Dr.USB Air Purifier Compact size USB charging Haze Cleaner Healing Ion Shower Finedust, Deodorization, Antibacterial, Virus, Refresh (Green)

Product Features

  • Finedust, Deodorization, Antibacterial, Virus, Refresh / Clean system – Dr.USB Mini air purifier around us felt muddy, or when you want to get rid of dust / car smell / need refresh!. Simple and mini power consumption, powered by a small size and light weight, economical and easy to carry.
  • Healing ions into the shower. Refresh and feel the cleaness!
  • Valuable for my BABY – Why Dr.USB need for baby? Invisible find dust and various bacteria are in the air. These Hazardous substances makes immune system weak, allergies or disease. Protect our children with Dr. USB!
  • Basic Principle – There unseealbe finedust, bacteria, mold in the ari. DR.USB makes chemical react with virus in the air and turn out to vapor
  • Sensible Design, Zero Maintenance cost, Compat Size – 104 x 104 x 32 mm and 150g , USB Charging System, Safety -DBD Plasma / Simple filter cleaning – Just separate lid and clean with brush / Never slip – A rubber packing at the bottom.

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