APALUS Natural Air Purifying Bag. Odor Eliminator for Cars, Closets, Bathrooms and Pet Areas. Captures and Eliminates Odors. Bamboo Activated Charcoal Air Freshener, Deodorizer and Purifier Bags – 100% Natural & Chemical Free Moisture, Odor Absorber, Odor Neutralizer & Mold Removal Kit, Charcoal Color, (Family Set)

The APALUS Bag is an easy, convenient way to maintain a fresh, dry and odor free environment.

Product Features

  • CHOOSE NATURE WITH APALUS – FOR A MORE HEALTHY LIFE WITHOUT CHEMICALS – Today pollutions such as toxins and chemicals are practically everywhere. In the air, in products used for cleaning, in clothes, in the deodorant for home, in cosmetics, in candles! Avoiding them all is practically impossible, but there is something we can do to reduce exposure to these substances and reduce the risks for us and our family
  • THE APALUS NATURAL AIR PURIFIER BAG WITH ACTIVE CARBON FILTER filters and purifies the air from bacteria, allergens, mold, chemicals such as benzene, ammonia and aldehyde form and refreshes the air of the house, acts as absorbing smoke for an environment healthier and fresher. Bamboo activated carbon naturally absorbs bad odors. Neutralizes odors thanks to our eliminates odors for natural APALUS environments! It is fragrance-free.
  • CARBON DEHUMIDIFIER ACTIVATE FOR HOME AND CAR- The activated carbon of Bamboo neutralizes the humidity present in the air and has an antibacterial power that fights fungus, mold and the formation of unpleasant odors. It prevents anti-fogging for the car windows, contrasts mold in the home. In the car, our dehumidifier prevents the formation of unpleasant odors. Also perfect in place of the car perfumer
  • REGENERATE AND LONG LIFE – Expose the APALUS wardrobe and drawer bag in the sun for 1 or 2 hours every month. This precaution eliminates the pollutants absorbed by activated carbon and makes it possible to extend the duration of the dehumidifier up to 2 years. Thanks to the practical eyelet, the bag can be hung in the car or in the cupboard, in the kitchen cupboards or in the bathroom cabinet.
  • ELIMINATE ODOR FOR FRID WITHOUT CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES – The APALUS scent is perfect for eliminating odors from the refrigerator and for refreshing old cabinets. It is the natural and safe alternative to common environment deodorizers or dehumidifiers that contain harmful chemicals, gases and perfumes that sometimes cause allergies. In the car, in the kitchen, in the gym bag, in the living room or in the closet, in the bathroom, the APALUS dehumidifier is ideal in any place that needs to be refresh

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SENUA High Quality Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter Odor Scrubber (6″ 150-300mm)

Remove nasty odours from your room by passing air through a new activated carbon filter The carbon filter will adsorb almost any type of gases and molecules. These include: Organic compounds such as acids, alcohols and aldehydes Chlorinated hydrocarbons such as esters, ethers, and ketones Inorganic compounds such as halogens and sulphuric acids Odors from humans, pets, cooking and many other There are many benefits of using a carbon filter in an air purifier: It has the ability to adsorb some of almost any vapor It has a large capacity for organic molecules, especially solvents It adsorbs and retains a wide variety of chemicals at the same time It works well under a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels It is inert and safe to handle and use It is readily available and affordable

Product Features

  • Highly effective, low density activated carbon
  • Carbon tightly packed for increased porosity
  • Greater and more even air movement Genuine filters are immediately sealed after manufacture to help retain moisture, optimize presentation and improve life expectancy
  • Manufactured so that no air blows by the filter without being filtered
  • Outer mesh provides 51% open area allowing increased air flow

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Audew 4 Pack Air Purifier, Air Purifying Bamboo Bag Car Air Freshener Natural Air Cleaning Bag Home Air Purifiers, Activated Carbon Filter for Cars, Closets, Bathrooms and Pet Areas, 205g/ Bag

Remove formaldehyde and peculiar smell for NEW Car.
Activated carbon package,remove formaldehyde and peculiar smell , healthy and fresh.

