Salt Lamp, PEMOTech Mini Hand Carved Himalayan Natural Therapeutic Salt Night Light / Natural Crystal Lamp / Decorative Air Purifier Wall Plugin with Cordless Holder for Bedroom Home Office Kitchen(Natural)

Himalayan Salt Night Lights are perfect for every room in your family. Each one of our Salt Night Lights is comprised of a natural piece of Himalayan Salt that is mined deep beneath the earth.
Natural Himalayan Salt Rock: Each one is unique and colors vary from pink to orange.
Cordless and convenient: It comes with a 3 prong adjustable lamp holder, just plug right into the wall, no cord or extra space needed. 1 rubber ring holds the salt stone securely to the base. Comes with a 3 prong white adjustable base. It is very stable and can turn 360 degrees to fit awkward locations and make room for other plugs
For all occasions: Can be used in various occasions as a gentle nursery light or to keep dark hall ways lit, such as living room, dining room, kitchen and office.


Material: 100% himalayan crystal salt
Size: Cylinder-shaped
Net weight:230g
Gross weight:250g
Lamps power: 15 watt
Lamp body height: 2.5 inch
Lamp body diameter: 1.96 inch
Package size:13 X 8 X 9 cm

1*salt light Lampshade
1*3 prong adjustable lamp holder
1*15W incandescent bulb

Care and Sizing Information
This lamp is very easy to clean–just wipe the outside surface with a damp sponge and dry with a paper towel. Because each crystal is natural, dimensions and weight vary.

Warm tips:

-Not suitable for high humidity environments, particularly areas without proper AC or ventilation
-This product is not a toy and is not intended for use by children-for adult use only
-To insert or remove from socket, grasp the base and not the stone
-For indoor use only
-Please keep the Salt lamp dry.
-The material of this product is crystal salt rock which is inedible.

Product Features

  • 100% Himalayan Crystal Salt: Himalayan Salts lamp are created from salt caves found at the foothill of Himalayan mountains. Made from salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains; Hand mined and carved. ***Each one is unique in color, size and shape.***
  • Natural Therapeutic Himalayan Salt Lamp: Tension and anxiety would effect the body’s physical and mental health if people always live under great pressure of work and life. Salt lamp can alleviate the people’s psychological state with the soft light which create a comfortable space, to make you feel tranquil and relaxed.
  • Natural Air purifier: Heating the crystal Lampshade with the included 15W bulb to release negative ions which can purify surrounding air and fight against electromagnetic radiation, fatigue and sluggishness.The lit salt crystal clears the air naturally of allergens like smoke, pet dander, pollens, and other air pollutants.
  • Gentle night light with soft amber glow: When lit, it emits a warm peaceful glow, creates a calming ambiance and helps release pressure. You can even change the color of the bulb to give a different hue to the lighting area. Create a unique ambience. Make you feel peaceful and good for sleep.
  • Wide use in live: Use as a bathroom light, bedroom light, living room light, kitchen light, hall light, or anywhere in your home you want to bring a gentle glow, Use as babies nursery light or child’s sleeping night light.Use as a bathroom midnight light. 1 rubber ring holds the salt stone securely to the base.

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