Enjoy cleaner air and banish odours with this clever ionising night light that comes on automatically at dusk, and switches itself off when it gets light. Our clever little device uses negative ions and active oxygen to neutralise odours and banish smoke. Ideal for use in kitchen, laundry rooms and pet areas. For those sensitive to dust and pollen, our purifier uses plasma technology to collect dust, pollen and other particles – all without the need for expensive filters. With low power consumption from a wall socket, this compact little device is silent in operation, making it ideal for use in bedrooms in conjunction with its built-in night light. Cleverly, the warm LED light turns itself on at night and off in daylight – meaning you’ll never need to remember to turn it off every morning! With no need for filters, it’s easy to clean and reuse. Once full, simply clean with a damp cloth and re-use. With no noisy fans and a built in night light, the purifier is ideal for use in bedrooms. Simply plug directly into your wall socket and start enjoying clean, fresh air. Fitted with a British 3-pin mains plug and designed to operate on 240V AC.

Product Features

  • • Compact air purifier with automatic night light that turns on at dusk
  • • Uses negative ions and active oxygen to remove smells and neutralise odours
  • • Plasma technology collects dust and pollen without the need for filters – easy to clean and re-use
  • • Silent operation via wall socket with low power consumption
  • • Compact design with built in night light

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