HLH-CTRL Car Humidifier Home Office Air Mini Filter , D

Product Name: Car Humidifier

Material: ABS material + PP + PCD + atomized sheet

Product Size: 5 * 5.5 * 20CM

Product packaging: 9.5 * 6.3 * 24CM

Style / color: red, gold, rose gold, blue

Single product weight: 200g


1, do not use hot water, when the equipment is running do not add water

2, if the water level inside the device is too low, it will automatically stop operation, even if you then operate it; timer off when the LED lights will be closed

If the equipment is useless for a long time, drain any remaining water, clean it and place it in a dry, cool place; clean it with a neutral detergent before use again

Product Features

  • Ultrasonic cold fog humidification, the effect is good
  • Moist air moisturizing beauty, no radiation
  • Safe and energy saving, ultra-quiet
  • Eliminate odor, strong purifying power
  • Button operation, simple and convenient

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