For the wardrobe Dehumidification Mouldproof: Inhibit the breeding of mold, not only solve the beloved clothes easy moldy problem,
but also remove the nasty smell.
Reduce the harm of Secondhand Smoke: Place on the table, timely adsorption of second-hand smoke, protect family health.
Get rid of new home’s decoration smell: Strong adsorption decoration materials emit formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC and otherharmful gases.
Remove the decoration smell in 1 to 2 weeks , and can adjust the room room humidity, speed up the room dry.
Get away from the kitchen and toilet generated toxic gases: Adsorption of a large number of TVOC, so that indoor air become fresh and comfortable.

Every 2 ~ 3 months exposures in the sun , you can get rid of bamboo charcoal adsorption of moisture and odor, to maintain the
good function of bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal bag placed more than a year or so, can be demolished bamboo charcoal particles
buried in the soil, used to improve the soil activity, to prevent pests and diseases, and promote plant growth.

The four effects of bamboo charcoal:
1. Purification: bamboo carbon has a strong physical adsorption capacity, can absorb water, air pollutants, harmful gases.
2. Moisture absorption: can absorb moisture, automatically adjust the air humidity, people feel comfortable.
3. Shielding: bamboo carbon has a strong shielding, blocking function, can eliminate a variety of home appliances electromagnetic waves on the human body damage.
4. Sterilization: bamboo carbon, bamboo vinegar with sterilization and other anti-bacterial effect.

Package Include.
4 x Audew Bamboo Charcoal Bags

Product Features

  • GENERAL SITUATION:4 Pack bamboo charcoal deodorizer stitched in a small linen bag, fragrance free, chemical free and Non-Toxic, about 205 gram per bag.
  • UNIQUE ORIGINAL MATERIALS:Activated charcoal is an porous material that attracts odor and mold spores to keep your home smelling fresh and mold-free, and it is also a great car air freshener. Prevents mold, mildew and bacteria from forming by absorbing excess moisture.
  • WIDE RANGE OF USE:The 200 gram natural home deodoriser is enough to cover up to any area up to 90 square feet. Light smoke smell, pet odors, mildew, Eliminate formaldehyde & benzene treatment,- it even helps reduce airborne bacteria and allergens!
  • USE OCCASION:Great for use in your RV, Car, SUV, truck, Semi-Truck. Also, use around your home, such as your pantry, closet, storage, utility room, bathroom, garbage and recycling room, pet room, locker room, workout room and many other places! Perfect Odor Absorber, Neutralizer & Deodorizer!
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE:Air Purifying Bamboo Bag conveniently works anywhere. Unlike electric or automatic air freshener that need to be replaced every 30-45 days, these odour absorber bags only need to be replaced once a year & only need 60 mins in the sun to be activated.

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Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier, Natural Chemical Free Air Freshener And Deodorizer. Eliminates Odors, Absorbs Harmful Substances, And Keeps Air Fresh – Pack Of 2

A unique chemical free Natural activated bamboo charcoal air purifier for your home, kitchen, pet area, pantry, closet, storage and utility rooms. Natural way to remove bad odors, absorb harmful substances resulting in keeping air fresh

Activated charcoal is a porous material that attracts odor and mold spores to keep your home smelling fresh and mold-free, and it is also a great car air freshener. Prevents mold, mildew and bacteria from forming by absorbing excess moisture.

Provides great convenience against electrical air purifiers as this can last long up to 2 years and just need 1 or 2 hours of charge in direct sunlight.

The air purifying bag is chemical free, fragrance free and non-toxic to keep you and your pets safe.

Size: 15cm x 17cm

Weight: 200 gms

WARNING:To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from babies and children. Do not use this bag in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens. This bag is not a toy.

