Megadream 2-in-1 Mini Auto Car Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser And Mini Humidifier With 180 Degree Rotation/ 2 Hours Power Protection/ Anti-Dry/ Add Water For Cool Mist That Humidifies The Car – Add Aromatherapy Oil For A Therapeutic Air Freshener for Car and Travel Use – Green

How to Use:
1. Counterclockwise turn on the water tank
2. Pour the amount of water
3. Add the right amount of essential oils if need
4. Clockwise tighten the water tank
5. Insert car cigarette port
6. Press car humidifier touch switch to get 2 working modes:
—>6.1 Press once, blue light on, humidification mode, mist spray at all the time
—>6.2 Second press, purple light on, oil diffuser mode, mist spray 5 seconds per time
—>6.3 Third press, red light on, turn off

Power Supply: DC12V
Working current: 130mA-150mA
Power: 1.5W-2W
Spray Volume: 25mL/H


1. Purified water is highly recommended as unfiltered water would block the vaporizer.
2. Using Humidifier when there is not water in the tank that causes mist mouth burns.
3. When the mist becomes thinner, please replace the sponge.
4. Use regularly a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the scale on the surface of the atomizing plate. Do not use excessive force, since that may damage the atomizing plate.
5. To use oil diffuser function, please add 2-3 drops of water soluble essential oils onto purified water, it will cause danger to the humidifier without purified water.
6. Adding greasy aroma oils which is insoluble in water that may result in clogged mist mouth.
7. Finger skin too dry will cause low touch sensitivity sometimes, and then please keep skin moist(Water)

What’s in the package:
1x Car 2 in 1 Humidifier with an extra free Sponge Stick
1x User Manual

Product Features

  • 2 in 1 function: Humidification and Aromatherapy, Add water for cool mist that humidifies the car – add Aromatherapy Oil for a therapeutic air freshener. The Megadream Car Aromatherapy Humidifier is suitable for using in car
  • Fill each car with a lovely fragrance that can sooth and relax weary senses after a stressful day or night. Perfect for masking stubborn smoking and pet odors. Portable – easy to move and make your car smell wonderful
  • Humidifier water tank could be 180-degree rotation with no leakage, standard car charger interface, which could compatible with the most vehicles and support SAFETY timing function, two hours power protection, when time is up it will turn off automatically, At any time any place can use the carefree
  • Stay Healthy – humidify your space to prevent dry, stuffy air and flu/cold germs infecting your loved ones. Prevent dry and chapped skin in dry winter and hot summer months
  • Perfect gift idea for family and friends who love aromatherapy or can benefit from the theraputic essential oils

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