Smart Gadgets Co. 2017 New Wearable Air Purifier 3 in One (Negative Ion Generator, HEPA Filter, Aroma Diffuser) USB Powered Fan Li-Ion Battery (2600 mA, Max. 26 hours) Light Weight (8.1 oz., 230 g) Portable Size (20×22.5×5.2 cm) Including 2 Spare HEPA Filters (White-Black)

Q1. Do you want to be safe when you breathe in metro, train, airplane while seating or standing next to the person who might be infected by epidemic viruses like flu, MERS etc.?

Q2. Do you want to be comfortable with the air pollutants while doing the indoor & outdoor activities?

Q3. Do you want to avoid unpleasant odor at any place even under punitive environmental conditions (including toilet)?

Smart Gadgets Co’s Wearable Air Purifier (WAP) provides ONE STEP solution for the above mentioned questions.

HEPA Filter System:

• Filtering Performance: H12 Class HEPA Filter removes larger than 0.3 micron particles with 99.5% efficiency.

• Filtering: Dusts & Pollen (10 microns), Typical Complex mixture of Oil-based compounds (3 microns), Ultra-fine particles (PM 2.5, 2.5 microns), Exhaust & Fuel fumes (2.5 microns), Irritant gases (1.1~2.1 microns)

Negative Ion Generator:

• Generates 1.5 million negative ions and combines with fine airborne pollutants, kills bacteria and viruses in the air at a 12-inch distance.

• Ozone Free Negative Ion Generator tested by KCL (Korea Conformity Laboratories) (Ozone level: less than 0.005 micro mol per mol)

Negative Ion Effects:

• Reduces asthma, allergies and migraine headaches

• Alleviating SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), depression and fatigue

• Reinforcing collagen which is resilient and skin irritant

Aroma Diffuser:

• WAP diffuses your favorable essential oil with Aromatherapy kit

• WAP is designed to supply your favorable aroma with filtered air and at the same time protects the harmful effects of oil on HEPA’s performance. While working or studying, get a boost on the energy levels and feel relieved from stress with WAP.

“Inhale not just filtered air, but Healthy Air with WAP.”

Product Features

  • Just Filtering Not Enough, Healing Your Body with Healthy Air: Natural Fresh Air in Forest or Waterfall has Abundant Negative Ions which Strengthen Body’s Immune System. Organic Aroma Relieves Mental Stress. Healthy Air Produced by HEPA Filtering, Ozone-Free Negative Ions & Your Favorable Aroma Heals Your Body and Mind.
  • 3 in One: Save Your Money. Smart Gadgets Co’s New Technology Effectively Integrates HEPA filter, Negative Ion Generator and Aroma Diffuser into One Small Device, Wearable Air Purifier (WAP)
  • One Charge Supplies Healthy Air All Day Long: WAP’s Powerful Battery Life (Li-ion 2600 mA) Guarantees more than 13 Hours of Fresh Air with Only One Full USB Charge (4 Hours). Negative Ion Generator Produces 1.5 million Ozone-Free Negative Ions. Supplying Your Favorable Aroma with filtered air and at the same time protects the harmful effects on HEPA’s performance.
  • Being Comfort and Healing Anytime, Anywhere: WAP’s Powerful Performance but Light Weight (8.1 oz.). Make You Comfort and Continuously Healing with Healthy Air. Even in Indoor or Outdoor Harsh Environment, WAP Protects You from Airborne Pollutions
  • Build Your Own Air Shield: Ergonomic design provides adjustable guide to customize the neck size and its trendy design goes well with casual outfit or a formal dress. User’s Guide is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. WAP protects you from airborne bacteria and with its negative ion effects and aromatherapy improves your health.

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