Product Features

  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our raw material is 100% natural; they are crafted in ancient kiln (700-800℃). Our inner fabric is waterproof SMS fabric, good air permeability, no smell; no toxic, outer fabric is linen type, no color-fade. Weight : 200 gms.
  • FRESH AIR: The Bamboo Charcoal granule with super adsorption porous structure and large surface area can adsorb decomposed bad smell. Dehumidifier helps prevent the formation of mold. Unlike chemical air fresheners this chemical free, fragrance free and non-toxic charcoal Bag will NATURALLY clean and deodorize your environment, allowing your family and pets to breathe safely.
  • NO TOXIC or CHEMICALS: 100% naturally activated Charcoal and environment friendly. No added toxic or chemicals or perfumes to pollute the environment.
  • REMOVES ODOR, EXCESS MOISTURE: Activated charcoal is porous material that attracts and eliminates odors, absorbs harmful substances, and keeps air fresh. Absorbs excess moisture to prevent growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.
  • EASE WITH CONVENIENCE: Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag can be used for up to 2 years as it has been made with Natural materials including renewable bamboo and capable of being disassembled. Place them inside your shoes, gym bags, hockey/boxing gloves, sneakers, boots or heels to keep them smelling fresh. Charge in direct sunlight for 1-2 hours

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Bamboo Air Purifier with Activated Charcoal Filter (1x500g)

What is the secret of Rummershof air purifier?
There is no secret. The Rummershof air purifier is filled with bamboo charcoal. This charcoal has millions of tiny pores and thus has an incredibly large, effective surface area, which absorbs odours and pollutants like a sponge. When air flows through the pores, any odours, allergens and bacteria stick to the surface. This means that the air is purified.

Where does the Rummershof bamboo charcoal come from?
The tall, fast-growing bamboo trunks are first sawn and dried in China for Rummershof, then processed in an oven at about 700 degrees without oxygen to create charcoal. During the carbonisation process, a highly porous surface is created, with millions of tiny holes that filter impurities from the air.

Where can the bamboo air purifier be used?
The air purifier is best placed in an open area, or suspended where the air can circulate and it can function ideally. Of course, the air purifier can just as easily be placed in a pair of shoes, or hung up in the shoe cabinet, locker, wardrobe etc. It can be used on all surfaces or materials.

How long can you use the bamboo air purifier?
The normal lifetime is about 2 years, if the activated charcoal is periodically reactivated in the sun. The UV rays renew the charcoal’s function. Turn occasionally. We recommend that reactivation should be carried out once a month. In dark winter months, you can also use the activated charcoal longer if there is no sun, of course. Please do not ever put in the oven or the microwave!

Product Features

  • 100% NATURAL BAMBOO CHARCOAL: The highly porous surface of Rummershof bamboo charcoal binds to odours, allergens and pollutants. It also helps to prevent mould and excessive bacterial growth by absorbing moisture.
  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: Chemicals are often contained in the fragrances of commercial air fresheners and room sprays, which can enter the lungs and cause allergies. Even the carcinogenic benzene UDN formaldehyde has been found in samples. It is high time to switch to the 100% non-toxic Rummershof bamboo air purifier.
  • VERSATILE AND EASY TO USE: Suitable for use in rooms, cupboards, shoes, sports bags, refrigerators, bathrooms or around animals. Simply use wherever odours are undesirable.
  • DURABLE AND EFFECTIVE: Simply lay out in the sun once a month. This re-activates the purifying function of the bamboo charcoal. Ecological: Can be recycled and used as garden fertilizer after two years.
  • DELIVERY: Delivered in a linen bag.

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Coop Home Goods Coop Home Goods – Natural Bamboo Activated Charcoal Refrigerator Deodorizer Air Purifier Odor Absorber For Home Use – Eco-Friendly

