Spathiphyllum, 10.5cm Peace Lily – Indoor Air Cleaner Plant – In Flower (1)

New AAA Grade – Straight from our Nursery based in Spalding, Lincolnshire. Picked specially for each order. Boasting rich glossy foliage and simplistic white lily flowers, the Spathiphyllum provides a touch of minimalism and elegance to any room! Known as an indoor air cleaner, Spathiphyllums are perfect as year round houseplants with flowers lasting up to a couple of months at a time (given the right conditions). Easy to care for and maintain, these plants look fantastic by themselves or as part of an arrangement. Opperman Aim – We strive to provide our customers with the best plants available. All our products are grown on our Nursery based in Spalding. Upon receiving an order, a well trained team, will pick the product from AAA grade stock, package the item and send out the same day. This ensures that our customers receive the freshest plants possible, straight from Nursery to Customer-cutting out the middle man!

Product Features

  • Spathiphyllum in 10.5cm Growers Pot
  • Each plant will have at least 1 flowering spath on delivery. Plant height approximately 20 – 50cm (excluding pot height)
  • Perfect indoor home or office plant
  • Natural Air Filter

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