Homedics Professional Hepa Oscillating Tower Air Purifier

Product Features

  • Permanent HEPA filter removes 99.97% of allergens
  • UV-C light kills germs, bacteria & viruses
  • Room size cleaned: 85 m²/H and Air flow rate: 210 m³/H
  • Cleanable filter with replacement filter & UV-C bulb indicators

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Ionic Air Purifier & Ionizer for Car & Vehicle XJ-600

The XJ-600 vehicle air purifier is an outstanding value. The best high tech, compact, six pin car ionizer available in the market today.Like the XJ-2000, it is made with 100% microcomputer technology that that controls optimal ion production. Silent Ionic Breeze Air Purifier For Vehicles Air Purifier with negative ion generator for vehicle can thoroughly clean and freshen the air inside your car. Key features: Plugs directly into your cigarette lighter socket with fused DC Power Cord Neutralize unpleasant odor and freshen air Supply anion, let driving more comfortable and alert Sterilizing, mold-proofing and no chemicals No motor and noiseless design Includes Adhesive Strips for Quick and Easy Placement Anywhere Mini style design, cute and portable Warranty ONE YEAR WARRANTY !!! Buy with confidence! All our products pass the strict tests prior to leaving an ISO9001 facility. Customers could, within one year from the date of purchase, enjoy free repair and replacement. We will replace the product with one of equal or greater value, or reimburse you for replacement of the product. Special Features of XJ-600 Use advanced high voltage electron discharge technology. The XJ-600 needlepoints produce optimal negative ion levels. Your car can be among the most polluted atmospheres. You and other passengers can spend hours breathing the irritating and polluted air filled with smog, exhaust, pollen, dust, bacteria and other contaminants. With our XJ-600 you can breath air as clean and fresh as waterfall air even in your car. Clean particles as small as 0.01 micron. Negative ions force particles as small as 0.01 micron from the air. They can also neutralize airborne viruses and microorganism as well. Electro-statically charged rings to absorb airborne contaminant. The XJ-600s uniquely designed electrostatic charged rings efficiently absorb airborne dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander and cigarette smoke near around.

Product Features

  • Generates Negative Ions to promote stress-free driving
  • Neutralizes cigarette odour and freshens air.
  • The XJ-600 helps to remove pollutants, allergens and germs from the air right down to the sub micron level (less than 0.015 microns)
  • The silent and filter-less unit is effective at removing airborne viruses
  • XJ-600 floods the air with healthy beneficial Negative Ions which have been found to make people feel better and stay more alert.

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Heaven Fresh HF 200 Ionic Air Purifier [Baby Product]

Want to keep your room clean, fresh and comfortable?

This incredibly effective Heaven Fresh Ionic Air Purifier and Ioniser will keep a regular sized room fresh and full of those beneficial negative ions.

Usually the air indoors contains low levels of negative ions; however take a trip to the country and you’ll find 10 times the amount of negative ions. This clever little gizmo from Heaven Fresh produces loads of negative ions, which then bind with airborne pollutants to remove them from the air that you breathe – there – doesn’t that sound like a real breath of fresh air?

You won’t have to change or replace the filter – state of the art stainless steel dust collector plates do the job of filtering and you whip them out, clean them, and then reinsert them back again. The Heaven Fresh HF200 features 17 high density stainless steel needle points – designed to produce optimum levels of those beneficial negative ions.

This energy efficient Ionic Air Purifier & Ioniser is an effective and affordable way to combat indoor air pollution.

Product Features

  • Energy efficient air-pollutant remover
  • Produces negative ions (the good-guys!)
  • 17 high density stainless steel needle points producing optimum negative ions level
  • Filterless ionic air purifier
  • Ioniser to keep your room clean, fresh & comfortable

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Car Air Purifier, NexGadget 4 in 1 Portable Car Ionizer Auto Purifier Air Cleaner Car Air Freshener Remove Cigarettes Smoke Order Eliminator for Car/Home/Office

Why do we need an air purifier in a car?
Compared to outdoor, 10 times air pollution inside the car more than outdoor.
Compared to indoor, the car’s PM2.5 is 5 times more than indoor because of the narrow space. The car’s HCHO is 10 times more than indoor.
Therefore, no matter how long you drive everyday, you should buy one at least for your health or others’.