The best sustainable non-toxic natural way to deodorize your refrigerator is The Coop Home Goods Bamboo Charcoal Refrigerator Deodorizer Fresh Fridge – Fresh Food – Its important that our food is fresh and free of nasty odors. The power of activated charcoal removes odors and helps keep food fresh. The pores of the charcoal absorb the odors and moisture in the air, making our deodorizer a natural way to prevent bad smells and bacteria in your refrigerator. – Our deodorizer is non-toxic; you don’t have to worry about chemicals being in your fridge near your fresh produce or meat. – The activated charcoal prevents mold and mildew by absorbing the excess moisture in your fridge. Eco-Friendly & Budget-Friendly – Our charcoal is made from bamboo, which grows in abundance all over the world and it regenerates very quickly. – Do not use the deodorizer in your freezer, the efficacy is limited in temps under 25 degrees. – Our deodorizer has a life span of 2 years with monthly maintenance. To properly maintain remove the inner bag from the case and place in direct sunlight for 1 hour every 30 days. – Once 2 years has passed, you can pour the bamboo charcoal into the soil of your plants or garden. The ability to retain moisture and nutrients actually promotes plant growth. Versatile – Sure its meant for your fridge, but you can also use it almost anywhere, like cabinets, under the kitchen sink, linen closets, drawers, bedroom closets, locker or your gym bag. – Its light weight and easily transported so you can take it with you on the go and when you travel as well. – Sometimes the best gifts are those that are useful, this would be a great housewarming gift for a man or woman moving into a new home, apartment, RV, or Boat.

Product Features

  • HOW FRESH IS YOUR FRIDGE? – You are what you eat so it is important that our food is fresh and free of nasty odors. Our charcoal deodorizers use the power of activated charcoal to remove odors and moisture from your food to keep it at its freshest.
  • NATURAL – NON-TOXIC – the Coop Home Goods deodorizer is made of activated bamboo charcoal and is non-toxic and all natural so you don’t have to worry about chemicals or other agents seeping into your food or kitchen.
  • SUSTAINABLE – The charcoal is made of bamboo, which is a very sustainable and fast growing plant, some species can grow up to 3 ft in one day. Once 2 years has passed, you can recycle the contents of the inner bag my adding it to your soil in your pots or garden. It helps to absorb and retain moisture and nutrients.
  • BEST ALTERNATIVE TO BAKING SODA – The box top on baking soda needs to stay open to be effective – if moisture gets absorbed, it can create a crust and loses its effectiveness, and be limited by the amount of exposed surface area. With our deodorizer, the ventilated case allows for greater exposed surface area of the charcoal and more absorption of odors and moisture.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN – The Coop Home Goods deodorizer is self-contained, won’t spill and has a shelf life of 2 years if properly maintained. Just remove it from its case every 30 days and place it outside in direct sunlight for 1 hour to revitalize the deodorizer. This will rejuvenate the absorption powers of the bamboo charcoal. Product measures: 5″x 2 3/4″x 1 3/8″

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HEPA Air Purifier, TopdDirect Air Cleaner Air Loniser, Air Cleaning, Negative ions Activated Carbon Filter for Odor Reduction Smoking and Dust Mite Allergy on Home Office Desktop

Our family or office always exist a higher risk of PM2.5 particles, toxic or harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia. Electrostatic printing equipment in office, poor ventilation and overuse of air conditioners also can produce much harmful substance, including ozone, mites, molds, & legionella bacteria. So in order to enjoy a cleaner air at all times, we should use a high efficiency particulate air purifier capable of removing PM2.5 particles.

●Size: 333 * 105 * 80mm/13.2″ * 4.1″ * 3.1″(L x W x H)
●Weight: 0.85Kg
●Rated Power: 2W Air volume (CFM): 30m fand /h
●Rated Voltage: 5V DC
●Length of the Cord: about 1.5m (5ft)
●Purification efficiency (CADR): second-hand smoke, odours (34) / dust, pollutants (35) / pollen, allergens (35)
●Decibel of Noise: 28-35dB
●The concentration of Negative Ions: 3 million fand pcs /cm

1. Professional Electrostatic Air Purifier with Central Filtration Systems & Negative Ion Technology delivers uniform clean airflow & helps to reduce odors, remove allergens and pollutants.
2. Folding convex designs of fliter surrounded into 360º barrels, effectively reduce heat build-up and filter out more than 99.99% of particles (PM) larger than 0.3 microns – that’s much smaller even than PM2.5 microns.
3. Microporous activated carbon filter, harmless to human body characteristics used in the purification process can be completely decompose toxic pollutants, fliter out micro-organism, fungus, suspended particles, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds.
Use Tips : Please clean it regularly using a soft wet towel and slightly soapy water.

