SENUA High Quality Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter Odor Scrubber (6″ 150-300mm)

Remove nasty odours from your room by passing air through a new activated carbon filter The carbon filter will adsorb almost any type of gases and molecules. These include: Organic compounds such as acids, alcohols and aldehydes Chlorinated hydrocarbons such as esters, ethers, and ketones Inorganic compounds such as halogens and sulphuric acids Odors from humans, pets, cooking and many other There are many benefits of using a carbon filter in an air purifier: It has the ability to adsorb some of almost any vapor It has a large capacity for organic molecules, especially solvents It adsorbs and retains a wide variety of chemicals at the same time It works well under a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels It is inert and safe to handle and use It is readily available and affordable

Product Features

  • Highly effective, low density activated carbon
  • Carbon tightly packed for increased porosity
  • Greater and more even air movement Genuine filters are immediately sealed after manufacture to help retain moisture, optimize presentation and improve life expectancy
  • Manufactured so that no air blows by the filter without being filtered
  • Outer mesh provides 51% open area allowing increased air flow

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Pure Air Purifier HEPA Odor Smoke Dust Remover with Gesture Control,No Ozone,Removing Smoking Dust Pollen and Bad Odors,Perfect for Car Office Desktop and Bedroom (Grey)

ATTENTION:The compact size (7*7*18 cm) is not a good choice if you want to cover a big area!! We recommend that put it on the bedside table when use in bedroom

Who Need this True HEPA Air Purifier?
①.Allergy Sufferers: sneezing,nasal stuffiness,cough,asthma,watery eyes,runny nose allergy symptoms
②.Car Owners: New car smell or bad odors in car,gesture control make it safety for driver
③.Pet Owners
④.Baby And Elder: Sensitive to the air quality
⑤.Gift Senders: Top-grade material and High-tech feeling make it perfect gift
⑥.Anyone: Who wants to enjoy good air quality

Gesture Sensing
– Wave hand to power on to enter weak wind mode
– Wave hand again to enter strong wind mode
– Third wave to power off

Product Features:
– Purifier Method: Primary Filter + HEPA Filter + Activated carbon
– Sterilization filter screen
– Formaldehyde-removing screen
– Digital Display
– Nightlight feature which can light up a blue light while the device is operating

– Power Consumption: 4W
– Rated Voltage: DC 5V
– Power source: Vehicle power/USB
– Product size: 180*66mm (7.1*2.6 inches)
– Application area: < 100 sq.ft
– Product weight: 310g
– CADR(Clean Air Delivery Rate): 20m³/h
– Anion density: 5,000,000/pcs CC
– Low Noise: ≤35db
– Remove PM2.5 efficiency: ≥99%
– Remove formaldehyde efficiency: ≥90%
– Remove TVOC(Total Volatile Organic Compounds): ≥90%

Package Included:
1 x Air Purifier with Filter
1 x USB Cable
1 x Car charger with 2 USB ports
1 x User Manual

Air Quality Detector
Air quality sensor decected by 3 colors:Green=Good air quality;Blue=Moderate air quality; Red=Poor air quality

Product Features

  • 3 FILTRATION STAGES: Ideal for people who suffer from allergies, nasal stuffiness,cough,sneezing,asthma,etc;Primary Filter + HEPA Filter + Activated Carbon reduce 99.9% of Allergens,Dust,Pollen,Smoke,Odors,Pet Dander,Formaldehyde,Mold spores and TVOC
  • WHISPER-QUIET OPERATION: The sound is just the most beautiful even hushed noise. It’s almost non-existent on low and perfect white noise maker on high
  • GESTURE SENSING,DIGITAL DISPLAY and Aluminium Alloy Body:Hand Gesture for powering on/off and setting 2 speed (Low and High).very nice futuristic aesthetic with the blue LED effect.Real time display Air quality, Temperature, Humidity on the screen.Unlike other air purifier with plastic shell,the Aluminium alloy shell make it look high-grade and perfect for gift
  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT: Perfect fit in car cupholder,freshing “New car” smell and other irritant odors,every 10 minutes would filter all the air in the car.The compact size(7*7*18 cm) make it perfect for any small area such as Desktop,Kitchens,Pet Room and Bedroom. ATTENTION: It’s not a good choice if you want to cover a big area!!
  • PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE: This product comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime support from LeadYoung. The Air Purifier Filter needs to be replaced every 3 months and is available to purchase from our store with very low price 12.99

