Le Sac MOSO 50 GR – Natural Air Purifier – 100 % Bamboo Charcoal

Le Sac MOSO is a small bag in linen, containing activated bamboo charcoal, which naturally purifies the air of your interior, absorbs odors and excess of moisture. Its a simple and natural way to purify the air of your home, without any chemicals, nor electricity, from a unique renewable ressource: Giant MOSO bamboo, which can grow up to 30 cm in one day ! Le Sac MOSO can be used during up to 2 years and can be recycled as compost in your garden or flowerpot at the end of its life Because of its incredibly porous surface, activated bamboo charcoal is able to absorb the tinest polluant particles as well as excess of air moisture, which it releases when the air becomes dry. Contrary to standard charcoal made from trees, MOSO bamboo is a plant that grows back once cut and reaches its maximum size after 5 years, making it a sustainable ressource. Bamboo charcoal has been used for centuries in Asia, especially in Japan, China, Corea and Taiwan. It is used to filter water, facilitate digestion and even clean the skin !

Product Features

  • Naturally purifies the air and removes odors and excess of moisture
  • Help removing air polluants, allergens and mold
  • Contains 100% of bamboo charcoal, a renewable and natural ressource, that filters the air particles through its tiny pores
  • Model 75 gr, perfect for small spaces like drawers, refrigerators…and many others
  • Works during two years, without any chemicals, perfume, batteries…and can be recycled in the soil

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