HydraSport Golf-Shoe dryer/sterilizing – footwear dryer (White)

HydraSportTM footwear dryer is a brand new product from Chillchaser which is essential for every household. This product provides you with the warm comfort of dryed shoes while killing all the nasty bacteria that might live in your footwear. As the list below shows, our unique boot dryer will guarantee you safe and comfortable shoes throughout the whole year. For more information visit our site at http://www.shoedryer.co.uk/

Product Features

  • Deodorising Dryer
  • Sterilising Dryer
  • Can also be used as Air Purifier
  • Shoedryer, boot dryer, glove dryer, hat dryer, helmet dryer

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  1. Gareth says:

    Works a treat

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