HDE Car Air Purifier Ionic Air Freshener Cleaner Removes Bad Odors Food Smells Cigarette Smoke Pollen Dust Pollutants and Pet Smells for Auto Cars Trucks SUV and RV

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight”

Elizabeth Barrett Browning wasn’t talking about her car when she wrote this poem. For among other reasons, the automobile hadn’t yet been invented. Aside from this small detail, however, I’m sure for many of us she may as well have been.

Face it. You love your car, and if asked you could unapologetically count the ways:

1.Frequent oil changes to keep your engine purring with every turn of the ignition key
2.Regular visits to the car wash to maintain her shimmering finish
3. Annual inspections to ensure lasting health and so on.

But do you think about what is going on at the microbial level: those tiny bacteria from people and pets that break down proteins into acids and release unpleasant odors into the air? In-car air pollution can be a dangerous and invisible problem. Stop odor fast with the HDE Car air ionizer. This state-of the art purifier features an advanced ion generator that is able to produce 4.8 million negative ions per cm3. Moreover, unlike similar products, it removes odors as opposed to simply covering them up. Featuring a blue LED power-on indicator and a filter free design, this smart device will add a discreet touch of high-tech elegance without addition maintenance to your driving experience.

Product Features

  • Car air purifier releases negative ions that eliminate and reduce airborne pollutants, dust, pollen, pet odors, smoke, bacteria and PM2.5 by 99%
  • Car-Ionizer uses an electrical charge to produce a stream of ozone that improves and freshens air quality | Blue LED light indicates unit is operating
  • No filter to change and no cleaning required | Plugs into your car’s 12v cigarette adapter outlet, no further installation required, compact and stylish blends well with most car interiors
  • Blue LED light indicator turns on while the purifier is in use, showing it is destroying bad odor effectively, getting rid of smoke smells, stale, musty odors, neutralizing contaminants like mold, purifying the car cabin helping you breathe easier
  • Latest air purification technology, just plug in and ionizer will begin generating ozone and 4.8 million negative oxygen ions per cm3, cleaning the air and neutralizing odors

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