Bamboo Charcoal Activated Carbon Car Air Freshener Air Cleaner – 2PCS

Product Features:
1.New decorate house:the strong adsorption to his new furniture decoration materials released the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia,TVCO, and can adjust bedroom space humidity, release negative ions, make the air fresh, release negative ions, to a healthy environment.
2.Cars:Quick adsorption harmful objects inside the car,clean up the peculiar smells, release negative ions,eliminate fatigue.
3.Beside the computer, TV:Far infrared electromagnetic radiation can be stopped, the release of negative ions can also eliminate fatigue
1.Don’t close to sharp objects,avoid high temperature baking.
2.Air once a week, bamboo charcoal for a good effect.

Product Features

  • Bamboo charcoal porous structure and strong adsorption, is breathable dry, absorb sweat, moisture,remove the peculiar smell.
  • Adjust the humidity, eliminate mites, antibacterial, reduce asthma or nose allergy source
  • Release far infrared ray and anion, blocking electromagnetic radiation
  • A small charcoal package, light and lovely
  • Pore developed, reasonable aperture matching, excellent adsorption effects

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ARBUYSHOP 2015 New Home Appliances Photocatalyst USB Ionic Air Purifier Ionizer Anion 4 In 1 Portable Uv Lamp Purificador for Home/car

Air Volume: 50mtup3;/h Anion Density: 4000000pcs/m up3;”>>4000000pcs/mlup3; Capacity (CFM): 6m up3; Application area: 10? Type: Germicidal UV Lamp Style: Air Purifier Function: Sterilize Certification: CE Installation: Portable Power Source: Electrical Model Number: KW-JHQ02 Application: 6mnup3; Power (W): 4w Voltage (V): 5v Usage Condition: Car chargerCousehold 4 in 1 Function: Photocatalyst, Anion, Uv Lamp, Aroma moudule Color: Black Power supply: USB, Car power

Product Features

  • Appliances
  • Photocatalyst
  • USB
  • Ionic
  • Air

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I3C mini Air Cleaner smoke Eater remove Smoke Smell From Cars

Technical Parameters:

The 8th generation product.
Negative Ion Concentration:38,0000,000 Pcs/cm?
Ozone Concentration:3 mg/h
Working Temperature:-10¡æ¡ª40¡æ
Storage Temperature£º-10¡æ¡ª60¡æ
Net Weight£º30g
Exterior Size:22X88(mm)
Application Area:Car;Office;Home
Color Available:Black
The Range of Using:<15©O

Product Features

  • 1.The car air purifier can filtrate polluted air which includes smoke,dust,bad odor,PM2.5,etc.It can purify the air like the wind and rain in the natural environment.
  • 2.It can release large amounts of negative ions which can effectively kill harmful bacteria and viruses,improve pulmonary function,and protect you from being infected by diseases.
  • 3.It can enhance metabolism and relieve fatigue.
  • Directions: Plug the device into the car cigarette lighter or adapter.The indication light will be on when the device is working. The device will work continuously until it is unplugged.

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Heaven Fresh Replacement UV Lamp for HF 210UV Air Purifier

The HF210 UV Bulb helps keeps the air circulated around it free of germs and bacteria keeping your babies room clean and safe. Compatible only with the Heaven Fresh HF210U Air Purifier.

Product Features

  • Standard Germicidal UV Lamp
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Viral
  • The short, germicidal range of the UV wavelength is effective at destroying the DNA cell of micro-organisms.
  • Utilizes Nanometer Frequency: 254 nm, the ideal frequency for destroying DNA cells of micro-organisms.

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Honeywell HHT-011 Washable & Reusable Odor Neaturalizing Particle Pre-Filter Fits Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier; Compare to HoneyWell HHT011 Part # HRF-B2C (HRFB2C), 3811-350; Designed & Engineered by Crucial Air