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Essential Oil Diffuser, VADIV DH01 Car 100ml Ultrasonic Humidifier Aromas Fragrance Ultrasonic Protable Air Purifier with USB Cable for Travel Car

This mini humidifier with ultrasound is the best solution to combat air dryness and the more moisture in the air.
Keep you away from the allergies, the dryness of the skin and the throat bleeding, the nose and the symptoms of the flu.

Protection against leakage:
Unique design to prevent water leaking out a great viewing angle-closing comfort of 90 degrees, perfect use in the car or while driving.

Two modes are available:
Humidification mode (light red, operating time: up to 4 hours of operation), mode aromatherapy (light blue, up to 8 hours operating time).

Automatic shutdown:
The functions shutdown automatically when the water level falls below the line level standard (20 ml) to protect the humidifier and ensure its safety, and it prevents the internal damage. How to use it?
Very easy to control for On / Off / OPERATION with a button.
Simply fill the cup with water and add the essential oil or fragrance, connect the USB port at any source here to a compatible power supply, press the power button and benefit from hanging air moisture.
Color: white
Tank volume: 110 ml
Volume of atomization: 30 ml / hour (humidification mode)
15 ml / hour (aromatherapy mode)
Power: 5.5 W
Voltage: 5 V
Material: PP
Dimensions: 78 * 78 * 152 mm

Add water below the max. Line.
Oil is not included in the package.
If it does not work anymore, please wash the sensor hole of your diffuser.

Product Features

  • Compact & Portable Manufacturing: The size of the diffuser is suitable for the car, it is easy to install and transport. Ideally used to create a fresh air in the car, the hotels, the office, home, the library, etc.
  • Humidification Mode & Aromatherapy Mode: Two fashion spray mist mode to choose. In control light LED for the display of the function mode absolutely clear, humidification mode (light red, up to 4 hours of operation), aromatherapy mode(light blue, up to 8 hours operating time).
  • Automatic Shutdown: The functions shutdown automatically when the water level falls below the line level standard (20 ml) to protect the humidifier and ensure its safety, and it prevents the internal damage.
  • Works with any USB Power Source: It can be powered by a laptop/PC, a power bank, a USB AC adapter. Practice to use in the workplace or on the move.
  • Best Service: Your purchase at VADIV is covered by a 40-day repayment guarantee and an 18-month replacement warranty.

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RAIN QUEEN 220V Air Purifier UV-C Mobile Room Steriliser Light Remote Control kills 99% of bacteria viruses and mould for Car Household Refrigerator Toilet Pet Area Home (Brown)

Power: 36W.
Battery: 23A 12V.
Cable Length: 2.5m.
Average Life: 8000h.
UV Wave Length:254nm.
Dimension: 14×14×44cm.
Remote control distance: 20M.
Electric Requirement: 220V/50HZ.
Radiation Rang: 40 square meters.
Ozone Output Concentration: < 0.15ppm .

You should need to know more?
1. 3 gear timing with 15 mins, 30 mins and 60 mins.
2. 15 secs activation delay.
3. Wireless remote control(batteries not included).

Ozone sterilization,clean air.
Suitable for spring and autumn, bacteria breeding season.
Apply to new home, sterilization anti-virus.

Suggested usage time:
30 square meters: 15 minutes.
60 square meters: 30 minutes.
100 square meters: 60 minutes.

The remote control is a great idea, and prevents accidental switching on of the lamp. The sequence is

1. press on/off button – it will beep and the LEDS’s will light up.

2. press a timer button (15 min, 30 mins or 60 mins)
3. press the on/off button to go.
4. Next there’s a 15 second delay – to allow you time to close the door and leave the room.

The first thing to note after using this, is the wonderfully soft air. There is a slight burning smell, and very soft air, like after a thunder storm.

