Car Humidifier,CrazyFire 50ml Travel Size Air Purifier,Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Car Air Freshener with Dual USB Port

CrazyFire Car Air Freshener

1. Rated working voltage: 12V-24V
2. Limit working voltage: 9V-26V
3. USB maximum output: 5V/2.1A+5V/1A
4. Working current: 150MA-180MA
5. Power: 0.9W-1.2W
6. Spray Amount: 20-30ml/hour
7. Water container capacity: 50ml

Package Include:
1. Humidifier
2. Car charger
3. User Manual

How to use:
1. Insert the car charger to the car cigarette lighter socket, indicator light will be on.
2. Fix the humidifier on Car Air vent, connect USB cable to Car charger, the red indicator light turn on.
3. Rotate the lid anti-clockwise to open, then pour the appropriate amount to the bottle, finally rotate the lid clockwise close.
4. Press touch-button, blue indicator light will be on, product enter humidification mode.
5. Press touch-button again, blue and red indicator light will be on,product enter Intermittent humidification mode.
6. Press touch-button once more(3times), red indicator light will be on, product enter shutdown mode.

a.This product has auto power-off protection function. After using for 1 hour, it will turn off automatically. If you wish you keep using, please refill the ingredients and press the touch button again.
b.This product is suggested to use distilled water or pure water for humidifier. If the spray shrinks, use a sponge stick(dipped into water with small amount of white vinegar) to press on the hole lightly and spin around 5-10times.
c.Before changing water, shutdown the humidifier can increase the service life.
d.Please change daily water and regular disinfection for humidifier.

Product Features

  • ★ Multi-use: the CrazyFire humidifier refreshes air and makes you falling love in breathing,Portable in-car and home humidifier,Which can be used as a charger for other electronic devices.
  • ★ Delicate atomization: 6um droplets are released with atomization technology at 110KHZ well-distributed mist locks the moisture in air and makes you feel good.
  • ★ Automatic power off: with anti-dry protection design,power will be cut off automatically after 1 hour, Electronic component separetes from ultrasonic atomizer,Which is safer than other similar devices.
  • ★ Sensitive touch switch: blue indicator light will be on after one touch press,then enter humidification mode.Second touch press both blue and red indicator will be on so that enter intermittent humidification mode,Third touch press will be power off.
  • ★ Dual usb port design: the car charger include 1 usb port output 5V/1A for car air purifier and another 5V/2.1A output quick charge for phone or other devices.

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