Klarstein Cubix Humidifier • Ioniser • Ultrasonic Humidifier • 350ml / h • 5.5L Tank • Baby Mode • UV Lamp with Antibacterial Function • Automatic Function • Rotating Steam Nozzle • Digital Humidity Control • LED Touch Control • Brushed Aluminium

Elegant humidifier and ioniser with aroma dispenser for humidifying, ionising and
aromatising the room air in office, living or sleeping areas up to approx. 40 m² –
with baby mode.

Top Features:

Elegant design: LED touch control completely disappears when the humidifier is
switched off
Digital humidity control: automatic function with intelligent humidity control
5 different modes: with auto mode, night mode, health mode and baby mode; UV lamp
with up to 12 hours of operation control
Long running time: large water tank with 5.5 l volume
Cold and warm water mist: for the best possible atomisation of the water mist and
thus improved absorption of the water by the air
Clean: cation exchange resin filter for softening and cleaning the water
Magnifier: UV lamp for antibacterial function


• Child protection: switchable key lock against unintended operation
• 7 power levels for individual fog emissions
• 360 ° Rotatable nozzle
• By-the-hour programmable switch-off timer up to 12 h
• External humidity meter for unaffected measurement of the current room humidity
• LED display with digital display of the current humidity
• Anti-slip rubber feet
• Water tank removable with floor filling
• Auto shut-off when the water level is low or water tank is removed
• Lock against unwanted removal of the tank
• Hardly audible operating noise of less than 35 dB
• Power: 30 W / 110 W (without / with ioniser operation)
• For long-term use we recommend the use of distilled water
• Operating conditions: 5 – 40 ° C room temperature /
• Power supply remote control: 1 x CR2025 button cell (included)
• Power supply: 220 – 240 V ~ | 50/60 Hz

Product Features

  • ELEGANT DESIGN: The Klarstein Cubix ultrasonic humidifier and ioniser features an LED touch control, which completely disappears from view when the humidifier is switched off. The humidifier is presented in a stylish housing of brushed aluminium.
  • DIFFERENT MODES: In addition to the automatic function with intelligent humidity control, the humidifer also has a night mode, health mode and baby mode. Smart functions also include the 360 ° rotating steam nozzle, heating mode and timer function.
  • CONTINUOUS OPERATION: The large water tank has a volume of 5.5 litres, meaning that it can operate for a long time without the need for refilling. The economical power consumption of only 30 watts also makes it suitable for continuous operation.
  • COLD AND WARM WATER MIST: A switchable heating function not only warms the water vapour easily, it also ensures finer atomisation and distribution throughout the room. This ensures pleasant breathing and provides relaxation for all of the senses.
  • CLEAN OPERATION: The Klarstein Cubix ultrasonic humidifier features a built-in cation exchange resin filter to purify and soften the water. The UV lamp has an antibacterial function to further clean the mist, ensuring a pure and healthy room climate.

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