HLH-CTRL Car Air Purification Machine Car Sharing Filter


Produce efficient negative ions, fresh air has a significant effect.

Built-in electrostatic adsorption filter

Medical grade HEPA high efficiency fine filter dust particles

Granular activated carbon filter adsorption decomposition of various harmful gases, remove the smell

Comes with USB charging interface

Product Category: Air Purifier

Function: smoke removal

Power supply: car power, AC

Rated frequency: 60 (HZ)

Use of the environment: home. Car can be

Control mode: key type

Applicable area: 21? (inclusive) -30? (inclusive)

Filter type: Separate filter

How it works: Negative ions

color: red

Weight: 0.375kg

Air volume: 50-150 cubic meters / hour

Product Features

  • 1. Enhance immunity: negative ions combined with air after breathing into the human body, more easily combined with human blood, improve the body’s absorption of oxygen
  • 2. Bacteria: negative ions and bacteria combined, resulting in structural changes or energy transfer, leading to its death
  • 3. Fresh air: remove the dust in the air around the air, so that the air becomes pure and natural
  • 4. Neutral and positive ions: As the computer, home appliances in use or radiation generated positive ions, the machine will produce negative ions and positive ions
  • 5. Apply to: home, office, accounting room, toilet, pet house, business space and other space sterilization, antivirus, odor removal, clean air

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