SINGO Car Air Purifier, Air cleaner Oxygen Bar,Powerful Ionizer-Releases Negative Ions that Effectively Removes Cigarette Smoke, Bacteria, Dust, Pollen, Smell and Bad Odors

Why you should use our air ionizer purifier?

Indoors or outdoors, In the air there are some particles which are threatening your health.
Asthma prevalence, unfortunately raises year by year and more and more people are diagnosed with breathing-related issues.
To protect our health against invisible air particles and bacterias – gas, smokes and others, we’ve developed this unique Ionizer Device which utilizes the latest negative ion technology to achieve THE BEST air purification result out there.


we invite you to do a simple test to see it in your own eyes: take a transparent plastic bottle and put some smoke in it.
Then cover the purifier with bottle filled with smoke and turn it on. Wait 12-15 sec, and you’ll see how the smoke is being dispelled.

This smoke odor eliminator for car will remove smoke odor or dispel the smoke from a car,
besides that, it has many other advantages – as mentioned above – it can also be very effective in preventing many different kind of bad smells, and even remove bacteria and many bad pollutants in the air.

Known in many cases to benefit sufferers of the following:

-Allergic Sinusitis
-Chronic respiratory tract allergies

Proven benefits include:

-Decreased respiratory rate
-Can lower blood pressure
-Produces a feeling of freshness
-Decreased skin temperature

Product Features

  • Car Ionizer is an innovative patented product that begins its magic as soon as it is plugged into your car cigarette lighter, improving air quality and removing unwanted smoke, odors, pollen,air propulsion, dust and more. Known in many cases to benefit sufferers of the following: Allergic Bronchitis Allergic Sinusitis Asthma Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Chronic respiratory tract allergies
  • Eliminates generation airborne bacteria by 99%, while providing the activation of the cells of the body and mental clarity.
  • Fashionable Unique Design Car Air Purifier with 3,800,000pcs/cm3 Negative Ion
  • Product Certifications: CE (European conformity marking that indicates that the product it is affixed to complies with all relevant Europeanhealth safety and environmental protection legislation requirements),FCC (Federal Communications Commission), RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
  • Car-Ionizer uses an electrical charge to produce stream of negative ions which then remove microscopic particles from the air, improving the air quality in your car. An ion is simply a particle that is charged, either negatively or positively. The ionizer creates negative ions which seek out positively charged particles, such as dust, dander, bacteria, pollen, mould, smoke, chemical vapours, and other allergens.

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Blueair Replacement Particle Filter for Blueair 500/600 Series Air Purifiers, Set of 3

The Blueair 500/600 Series Particle Filter uses patented HEPASilent® technology to remove 99.97% of harmful particles from the air such as pollen, dust, and pet dander from your home or office down to 0.1 microns in size. This filter is specifically designed as a replacement filter for the following Blueair air purifiers: 501, 503, 510, 550E, 555EB, 601, 603, and 650E. Its gradient structure is made up of thermally bonded fibers, free of chemicals and binders, naturally anti-bacterial, and fiber shedding resistant. The polypropylene and polyethylene fibers form a less dense filter media, requiring less air pressure, for greater airflow with a whisper silent delivery. This filter is made of 100% recyclable materials, so the only thing you’ll add back into the environment is clean air. Blueair recommends changing the filter in your air purifier every six months.

Product Features

  • Blueair’s variety Particle Filters (501PFK)

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Vicks V-9071 HEPA Air Purifier

Suitable for rooms up to 20 sqm and effective in allergy relief

Product Features

  • Maximum cleaning performance due to the HEPA filter system
  • Suitable solution for clean air
  • Filters out 97 per cent of impurities with a micron size of two or larger
  • Helps capture airborne particles such as dust, pollen, smoke, mold spores, and pet dander
  • Three cleaning-power selections
  • Maximum cleaning performance due to the HEPA filter system^Suitable solution for clean air^Filters out 97 per cent of impurities with a micron size of two or larger^Helps capture airborne particles such as dust, pollen, smoke, mold spores, and pet dander^Three cleaning-power selections

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Futura 40W Pro HEPA Air Purifier Ioniser, Cleans Air Removes Smoke, Dust and Allergens, Remote Control Included

Futura FUTAP01 HEPA Air Purifier Ioniser, Cleans Air, Removes Smoke, Dust and Allergens, Remote Control Included

Keeping our living and working space clean and clear of pollutants is paramount to our health. When the air we breathe is filled with smoke, pet dander, allergens or other airborne particles that negatively affect our health, it can lead to dangerous side effects like common colds, pneumonia, bronchitis, and even worse, emphysema.

Protect yourself with the HEPA Air Purifier Ioniser, a premium-grade solution to refreshing and revitalizing the air you breathe each and every day. With the ability to remove 99.7 percent of harmful air particles, and a built-in ionizer to further increase your health, you should start seeing positive results right away.

Here are our Futura Air Purifer amazing features

Three variable speeds

Removes smoke, dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander and more

Built-in ionizer

Included remote control

Features a HEPA filter

Great for rooms up to 320 sq. ft.

Why Choose a Futura Product? Futura, a leading brand of Homeware products, Futura products deliver quality as well as amazing value for money, Futura products are available on line and come with a full 1 year guarantee.

Clean and detoxify your air today by clicking “Add to Basket” above!

Product Features

  • CLEAN, SAFER AIR: The Futura HEPA Air Purifier Ioniser removes allergens, dust, smoke and more
  • IMPROVES HEALTH: By constantly removing negative air pollutants from your home
  • HEPA PROTECTION: Featuring a high-quality HEPA filter that traps 99.7% of particles in the air
  • USER FRIENDLY: Featuring an easy to use, digital display panel, Functional Timer & Remote Control
  • 12 MONTH GUARANTEE: We offer a 12 month guarantee on our Futura HEPA Air Purifier Ioniser.