Product Features

  • Multifunctional: Kills 99% of bacteria and viruses (C.difficile, norovirus, MRSA, E.coli, salmonella and mould).Work without obstacles and cover 6 to 20 square meters.
  • Includes timer that can be set for 15, 30 or 60 minutes to allow exit from the room in order to avoid exposure to UV-C light. Caution: 1.Please avoid looking directly at the air purifier lamp ; 2. Get it away from the animals; 3. avoid the ultraviolet ray directly on the skin for 30 minutes
  • Automatically switches off when the desired time has expired. The room can be used directly after treatment. Right after switching it on, the air in the room starts to smell like “someone is ironing” kinda smell. This is probably the bacteria being burned out.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Chemical free. It is a natural germicidal light, reducing the need for harsh, harmful chemicals or sprays.
  • Compatible: Suitable for bedrooms, refrigerator,bathroom,living room,car ,where you want to eliminate bacteria and odors, provide a clean environment by air purifier lamp. This is very effective, and especially useful for sterilising whole rooms. Let the sun shine in your house

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Silicone Anti Snoring Easy Sleeping Breath Aid Relieve Nose Clip Air Purifier 3 Colors

– ABS and silicone material is environmentally friendly, harmless and soft to fit in the nostril with –
– firmness and comfort.
– Snoring and relieving nasal congestion to give you and your back a good night’s sleep and soothe your breathing.
– Aiding sleep apnea without disturbing normal sleep.
– Purifying the air so you can breathe healthy and fresh air.
– Mini size with light weight will not add extra pressure to the nose, which is convenient to carry.

Material: ABS + Silicone
Optional Colors: Blue, White, Red
Weight: 30g
Type: Snoring
Function: Relieving Snoring and Aiding Sleep Apnea

Package include:
1 x Snoring stopper

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Audew 4 Pack Air Purifier, Air Purifying Bamboo Bag Car Air Freshener Natural Air Cleaning Bag Home Air Purifiers, Activated Carbon Filter for Cars, Closets, Bathrooms and Pet Areas, 205g/ Bag

Remove formaldehyde and peculiar smell for NEW Car.
Activated carbon package,remove formaldehyde and peculiar smell , healthy and fresh.

For the wardrobe Dehumidification Mouldproof: Inhibit the breeding of mold, not only solve the beloved clothes easy moldy problem,
but also remove the nasty smell.
Reduce the harm of Secondhand Smoke: Place on the table, timely adsorption of second-hand smoke, protect family health.
Get rid of new home’s decoration smell: Strong adsorption decoration materials emit formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC and otherharmful gases.
Remove the decoration smell in 1 to 2 weeks , and can adjust the room room humidity, speed up the room dry.
Get away from the kitchen and toilet generated toxic gases: Adsorption of a large number of TVOC, so that indoor air become fresh and comfortable.

Every 2 ~ 3 months exposures in the sun , you can get rid of bamboo charcoal adsorption of moisture and odor, to maintain the
good function of bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal bag placed more than a year or so, can be demolished bamboo charcoal particles
buried in the soil, used to improve the soil activity, to prevent pests and diseases, and promote plant growth.

The four effects of bamboo charcoal:
1. Purification: bamboo carbon has a strong physical adsorption capacity, can absorb water, air pollutants, harmful gases.
2. Moisture absorption: can absorb moisture, automatically adjust the air humidity, people feel comfortable.
3. Shielding: bamboo carbon has a strong shielding, blocking function, can eliminate a variety of home appliances electromagnetic waves on the human body damage.
4. Sterilization: bamboo carbon, bamboo vinegar with sterilization and other anti-bacterial effect.

Package Include.
4 x Audew Bamboo Charcoal Bags

Product Features

  • GENERAL SITUATION:4 Pack bamboo charcoal deodorizer stitched in a small linen bag, fragrance free, chemical free and Non-Toxic, about 205 gram per bag.
  • UNIQUE ORIGINAL MATERIALS:Activated charcoal is an porous material that attracts odor and mold spores to keep your home smelling fresh and mold-free, and it is also a great car air freshener. Prevents mold, mildew and bacteria from forming by absorbing excess moisture.
  • WIDE RANGE OF USE:The 200 gram natural home deodoriser is enough to cover up to any area up to 90 square feet. Light smoke smell, pet odors, mildew, Eliminate formaldehyde & benzene treatment,- it even helps reduce airborne bacteria and allergens!
  • USE OCCASION:Great for use in your RV, Car, SUV, truck, Semi-Truck. Also, use around your home, such as your pantry, closet, storage, utility room, bathroom, garbage and recycling room, pet room, locker room, workout room and many other places! Perfect Odor Absorber, Neutralizer & Deodorizer!
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE:Air Purifying Bamboo Bag conveniently works anywhere. Unlike electric or automatic air freshener that need to be replaced every 30-45 days, these odour absorber bags only need to be replaced once a year & only need 60 mins in the sun to be activated.