Why should we buy NexGadget air purifier?
There are two reasons accounting for this purchase. First of all, it has the strong performance by providing these 4 core functions, they include Photocatalyst, UV Lamp, Anion and Aroma Module. It can eliminate the air pollutants and viruses easily and efficiently. Secondly, intelligent design allows you to carry it wherever you go, your office, car, home, or even on your holiday, more importantly, it is very easy to operate for everyone.

Size: 169*86*50mm
Type: Aerosol Spray
Application: car air purifier
Application places: Car,Home,Office
Color: black
ionizer: ≥4million
Aroma Capacity:2ml
Photocatalyst film: YES/ Changeable
UV sterilize lamp: YES
Aroma module: YES
Applicable area: 6㎡
Independent Anion Button
packing size: 210*155*55mm
Function: Photocatalyst , UV lamp , Anion , Aroma moudule

What do you get from this purchase?
1 x Car Air Purifier
1 x USB Cord
1 x Dual USB Car Charger
1 x Non-Slip Mat
1 x User Manual
12-Month Warranty

Product Features

  • Easy to operate: The purifier starts to work once you plug it to a USB port (dual USB car charger provided), very easy to manage by only 3 buttons( on/off button, independent anion button and speed button).
  • Centralize 4 core science: Photocatalyst: the safest, most clean environmental purification materials, which can degrade pollutants effectively. UV Lamp: Kill bacteria and viruses in a few seconds, the sterilization efficiency is high as 99%.
  • Centralize 4 core science: Anion: the negative ions this purifier produces can balance the ratio of positive and negative ions in the air, it also can purify the pollutants, fresh air and remove unpleasant smell. Aroma Module: the whole car would be full of fragrance by dropping perfume in the bottom box.(Banning the use of corrosive oil)
  • Contracted appearance and Intelligent design: ONLY 1/10 size of common purifier (portable), Sedate modeling (sense of security), color of low profile (do not affect driving safety), high quality of mat (protect car interior). Non-slip feet design can be stable in the moving car, non-slip mat is also provided.
  • Carry-on expert: It can work in different environment, including car, office, home. Reminder: recommended to use in the space of small range only. Helping people reduce dizziness, headache, carsick, nausea by having the fresh and healthy air.

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Bionaire BAP600 Air Purifier

DesignerAirPurifierPermFilter BAP600-060

Product Features

  • Designer purifier in new compact stylish design with permanent filter
  • Long life filtration system which removes upto 99% of indoor airbourne particles
  • The unit has 3 cleaning levels and is ideal for medium sized rooms
  • Fitted with an optional night light and independantly controlled ioniser
  • 2 year guarantee

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Vax AP02 Air Purifier, White

The Vax HEPA 2 air purifier traps household dust, smoke and pollen particles in the air, which reduces the effect of allergies, asthma and hay fever. This air purifier has an in-built HEPA filter removes 99% of all airborne particles. It has variable speed settings and purification levels and is suitable for medium sized rooms.

Traps dust and pollen particles in the air, which reduces the effect of allergies, asthma and hayfever. HEPA removes 99% of all airborne particles. Variable speeds and purification levels.

Suitable for room size up to 75m².
Quiet operation.
3 speed settings.
Auto shut-off.
HEPA filter.
99% filtration rate.
Filter included.
CADR rating smoke 150.
CADR rating pollen 190.
CADR rating dust 175.

Product Features

  • Traps dust and pollen particles in the air, which reduces the effect of allergies, asthma and hayfever.
  • Suitable for rooms up to 20m2
  • Touch control settings for variable speed and timer
  • The HEPA media filter reduces all airborne particles
  • Two year UK Vax guarantee for complete peace of mind

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Aironic ® 40W Pro True HEPA Air Purifier Ioniser, Cleans Air, Removes Smoke, Dust and Allergens, Airbourne pollutants, Pet Odours, Remote Control & HEPA Filter Included, Silver

