Sliding Nano Sprayer USB Rechargeable Mini Moisturizing Body Hair Face Eyelash Extensions Atomization Beauty Steamer Atomizer Handheld Humidifier , 2

Product Name: Nanometer Spray Water supplement instrument
Power: 2W
Gear Position: 1 gears
Spray heat: Cold spray
Output Current: 4.2
Working hours: 45 minutes
Charging time: 2 hours
Material: ABS
Fog Time: 61-120 seconds
Spec.: 11*4.3*13cm
Battery: Lithium battery 500mAh
Charger: USB Port
Color: Champagne color, ivory white, butterfly powder
Standard configuration: Storage bag, water supplement. Charging Line
Size: 16.6*12.5*5cm
The water tank can not add essential oil and other oily substances. Otherwise, it could cause the spray to fail to produce.

Product Features

  • The Nano mist can relax and soften your tired skin and moisturize deeply to helps Relax your skin and relieve skin sensitive,effective for reducing wrinkles, helps skin cool down and relieve redness in winter.
  • Refreshing skin and relieving hot flush ,pain and itches after sunburn.Help to relieve dryness due to air conditioned heated or cooled environment.
  • Cures Eyelash Adhesive Quicker,cooling mist facial sprayer can keep down fumes from eyelash extensions glue when you finish up artificial lash extensions.The micro-sized particle is so small that will not disturb the existing makeup.
  • USB of batteries.You can charge the face sprayer as long as there’s a USB connection like computer,phone adapter or even in the car.
  • easy to carry, convenient for you to moisturize skin anywhere anytime, making facial skin elastic and tender.Enjoy facial sauna at office,on flights, outdoor,at dressing room and so on.Just slide down the cover and the mist will release immediately.

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