Package Included:
1 x Air Purifier
1 x USB Cable ( USB Plug Box not included )
1 x User Manual
1 x Gift Package

Product Features

  • 【Integrated Filtration】The negative ions generated by HEPA Air Purifier can effectively isolate more than 99.99% of air pollutants, odours, micro-organism, fungus, suspended particles, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and allergens as small as 0.3 microns, protect us from infringement.
  • 【Negative Ion Generators】Low voltage negative ion generator provides smooth motion which allows to sterilizate and clean air continously, efficiently remove and isolate dust and common household allergens from the air.
  • 【Healthy Breath & Beauty Effect】Perfect for Ladies, kids or middle-aged and elderly, can be used with the essential oil, keeps skin hydrated, silky smooth even toned, it seems that you do a beauty spa when sleeping. Note: if use 100% pure essential oil, please dilute it.
  • 【Silenced Technology】Features a silenced low noise technology, rotates 360° intake grill and oscillate gently releasing fresh clean air with 38°grid, fairly quiet.
  • 【Applications】 Suitable for small to medium size spaces, especially for office and family desktop which can be easily affected by asthma, rhinitis, pollen allergy, respiratory diseases.

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Cargo Air Purifier Oxygen Bar Anion HAPA Cold Catalyst Activated Carbon Sterilization Disinfection Dust Removal,Gold-185*150*45mm

Working mode MUC intelligent adjustment
Power up to 12W
Purification capacity of 18.5CFM0.50M3 / min
Working noise maximum
Power supply interface DC3.5X1.3MM
Working current 12V1A
Use area of not more than 25 cubic meters
Volume 185X150X45 (MM)
Net weight 560G

Product Features

  • Effective removal of formaldehyde, benzene, PM2.5, sterilization, in addition to dust, secondhand smoke, create comfortable and healthy space
  • Unique aromatherapy function, plant extracts essential oils, incense charming, refreshing, to smell, ease traveling fatigue, driving all the way, all the way incense.
  • High safety, built-in safety device to prevent overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature and short circuit, reliable
  • The use of heat-resistant materials can effectively eliminate these problems, from the fundamental solution to air pollution, stable and harmless.
  • Applicable to children’s room, bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, car, outdoor and so on

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Levoit Air Purifier LV-H132 Replacement Filter, True HEPA and Activated Carbon Filters Set

Does triple the work to clear the air
This genuine Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier Filter employs a three-stage filtration including Fine Preliminary, True HEPA and Activated Carbon filters to remove 99.97% of dust, allergens, bacteria and odors

Easy, efficient, refreshing
The control panel is intuitive, and it’s even easy to set up. Simply rotate the filter cover off, remove any existing filters, clean out any particles inside, then place the new filter in (after removing it from its packaging). Make sure the tabs are facing outward. Secure the lid until the arrows on either side align

Replace the filter every 6 months to optimize its work
To do its best work, the Levoit Air Purifier recommends changing the filter every six months, after it’s been accumulating odors, particles, allergens, mold spores, etc.

Package Contents
1 x Fine Preliminary
1 x True HEPA/Activated Carbon Filter

Product Features

  • GENUINE LEVOIT LV-H132 AIR PURIFIER FILTER: Use only genuine Levoit LV-H132 Replacement Filters to keep your Air Purifier at its best working condition and capacity. Note: please remove the plastic bag of the filter before running the air purifier. Failure to do so may cause damage to the unit
  • THREE-STAGE FILTRATION SYSTEM: Fine Preliminary, True HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter. It removes 99.97% of dust, pollen, smoke, odor, mold spores, and pet dander. It filters particles as small as 0.3 microns and larger. It also filters air pollution of PM 2.5
  • PROTECT YOUR RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Perfect for those who are sensitive to the surrounding air quality. It will not release hazardous substances or ozone
  • PROPERLY SEALED: Filters are sealed to protect their lifetime. It is recommended to replace air filters every 6 months. Remove filters from plastic packaging before placing them into air purifier
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. If you need additional assistance, contact the helpful Levoit support