This is a premium washable and reusable odor reducing air purifier pre-filter that fits Honeywell Model HHT-011 Compact Air Purifiers. This Pre-filter by Crucial Air is great for odors! The pre-filter material contains activated carbon for odor control. It helps absorb harmful household gases from carpet, building materials, furniture, etc. Captures larger particles such as dust, lint, pet hair and fur. Designed To Fit ALL Honeywell HHT-011 (HHT011) Compact Air Purifiers. Filter measures 15 Inches length by 4 1/2 inches wide. Compare To Filter Part # HRF-B2C (HRFB2C), 3811-350. Absolutely Essential For Allergy Sufferers! Replace approximately every three months. How to Maintain Your Stage 1 Washable Crucial Vacuum Particle Pre-Filter for the Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier: Our stage one particle pre-filter helps pick up large airborne particles that enter the rear grill. Our pre-filter can be periodically removed and shaken to clean it. Alternatively, it can be rinsed by hand under warm water. The the pre-filter air dry completely before inserting back into the unit. How to Install Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier Pre-Filter: – Turn-off and unplug the air purifier. While pressing on the notches along the rear grill, pull the grill towards you and remove it. Gently pull the Pre-filter forward. – Place back the new air purifier pre-filter and place and snap the Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier filter grill into place

Product Features

  • Washable & Reusable
  • Fits Honeywell Model HHT-011 Compact Air Purifiers
  • Filter measures 15 Inches length by 4 1/2 inches wide
  • Designed & Engineered by Crucial Air

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Sealey SAC41 4-in-1 Air Cooler/ Heater/ Fan/ Humidifier and Air Purifier

• Multifunction unit comprising air cooler, heater, humidifier and air purifier. • 3-Speed fan, adjustable airflow direction and timer. • Refrigerant-free cooling by evaporating water, which can be enhanced by adding ice. • Fan-assisted heating function with two settings 1000W/2000W. • Air purification by negative ion generation and activated carbon filter. • Supplied with electronic remote control. • Mounted on castors for manoeuvrability. • Model No. SAC41 • List Price £ Multifunction 4-in-1 unit comprising air cooler, heater, humidifier and air purifier. Features 3-speed fan, adjustable airflow direction and timer. Refrigerant-free cooling by evaporating water, which can be enhanced by adding ice to the built-in ice drawer. Fan-assisted heating function with two settings. Air purification is achieved by negative ion generation and an activated carbon filter. Supplied with electronic remote control. Mounted on castors for manoeuvrability.

Product Features

  • With over 34 years experience in the industry Sealey is a ideal choice of the professional. The range is so vast that it covers a wide range of markets and applications.

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Novo(TM) mushroom LED desktop lamp touch sensor rechargeable energy saving book light Health Anion Air Purifier Mushroom night Lamp

This table lamp uses creative mushroom shape, built-in 48 PCs Led lamp bead, USB interface charging, charge lasts 4 hours after use.Touch sensitive electrodeless adjustment switch, press and heart adjusting brightness, intimate design of rotatable, 360 degrees, and more high concentration negative ion generator, air purifying effect reached 10 million/cm3 that allows you in quiet leisure learning under the soft lighting, oxygen SPA, and side.Happy families, care of health, starting from selecting Air Purifier a mushroom lamp.

Package include:

1x Mushroom Lamp Air Purifier

1x USB Cable

1x USA Adapter

Product Features

  • Rechargeable LED Lighting,Touch sensor switch
  • High quality, can be used 50000 hours, No radiation, easy on eyes
  • Energy conservation and environment protection, Anion Air Cleaning-Purification of airborne bacteria, secondhand smoke, dust
  • Product Size: 6.97
  • Material:ABS+PS, Input:DC5V,800MA(USB)

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Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Light – Glowing Air Purifier – 2-3kg

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp – Glowing Air Purifier

If you feel your house is contaminated with the modern world, with its many forms of electrical equipment emitting harmful positive ions into the air, you may feel the need for an air purifier but be worried about the enviromental impact of such a device.

The answer is this Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp. Fashioned from a solid chunk of pure Himalayan Crystal Salt, this lamp is a natural air ioniser, boosting the number of negative ions in the room, acting against the unhealthy build up of positive ions from all your electrical equipment.

Benefits include:

  • Protection from electro-smog
  • Help for headaches, migraines and insomnia
  • Cleaning of tobacco smoke from the air
  • Alleviation of breathing difficulties in asthmatics and bronchitis sufferers
  • Relief from stress related symptoms
  • Emits a warm glow to give your room a sense of calm and serenity

This lamp is approximately 7½” (19cm) tall

The size of your Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp is important because of the quantity of negative ions emitted from the lamp is directly related to its weight. Therefore, to get the full health benefits, it is advisable to choose a lamp of the correct size for your room.