Breathe in cleaner, fresher, healthier air with a helping hand from the Aironic®True HEPA Air Purifier. The Air Purifier boasts an advanced multi-layer 4 filter system with 4 stage air purification to eliminate impurities in indoor environments. Pre-filter eliminates larger airborne pollutants greater than 20 micron, such as dust and animal hair. Powerful True HEPA filter then eliminates more than 99.7% of micro sized airborne pollutants larger than 0.3 micron. Bacteria, harmful gases, animal hair, unpleasant odours, funguses, dust, smoke, pollen and other allergens are swiftly and effectively eliminated from the environment for considerably purer air. Cold catalyst filter decomposes harmful gases in the air including formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. Activated carbon filter absorbs harmful gases and unpleasant odours such as cigarette smoke for healthier air all round. Built-in ioniser traps polluted air and contaminants, preventing it from being re-released whilst releasing cleaner fresher air into the environment. Air purifier comes with 3 speed settings and can be programmed to run for 1 – 12 hours. Quiet 40 db operation. Easy to use purifier comes with on/off, fan speed, timer and ioniser on/off buttons. Clear LCD display screen. Comes complete with remote control. Suitable for most indoor environments up 30 m2 including the home and workplace. Specification: Coverage area: 30 m2 Air flow: 85 m2/hour Noise level: 40 db Replacement filters available, search for “Set of 2 Filters for the Aironic®Air Purifier” on Amazon

Product Features

  • True HEPA filter eliminates more than 99.7% of micro sized airborne pollutants larger than 0.3 micron. Also includes pre-filter, cold catalyst filter and activated carbon filter. Built-in ioniser function traps polluted air and contaminants providing healthier air. Complete with 3 speed settings, programmable between 1 – 12 hours. Includes remote control.
  • Advanced multi-layer 4 filter system purifies indoor pollutants including bacteria, harmful gases, viruses, animal dander, unpleasant odours, fungi, cigarette smoke and pollen. Breathe in cleaner, fresher, healthier air with a helping hand from the Aironic True HEPA Air Purifier.
  • Air purifier comes with 3 speed settings and can be programmed to run for 1 – 12 hours. Quiet 26 db operation. Easy to use purifier comes with on/off, fan speed, timer and ioniser on/off buttons. Clear LCD display screen, Portable, Comes complete with remote control. Suitable for most indoor environments up 30 m2 including the home and workplace
  • The ‘Anion’ function, removes harmful substances created by electromagnetic waves. these are the waves generated by electricals such as PCs, so this function would be useful if you wanted to purify the air it in your office or study. When the anion is running, it flashes up little circles.
  • Optional Ioniser & Timer / Autoshut off, Power input: 40W, Room Size: up to 430sq.ft. Switchable ion function – for fresh, Electrostatically natural air, Concentration of negative ions: 3 x 106 ions/m3, Product Dimensions: 36(L)x16(W)x48(H) CM. LCD display, Three Air Cleaning Speeds, Automatic 12 Hours timer setting and Remote control

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Heaven Fresh HF300C Naturo Pure Multi Tech Ionizer/Sanitizer/UV/HEPA/Active-Carbon Air Purifier, 40 W

HF300C Air Purifier is a fantastic product. The purifier can cover a large area with its powerful and quiet fan (500 ft squared). The Air Ionizer removes bacteria and other bad particles, the UV lamps destroyed germs and mold. The HEPA filter is highly effective (99.97%) and can remove dust particles. The Activated Carbon Filter removes chemicals, gases and odors such as cigarette and cooking smoke. There is a programmable sanitizer integrated into the system which can be switched on and off and can neutralize powerful odors. The Anti-Bacterial Pre-Filter extends the life of the other filters by taking the strain off them removing larger particles.

Product Features

  • Seven Air Purification processes for best results.
  • Easy Operation with Touch Panel
  • Programmable sanitizer feature
  • Combination of filters and ionizer removes pollutants as small as 0.01 microns.
  • Seamless performance against strong odours like cigarette smoke and cooking odours

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AP282-UV HEPA Air Purifier with UV and Ioniser

Four stage active filtration system:

HEPA – The High Efficiency Particulate Air filter captures up to 99.97% of contaminates as small as 0.3microns in size. These include dust, dust mites, pollen, animal dander & tobacco smoke.

U.V Lamp – The U.V lamp is used for sterilisation against micro-organisms and acts in association with the TI02 filter.

Active Carbon filter – Active carbon is charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to open millions of pores between the carbon atoms. These pores absorb harmful gases and odours.

Titanium Dioxide (TIO2)- Is activated under U.V light and has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, sterilising & deodorising properties.

1, 3, 8 hour timer or continuous operation

Ultra quiet operation

Suitable for rooms up to 16m2 – bedrooms, lounges, offices etc.

Product Features

  • HEPA Air Purifier with UV Antibacterial & Active Carbon filtration
  • Titanium Dioxide anti-bacterial / anti-viral
  • Ioniser, Adjustable Timer
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Compact size – just 28cm high. Uses only 30W power.

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