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Klarstein Grenoble • Air Purifier • Air Freshener • Ioniser • Pre-filter • HEPA Filter • Cold-catalytic Filter • Activated Carbon Filter • 4-in-1 Filter • Quiet • Space-saving • Low Energy • Silver

Effective Air Purifier with 4-in-1 filtration system to remove pollen, dust mites,
house dust, odours, tobacco smoke and micro-particles – ideal for rooms up to 40m ².
Compact, space-saving design with quiet operation and low power consumption.

Effectively and effortlessly fight food odours, cigarette smoke, house dust and much
With its high rate of air flow, the Klarstein Grenoble Air Purifier Ioniser reliably
removes pollen, house dust, fine dust mites, and residues from the air in the room.
The multi-layer filter system eliminates 99.97% of all micro-particles in the air,
and also reduces unpleasant odours with its built-in activated carbon filter. The
activated carbon filter may be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and a little
water, and may remain in use for up to 12 months before it should be replaced.
Klarstein provides an ideal home appliance with the Grenoble Air Purifier, which
fully meets the demand for cleaner, more energetic air. The air purifier needs only
to be plugged into a socket, then it can effectively perform its duties immediately
and reliably around the clock – even while you sleep – with pleasantly quiet low
operating noise.
Operation of the device is done either via the easy-to-understand control panel on
the front side or conveniently via the remote control. The Klarstein Grenoble Air
Purifier features three variable speed settings and also has an adjustable 12-hour
timer. The ioniser reduces dust and particulate matter effectively and contributes to
the maintenance of a hypoallergenic environment. Thanks to the beneficial effect of
ions, you can breathe better and with fewer allergies or respiratory distress.
The Grenoble Air Purifier Ioniser is perfect for bathrooms, offices, or kitchens as
well as living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms.

Product Features

  • SMART: The Grenoble air purifier from Klarstein is an effective air purifier with a 4-in-1 filter system – a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, a cold-catalyst filter and an activated carbon filter. The air purifier is ideal for rooms with a size up to 40m².
  • EFFECTIVE: With the high air flow throughput of the Klarstein Grenoble air freshener, pollen, house dust and fine dust can be reliably removed from the room air. The multi-layer filter system effectively eliminates 99.97% of all microparticles in the air
  • ACTIVE CARBON FILTER: The device’s integrated activated carbon filter eliminates unpleasant odours. The activated carbon filter can be easily cleaned with the vacuum cleaner and some water, until it should be replaced after 12 months of use.
  • POLLEN-FREE: In addition, an ioniser can be switched on, which charges the air with negative ions in order to attract dust particles. This reduces dust and fine dust effectively and contributes to a hypoallergenic environment – suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • EASY: The Klarstein Grenoble air purifier is operated via the easy-to-understand panel on the front or conveniently via the included remote control. The air purifier can be set in three variable speed stages and also features a 12 hour timer.

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Air Purifier HEPA Filter,MYSWEETY Air Cleaner System Air Ioniser Negative ions Activated Carbon Filter for Odor Reduction Smoking and Dust Mite Allergy on Office or Room Desktop

1.HEPA electrostatic cluster filtration ,dust can intercept less than PMO.3
2.The air purifier produces negative ion that can not only help filtering the air, but also good to your overall wellness.
3.Perfect to eliminating odors from pets, tobacco smoke, cooking fumes, household odors, garbage and stale indoor air.
4.Ideal for allergy sufferers who are looking to capture allergens and pollutants such as pollen, dust, mold, pet dander and smoke
5.Folding convex designs of HEPA fliter surrounded into 360º barrels, effectively reduce heat build-up and filter out more than 99.99% of particles (PM) larger than 0.3 microns – that’s much smaller even than PM2.5 microns