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Boneco 2055D Filterless Air Purifier & Evaporative Humidifier – Digital Humidity Display & Control with Fragrance Cartridge & Pre-Ioniser

The Air and Water Centre recommends the use of this evaporative humidifier in bedrooms, living rooms or any room up to 50m².

The Boneco 2055D humidifies and washes the air without the use of filters. This makes this unit much cheaper in the long run than other evaporative humidifiers that constantly need replacement filter cartridges.

A fan at the top of the unit sucks air in and on to special humidifier discs inside the humidifier that are rotating in the water. The moisture evaporates into the air and is blown out through the vents on the side of the unit. Dirt and dust particles that are suspended in the air are washed out during the process and are left behind in the unit. The air leaving the unit is therefore clean, fresh and optimally humidified.

A digital display indicates the current humidity and allows you to set the internal humidistat to maintain your desired humidity from 30-70% relative humidity. It can also be set to run continuously. The display will also indicate when the unit needs to be topped-up with water, cleaned and when the ISS anti-bacterial system needs replacing.

Unique to the Boneco 2055D is a pre-ioniser that releases negative ions into the air being sucked into the unit. These ions bond with dust particles, forming clusters, which are attracted to the rotating discs like magnets removing them from the atmosphere.

In order to keep the water pure inside the unit an Ionic Silver Stick releases silver ions into the water. The anti-bacterial qualities of silver effectively kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria and viruses. Replacement ionic silver sticks can be purchased from the Multi-Buy section below.

A special fragrance container sits in the tray – a cotton pad moistened with fragrance can be placed in it so that the room is scented at the same time as being humidified.

Product Features

  • Filterless evaporative humidifier suitable for rooms up to 50m²
  • Digital humidity display shows when it needs to be cleaned, topped up with water & when ISS needs to be replaced
  • Transparent, removable 7 litre water tank
  • 2 operation modes – night & normal
  • Dimensions H360mm x W360mm x D360mm, Very quiet operation – less than 25 decibels

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PureMate PM 500 True HEPA Air Purifier and Ioniser

You no longer have to go outside to get some fresh air. This HEPA air purifier is designed to capture dust, allergens, pet dander, pollen, mold, and smoke from the air in your home at 0.3 microns. It also helps to reduce odors and VOCs from the air that passes through the filter.

While air cleaners may reduce particles and allergens in the air, allergic symptoms are caused by a variety of sources. Therefore, this product is not meant to treat or mitigate any medical condition. Please consult your physician.

ST-500 air purifier can help make the room air more livable. It is luxury in an attractive design for a pleasant indoor climate, which can fill a room of up to 430 sq.ft. No chemical additives, but built-in ionizer to release negative ions. Product Dimensions: 36(L) X 16(W) X 48(H) CM.

Box Contains

1 x ST-500 Air Purifier

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Remote Control

Product Features

  • True HEPA Filter capturing 99.97% of particles, including dust, pollen, Smoke particles, house dust mite allergen, and cat and dog allergens and other air contaminants down to 0.3 micron.
  • Effective removal of odours, harmful gaseous substances, dust and allergenic particles.
  • Optional Ioniser & Timer / Autoshut off, Power input: 40W, Room Size: up to 430sq.ft.
  • Switchable ion function – for fresh, Electrostatically natural air, Concentration of negative ions: 3 x 106 ions/m3, Product Dimensions: 36(L)x16(W)x48(H) CM.
  • LCD display, Three Air Cleaning Speeds, Automatic 12 Hours timer setting and Remote control

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Fellowes Allergy UK Approved AeraMax DX95 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter

Fellowes DX95 – AeraMax DX95 Air Purifier

Product Features

  • Captures 99.97% of airborne particles, including pollen, house dust mite allergen, and cat and dog allergens. Endorsed with the Seal of Approval from Allergy UK
  • AeraSafe Antimicrobial Treatment – built-in protection from the growth of odour causing bacteria, mildew and fungi on True HEPA filter
  • AeraSmart Sensor monitors the air quality and automatically adjusts the fan speed to keep your air purified
  • Aera+ Mode is designed for peak allergy conditions and increases air flow by 35%* to remove allergens from your air
  • Filter Change Indicators let you know when it is time to replace your Carbon and True HEPA filters

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Mini Tower XJ-1100UV Air Purifier and Ionizer with UV Lamp

The model XJ1100UV is designed with unique tower shape to absorb smoke and odor by generating anion and active oxygen. Without motor and fan, it adopts advanced ionic air movement technology circulating room air silently. Electrostatic charged stainless steel dust collector captures airborne particles effectively, such as dust mite, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, smoke and other allergens, even some virus. The collector installed behind the front cover can be removed easily for cleaning, and be used again for longtime without replacement of other filter material. The buildin UV lamp can eliminate bacteria and virus, thus improve air quality during the running of this purifier. Model: XJ-1100 Rated Voltage: DC 12V Power Consumption: 5W Active Oxygen Output: ≤0.05PPM Negative Lons: ≥1X104/CM3 Dimensions(mm): 180X172X402 Weight: 795g Applicable Area: 15m2

Product Features

  • Unique design with a tower shape
  • Use advanced ionic air movement technology
  • Advanced air-cleaning capacity: The electrostatically-charged dust-collection plates magnetically trap pollutants.
  • Germicidal UV Light: Destroys micro-organisms such as germs, viruses and bacteria and helps create a healthier environment.
  • Low power consumption and energy saving, easy to clean, Ultraviolet irradiation to sterilize, Soundless design, no motor

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