spent a fortune searching for a decent car air freshener.This is not an air freshener, it is an air purifier. Using an HEPA (High efficiency…

  2. Fried Gold says:

    Cleaner air on the go, useful for smokers and dog owners. On opening the box the unit itself is accompanied by a power lead and some sticky/Velcro fixings. It’s a very light weight device, which does mean you’ll want to use those fixings to adhere it to the dash somewhere.Connecting up the sable to my cars lighter socket and turning on the engine immediately brought the unit to life (it appears to remember its last power state), though the on/off button is prominently positioned front and centre. It’s quiet in…

  3. RatherLiveInKeyWest says:

    HAYATA Car Air Purifier Freshener – HEPA filter – Ionizer – UV sanitation – Seems to work well – Recommended We have used this filter since December 2015 and it does seem to work nicely.In the past we have used Ozone generators and Ionizers in our SUV for those long trips to volleyball tournaments (with a bunch of stinky teenage boys) and on the holiday trips to the grandparents. This holiday season we tried out this HAYTA device, and it seemed to work as well as any unit we’ve had in the past.Mounting was easy using the velcro strips (provided) and it plugged right in to our…

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