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Klarstein Arosa Air Purifier • Ionizer • UV Lamp • Automatic and Sleep Modes • Cleans Rooms Up to 20 m² • Noise level between 25-56db • Includes Chargeable Filter • Power-Saving • Sunstainable • Easy Operation • White

High-quality air purifier with automatic and sleep modes for improving the climate in
rooms up to 20m².

Healthy air, purified of unwanted odours – perfect for bedrooms or offices.

Intuitive and easy operation via touch panel on the top of a modern housing.

Healthy air is important for the well-being and health of every person. Nowadays, we
spend most of our time indoors – unfortunately the air quality here is often not the
best. these are only a few of the stresses you have to deal with.
The Klarstein Arosa air purifier can provide a remedy.

Right after switching it on, the Arosa air purifier goes into auto mode and measures
the air quality. Immediately, it automatically adjusts the air speed: you can devote
yourself to other activities while the device permanently cleans the air. A low noise
level of 56db is never exceeded, even when the device is dealing with very polluted
air. Of course, the Klarstein air purifier can also be operated in manual mode, in
which the desired cleaning strength can be set as desired.

Top Features:

Various modes: automatic, sleep and manual mode
Cleans rooms up to: 20 m²
Easy operation: touch panel on the top
Quiet operation: noise level between 25-56db
Power-saving: timer function and light control
Sustainable: includes interchangeable filter
Perfectly formed: clear, modern design


• Automatic and sleep modes
• Room size: 15-20 m²
• CADR:> 140m² / h
• Sound level: min 25db / max 56db
• Filter: composite filter
• Replacement filter: Arosa 10031931
• Power supply: 220-240 V ~ 50-60 Hz


• 1 x air purifier
• 1 x filter system
• 1 x power supply
• English user manual


• 20 x 20 x 34 cm (WxHxD)
• Length power cable: about 150 cm
• Weight: about 1.7 kg

Product Features

  • VARIOUS MODES:  automatic, sleep and manual mode. Cleans rooms up to:  20 m² . Easy operation with a touch panel on the top
  • QUIET OPERATION:  noise level between 25-56db. Power-saving with timer function and light control
  • ADJUSTABLE: Automatic and sleep modes. Room size: 15-20 m². CADR:> 140m² / h
  • IMPROVES HEALTH: Healthy air is important for the well-being and health of every person. Nowadays, we spend most of our time indoors – unfortunately the air quality here is often not the best. these are only a few of the stresses you have to deal with. The  Klarstein  Arosa  air purifier  can provide a remedy.
  • IMPROVES AIR QUALITY: Right after switching it on, the Arosa  air purifier  goes into auto mode and measures the air quality. Immediately, it automatically adjusts the air speed: you can devote yourself to other activities while the device permanently cleans the air. A low noise level of 56db is never exceeded, even when the device is dealing with very polluted air. The  Klarstein air purifier  can also be operated in manual mode, in which the desired cleaning strength can be set as desired.

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Eco Camping & Leisure USB Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Air Purifier Humidifier with LED Light & Sucker Base for Home / Office/ Car – 360 Degree Rotation and 260ML capacity (Blue)

This beautiful air purifier humidifier comes with high quality eco-friendly ABS material, USB Portable and sucker base for home, office or car. The Ultrasonic technology of STEAM cold with security moisturizes the air that you can enjoy a clean, fresh air and odourless rodeo. It incorporates an automatic power off function after 6 hours or automatically stops working when the water is used, which ensures security and energy efficiency.

