D&F Anti Pollution Mask Anti Fog PM2.5 Filter,Dustproof And Breathable Mask Air Purifier/Allergies/Viruses/Bacteria/Dust/Cycling,Blue

Nasal metal bars
Bend curvature is easily adjusted。It is not easy to leak into the outside air

Comfortable elastic ear band
Good sealing effect,Effectively isolates polluted air

Three-dimensional fit tailoring
Face design,The outer contour closely fits the face

Weight: 115 (g)
Protection level: FFP3
Filter effect: 95%
Air volume: 15 cubic meters/hour
Applicable area: 15m2 (inclusive) -30m2 (inclusive)
Function: In addition to pollen In addition to particulate removal In addition to smoke and dust removal In addition to smog sterilization, Negative ions
How it works: Anion
Air volume: 50 cubic meters/hour
Power Source: Battery
Applicable to: home bedroom living room office

Product Features

  • Food grade silicone air supply pipe:Baby pacifiers of the same material, non-toxic, colorless and tasteless, without BPA made of natural rubber and olive oil, good toughness
  • One-way breathing valve cold flow design:Aerodynamic design of the bonnet to reduce heat and moisture buildup and provide smoother breathing
  • Negative ions fast dust sterilization:Three seconds to filter out smoke, dust, effectively reduce the amount of dust
  • It adopts a four-stage filtration system and food-grade silicone material, which is non-toxic and harmless, inhibits the growth of bacteria, and blocks smog, pm2.5, viral bacteria, formaldehyde, exhaust gas, second-hand smoke, dust, pollen, etc. outside the mask.
  • Function: Anti-fog, dust-proof, anti-virus, anti-bacteria, anti-formaldehyde Usage Range Travel, cycling, hospitals, special operations, pregnant women, children, etc.

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