Honeywell CF100A1025 4.5-Inch High Efficiency Air Cleaner Filter

Get clearer, cleaner air in your home or space in no time with a filter that outperforms the competition – the Honeywell CF100A1025-U 4.5-Inch High Efficiency Air Filter. This MERV 8-rated filter is a high efficiency replacement for your old filters, and is 20 times more effective than standard filters too! It blocks harmful allergens and bacteria from entering your air while lasting up to 12 months before needing a replacement. The installation process is quick and easy, and this particular filter is compatible with Aprilaire or Space Guard 2200/2251 units.

Product Features

  • MERV 8 rating-up to 20x more efficient than typical 1-Inch fiber glass filter
  • Easily fits April ire/Space-Grad models 2200 & 2251
  • Captures high percentage of house hold airborne particles, including microscopic particles you can’t see
  • No time consuming assembly required. Lasts up to 12-months
  • 20 x 25 x 4.5-Inch

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