Product Features

  • • ULTRASONIC: the Ultrasonic atomization technology produces negative ions that can kill bacteria and remove the dust, easy dry eyes, eliminate static electricity and reduce radiation;
  • • LOW NOISE DESIGN: it will not disturb your rest;
  • • 360 DEGREE ROTATION: easy to adjust mist direction and speed to fit your comfort level;
  • • AUTOMATIC POWER OFF: Anti-dry 6 hours automatic power off, automatic water cut off power, always safe and reliable protection;
  • • SUCTION CUP BASE: make it more stable in your home, office or your car;

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WXHNFHL Mosquito Traps Electronic Mosquito killer Suction Type Mosquito Lamp Indoor UV Light Trapping Electric Shock Anion Purifier Purifying Air Sterilization Odor Removal Grid Wall Hanging Radiation-free , Purple

Product Name: Mosquito Killer

Rated power: 2.5W

Color: black, green, pink, purple

Packing size: 22.8*20*16cm

Range: 20-50m²

Product Features

  • Mosquitoes have a strong phototaxis. Under the lure of a 410nm wavelength ultraviolet light, mosquitoes swarm and fly nearly 5cm away from the mosquito killer. The powerful air flow created by the fan momentarily becomes trapped inside the machine and is killed by the high voltage power network.
  • The cover uses a plastic protective net to prevent children from accidentally causing danger. The negative oxygen ion brush in the built-in machine can release a large amount of negative oxygen ions to kill harmful bacteria in the air.
  • Negative ions can reverse the bipolarity of the bacterial proteins, making them less viable or lethal to the bacteria and achieving the purpose of sterilization. It can also reduce the active oxygen produced by various harmful substances from the atmosphere, neutralize the positive airborne dust, cause it to settle without charge, and purify the air.
  • Please do not put the mosquito trap on the air outlet or in the place where the fan is blown. Because the mosquito is attracted to the machine, it will be inhaled by the fan. If the air flow changes, it may not be inhaled. Placed in the absence of light source 0.8-1m can improve the effect.
  • Anti-mosquito devices will not be like mosquito coils and insecticides. Once used, mosquitoes will disappear immediately and they will achieve immediate results. Instead, they will form a benign circulatory system in the use area, destroy the breeding chain of mosquitoes, and reduce the density of mosquitoes as a whole. Mosquitoes need to air dry for a long time, do not be too anxious to shut down or turn on the machine.

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500ML Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier ,7 Color Changing LED Night Ligh,Auto Shut-Off Cool Mist Air Purifier ,AUTO Shut Off, 16W Low energy consumption for Home and Office

Fragrance Benefit with Healthy Life
Begin a healthy life just with a drop of essential oil in Aiho diffuser. Fill your space with lovely fragrance to remove unwelcomed smells. Promotes relaxation and sleep by bringing you natural aroma air, which also help to moisture your skin.

Silent Operation
Provides soothing and calm environment with whisper-quiet technology. Humidify your living space and prevent dryness with cool mist in silent operation to help you relax after a busy day.

Easy to Use
Add a few drops of essential oil or only water, press the MIST button to release the mist, set the timer modes or colors to your preference. You can enjoy your own day with this delicate and lovely diffuser.

Name: Ultrasonic anion aromatherapy machine
Capacity: 500ML
Size; diameter 168 * 121mm
Voltage: Input: 100-240V; Output: DC 24V
Power: 16W
Power cord length: about 1.7M

Warm Tips:
Essential oil not included.
Clean the tank before use and clean the tank regularly after use.

Product Features

  • Diverse Colors: Soft and warm lights, seven colors to choose, romantic atmosphere helps you to ease yourself. which make sure your health and enjoyment.
  • Silence mode: <35dB sleep standard sound, this aroma diffuser can be used in the lounge, office, yoga room, kindergarten, hotel, massage, home and other places.
  • Auto off: when there is no water, the essential oil diffuser will automatically shut down. And its 500ml capacity can continuously run up to 10 hours. Three timing modes (1H / 2H / 3H) can be selected according to your needs.
  • Ultrasonic atomization: ultrasonic atomization completely retains the fragrance of essential oil, preserving moisture with no condensate. The release of a large number of negative ions can remove formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the air, eliminating electrostatic radiation, as well as improving the air quality.
  • PP design: simple design with beautiful and fashion style. environment-friendly product full of science, easy to clean and operate.

