High Quality USB Ionic Air Purifier Ionizer Apparatus

Dispatched Withing 24 Hours. Introduction: This ionizer is a USB-powered ionizer that uses a carbon fiber brush system to emit healthy negative ions into the air. By attaching themselves to air molecules and any impure particles in the air and negatively charge them, the emitted negative ions extremely purify the air and remove toxic subatances including the dust, odors and molds, etc.Features: Can be put directly into computer USB port. Consistently releases negative ions. Helps boost your energy and mood. Unique design of the rotatable cover well protects USB lead. Anion air purification function, effectively remove the air of smoke, dust, allergen, refresh the air. USB power supply,convenient and practical. Excellent workmanship,weight light and portable. Active oxygen,Easily by human body absorption. Improvement lung function. Prevention air conditioning sickness. Promotion metabolism. Enhancement organism immunity ability. Eliminates the bacterium. Low electricity consumption, environment friendly and energy saving.Specification: Interface: USB Density of Anion: 1 Million/cm³ Rated Voltage: DC 5V Rated Power:

Product Features

  • Package Contains One Item

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