Room size….Weight of lamp

6 sq.m……….2-3kg
10 sq.m……..3-6kg
15 sq.m……..6-10kg
20 sq.m……..10-13kg

Also available in these sizes:

3-4kg – 9″ (23cm) tall
5-6kg – 12″ (30cm) tall
7-8kg – 12″ (30cm) tall
11-12kg – 14″ (35cm) tall
15kg – 12″ (30cm) tall

Please note: All heights are approximate.

Because of the way these Himalayan Crystal Salt lamps are made, each one is unique and will differ from the example shown. The wooden base may also differ slightly.

Product Features

  • Protection from electro-smog
  • Helps with headaches, migraines and insomnia
  • Relief from stress related symptoms
  • Helps clean tobacco smoke from the air
  • Emits a warm glow to give your room a sense of calm and serenity

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Amir Essential Oil Diffuser, Cool Mist Aroma Humidifier Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser With 14 Color Changing LED, Waterless Auto Shut-off, for Christmas Gift,Yoga,home,Spa,Baby Room 100ml

Great essential oil diffuser for small to medium sized rooms like bedroom, dining, bathroom or lounge room, especially if they are air conditioned or in winter when air is dry. Keeping your living space humid and preventing colds/flu and congestion. Perfect for masking stubborn smoking and pet odors. It can also prevent dry and cracked skin.
3 Settings toggled by the Mist button(Green/Red/Off)
1.Green: intermittent mist (Mist 30 seconds and Pause 30 seconds)
2.Red: continuous mist
3.Off: You may use it as a color changing light without mist


●Please add water below the Max line
●Oil is not included in the package


Material: Upper parts PP
Capacity of water tank: About 100ML
Noise Level: less than 35 dB
Input power: AC100-240V 50/60HZ
Most advanced ultrasonic technology: 2.4MHZ
Working time: 3.5 hours
Automatic shut off safety system when waterless protects the product from being burned out.

Package Contents:

1 x Aroma Diffuser
1 x Charger Adaptor
1 x measuring cup for filling water
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • RELAX YOURSELF: Enjoy the soothing atmosphere with the lovely fragrance fills up your home. Relieve your stress from stressful and tired day. Let the diffuser bring you into deep relaxation and elegant life. Perfect Christmas gifts for someone who has her/his sense of style!

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NeoTec XJ-2200 Ionic Air Purifier

The XJ-2200 Air purifier from NeoTec is equipped with 5 leading air cleaning technologies to effectively eliminate airborne germs and odors for a healthier and more pleasant indoor environment.

Special Features:

Effectively removes particulate from the air, such as allergens (including mould and dust mites), fine dust particles, bacteria, viruses, chemical fumes and other ultra-fine particles that a filter cannot capture.
Increase the effectiveness of the Hepa and activated carbon filter system by causing particles to magnetically attract together, resulting in larger particles that are easier for the filter to capture.
Disinfects viruses and bacteria trapped in the filtration bank of the XJ-2200 that would normally reproduce in the typical filter.
Has the ability to remove airborne particles away from the air purifier, in areas of the room where the filter has little effect. This is due to the fact that ions can circulate throughout a room. Negative ion circulation is enhanced as a result of the fan.
Hepa filter removes 99.97% of particles (0.3 microns in size) that pass through the filter, preventing them from becoming recirculated into the air. Largely considered the most effective type of air filter against allergens, dust and other solid particles.
Captures a high volume of floating dust and other particles, including many of the ionised particles that would otherwise just settle to the ground if a typical ioniser were used.
Germicidal UV light is scientifically proven to destroy a large variety of microbial contaminates, such as viruses, germs, bacteria and fungi (including mould).
UV light has been used for years by the medical field (including hospitals) to sanitise rooms and equipment, in order to prevent the spread of illness and disease.

Product Features

  • Dual action HEPA and active carbon filter removes dirt and particulates from the air
  • Germicidal UV lamp kills bacteria and viruses in the air prevent illness
  • Negative Ioniser breaks down bigger particulates for the filters to remove
  • Built in night light for use in a childs nursery or toddler room
  • Purifies a room of up to 25m² in 1 hour, clean and easy and wall mountable

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