Tabletop Lemon Humidifier Diffuser Mini Mute Humidifier 180ml USB Air Purifier Preventing Empty Firing Dry Measure

Do you want an air humidifier?
1. it can bring you a moist and dry environment, protect you and your family’s health, prevent colds, relieve fatigue
2. the smallest is the molecule to your skin to do a beauty, relieve dry skin, give you a beautiful mood

Product features:
1. the bottom with non-slip mats; built-in waterproof silicone rubber ring, lean watertight
2.the humidifier, materials and structures are not suitable for aromatherapy, if the addition of essential oils, may damage the service life of the product.
3. Humidifier water is best to use tap water, because distilled water is evaporated, pure water is extracted, the original water quality is changed.

Product specifications:
Working voltage: DC5V
Light source: LED light source
Power: 0.5W
Water capacity: 180ML
Use time: 5.5 hours
Product size: 8 * 8 * 11.2cm
Material: ABS /PP /PET
Product weight: 140g
Light source: LED light source
Product Application: Children’s room, bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, car, outdoor
Power-off protection: 4 hours automatic power-off

Package included
1 x lemon humidifier
1 x USB data cable
1 x Instructions

If you have product problems, the first time contact us, we will sincerely solve for you

Product Features

  • 【Ultra-quiet, soft lighting】The use of ultrasound technology, mute humidifier, turn on the night light function, give you a comfortable sleep.
  • 【Small and safety】 When the water runs out, the humidifier will automatically shut down to ensure safety.Mini portable.It’s so small that you can put it on your hand, on the table.
  • 【High-frequency atomizer humidifier】Humidifier produces minimal water molecules, effectively relieve dry skin; also be used as air purifier to quickly humidify and purify the indoor air, remove floating.
  • 【USB power supply security】Can be connected to any USB interface, such as mobile power, your computer, even in your car. operate 4 hours will automatically stop,safe using.
  • 【Unique design】A unique bottom design, multi-faceted display, the appearance of lemon, close to nature, to create a good environment and a comfortable lifestyle.

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3 Responses to Tabletop Lemon Humidifier Diffuser Mini Mute Humidifier 180ml USB Air Purifier Preventing Empty Firing Dry Measure

  1. Anonymous says:

    This product is well made a great size the product comes with everything you need (apart from water) to use it comes with a little instruction booklet which is very easy to understandThe product it’s self is in a shape of a lemon and also has lemon scented cotton swabs but once these have ran out you can also put your own scent in the water which does the same effectThis also has a light which you can choose to be on or off and looks great at night for the effect. This holds 180ml…

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