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Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier, Natural Chemical Free Air Freshener And Deodorizer. Eliminates Odors, Absorbs Harmful Substances, And Keeps Air Fresh – Pack Of 2

A unique chemical free Natural activated bamboo charcoal air purifier for your home, kitchen, pet area, pantry, closet, storage and utility rooms. Natural way to remove bad odors, absorb harmful substances resulting in keeping air fresh

Activated charcoal is a porous material that attracts odor and mold spores to keep your home smelling fresh and mold-free, and it is also a great car air freshener. Prevents mold, mildew and bacteria from forming by absorbing excess moisture.

Provides great convenience against electrical air purifiers as this can last long up to 2 years and just need 1 or 2 hours of charge in direct sunlight.

The air purifying bag is chemical free, fragrance free and non-toxic to keep you and your pets safe.

Size: 15cm x 17cm

Weight: 200 gms

WARNING:To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from babies and children. Do not use this bag in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens. This bag is not a toy.

Product Features

  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our raw material is 100% natural; they are crafted in ancient kiln (700-800℃). Our inner fabric is waterproof SMS fabric, good air permeability, no smell; no toxic, outer fabric is linen type, no color-fade. Weight : 200 gms.
  • FRESH AIR: The Bamboo Charcoal granule with super adsorption porous structure and large surface area can adsorb decomposed bad smell. Dehumidifier helps prevent the formation of mold. Unlike chemical air fresheners this chemical free, fragrance free and non-toxic charcoal Bag will NATURALLY clean and deodorize your environment, allowing your family and pets to breathe safely.
  • NO TOXIC or CHEMICALS: 100% naturally activated Charcoal and environment friendly. No added toxic or chemicals or perfumes to pollute the environment.
  • REMOVES ODOR, EXCESS MOISTURE: Activated charcoal is porous material that attracts and eliminates odors, absorbs harmful substances, and keeps air fresh. Absorbs excess moisture to prevent growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.
  • EASE WITH CONVENIENCE: Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag can be used for up to 2 years as it has been made with Natural materials including renewable bamboo and capable of being disassembled. Place them inside your shoes, gym bags, hockey/boxing gloves, sneakers, boots or heels to keep them smelling fresh. Charge in direct sunlight for 1-2 hours

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Car Ionic Air Purifier, Ionizer Purifier Powerful Effective Dust Pollen Smoke and Odor, Fragrance Free

★ What are negative ions? With one or more of negative ions called negative ions. The Storm, the Storm, The Impact Of Dropping, photosynthesis and other natural phenomena produces negative ions that will make people feel comfortable. Why do we need negative ions? With the increase in the types of pollution, all kinds of bacteria, virus, is all around us. Fresh Air is becoming increasingly rare. To make people dizziness, weakness, tightness in the chest, easy to tiring your and other health problems. Negative ions to improve lung function, purify the blood, promotes metabolism, and improve the body and reduce the stress on the brain. How can we get of negative ions? The ionizer Air Purifier. It releases 4.8 million of negative ions. In your car for the massive power to fight odors. It can kill harmful bacteria, viruses and unpleasant smell, remove PM2.5 in creating safe amount of ozone in. It can break down the formaldehyde, benzene, bad, the smell of leather and the smell of animals and other harmful gases.

Product Features

  • Best Air Purifier Car ★ This ionic air purifier releases 4.8 million of negative ions to kill odours in just a few seconds. Removes pollen, cigarette smoke, odeursmoisi, the smell of pets, PM 2.5, toxic gases (Formaldehyde, benzene, tvoc, etc), the bacteria and viruses pollution. It provides your family a healthy environment in your car.
  • Easy to use ★ All You Have To Do Is connect this little car air ionizer into your car 12 V socket. The ionizer can be left in the car without emptying the battery, so that you can leave it in all the time.
  • Save the cost of typical recharges ★ unlike air fresheners of automobiles, there is no such thing as a filter and maintenance, and will help you to save costs in the long term.
  • ★ appearance design style designed to improve the style of your car and do them any harm to you or your children.Compact and attractive design with blue LED light which adds to the decor automatique

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