Himalayan Salt Lamp Glow Natural Crystal Hand Carved Air Purifier Salt Lamp on Neem Wood Base

Looking for a contemporary addition to your home? This Salt Lamp is your answer, Create the perfect atmosphere in your home!

Salt Lamp made from natural Himalayan salt crystals.
Hand mined and hand crafted into a polished and smoothed bowl supplemented with natural salt chunks.
When lit, the salt lamp emits a calming and soothing amber color.
Heat from the bulb will release negative ions into the air, simulating the effects of an ionizer and purifying the surrounding environment.
Fantastic gift for a housewarming, birthday or Christmas present.

The Himalayan Salt lamp

The lamp is a genuine Himalayan salt crystal lamp. When unlit, the lamp has a pink color with a rough, uneven texture. When lit, the light emitting from the bulb gives a warm, soft, amber glow. Furthermore, you can alter this further using the dimmer switch and/or a colored light bulb.

The lamp has many uses, perfect for a romantic evening in with a loved one, a reading lamp in bed to calm and soothe you before sleeping, pleasant in the office to help you de-stress or simply by your desk when using your laptop, computer or tablet.
Fantastic for allergy sufferers and those who suffer breathing difficulties through asthma, reducing the symptoms and allowing easier breathing.
Clear the air of lingering odours. It eradicates the chill when coming into a home and lighting the lamp to improve the atmosphere.
Perfectly fine for prolonged use and for use around children and elderly people as there are no side effects.

Package included:
1x Salt lamp with UK STANDARD PLUG(Random size, reference size: diameter 3.15″/8cm, height 5.5″/14cm)

Order NOW and give your home a new, vibrant energy, pleasant ambiance and contemporary edge!

Product Features

  • CLEANSE & DEODORIZE AIR: Through Hygroscopy this Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp removes dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants from the air by trapping positive ions and releasing negative ions.
  • REDUCE ALLERGY & ASTHMA SYMPTOMS: Reduces microscopic particles of dust, pet dander, mold, and mildew from the surrounding air creating the ideal environment of health.
  • INCREASE ENERGY LEVELS & SLEEP BETTER: Increased concentrations of negative ions such as those generated by salt lamps neutralize the positive ions that wreak havoc on our bodies.
  • NEUTRALIZE ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION (EM): As they emit negative ions into the air, Himalayan salt lamps work to neutralize electromagnetic radiation which flows from our electronics. Constant exposure to EM radiation is known to cause chronic fatigue, decrease the body’s immune response, and increase stress levels among other things.
  • UNIQUELY HANDMADE & NATURALLY CARVED SALT ROCK: Extracted directly from The Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. Due to natural variations in Himalayan crystal, salt weight, size, color, and shape may vary.

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