Weight: 0.85Kg
Noise: 28-35dB
Rated Power: 2W
Rated Voltage: 5V DC
Decibel of noise: 28-35dB
Air volume (CFM): 30m fand /h
Size: 80mm X 105mm X 333mm (L x W x H)
The concentration of negative ions: 3 million fand pcs/cm
Purification efficiency (CADR): second-hand smoke, odours (34) / dust, pollutants (35) / pollen, allergens (35)

Recommended use of the environment:
1.Desktop, especially suitable for office environment;
2.Bedside cabinets, mute design is especially suitable for the whole night and provide clean air negative oxygen ion protection for healthy sleep;
3.Hospitals, nursing homes and other medical institutions, hotels, clubs, offices and other public places;
4.There are pregnant women, children or the elderly family, the family pet;
5.The people are affected by asthma, rhinitis, pollen allergy, respiratory diseases and other troubled home.

Package included:
1 x Air cleaner
1 x USB cable
1x User Manual

Product Features

  • Air cleaner captures 99.99% of airborne pollutants, pet dander and allergens as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Advanced odor control carbon filter especially formulated to capture offensive pet odors as well as smoke, cooking and other household odors.
  • Helps remove allergens, negative ions are produced by the electro static ionizer purifier function. Negative ions are a particle that attach themselves to very small air brone pollutant particles and remove them from the air.
  • Perfect for all rooms with bad air quality, adequate for maintaining indoor air quality high standard best for medium and small size rooms(30-50 square meters).
  • Adopt ultra-fine glass fiber technology, three filter mode, ultra-efficient filter PM2.5, efficient and full aspect fresh the air around you.

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Best Activated Charcoal Odour Absorber and Air Purifier By Sagano – Proven Refrigerator and Closet Deodoriser – Removes Unwanted Smell – Prevents Mold and Bacteria – Lasts Up To 2 Years

The natural way to deodorize your home.
Activated charcoal odor absorbers keep your home fresh and odor-free. Sagano activated charcoal is great for use as a Refrigerator Deodorizer, Closet Deodorizer, Bathroom Deodorizer, and more.

Breathe clean, healthy air.
This all-natural air purifier can help keep the air in your home fresh and clean and help keep you healthy by improving the quality of the air you breathe – and it is a perfect fridge deodoriser, room deodoriser, and it can replace your wardrobe fresheners!

Safe for you and the environment.
It’s chemical-free so you will be doing good for the environment compared to other materials used for odor absorption.

Easy to reactivate.
Your activated charcoal odor absorber can last longer than baking soda or any bicarbonate of soda. If you notice the power of your activated charcoal purifier dwindling, just remove the activated charcoal from the center of the container and place it outside in the sun for a few hours. The natural power of the sun will reinvigorate the activated charcoal to keep it powerful for up to two years!

Buy now!
Click the ADD TO CART now and buy this amazing natural odor eliminator and bacteria absorber for you. Share with your friends and let them enjoy the benefit of deodorizing their home the natural way!

Product Features

  • NO MORE STINK: This active charcoal odor neutralizer utilizes the strong absorption properties of activated charcoal to eliminate odors in your refrigerator, closet, bathroom and home. Activated charcoal is an extremely porous material that attracts odor and mold spores to keep your home smelling fresh and mold-free, and it is also a great car air freshener and hepa air purifier.
  • KEEPS FOOD FRESH: Activated charcoal effectively filters out mold spores, contaminants, and other toxic substances that spoil food easily. Your food will stay fresh longer with the Sagano activated charcoal odour absorber and fridge freshener working for you in your home. It’s an odour remover air purifier you shouldn’t live without!
  • SUN-RENEWABLE: This activated charcoal smell absorber, odour neutraliser, and room deodoriser can be naturally recharged using the power of the sun. Just pull out the activated charcoal deodoriser packet inside the container and lay out in the sun for a few hours. This naturally restores the power of the activated charcoal odor eliminator so you can use it for up to two years!
  • MESS-FREE ODOR ELIMINATOR: Our activated charcoal odor absorbers are a better alternative to baking soda, which spills easily and makes a mess in your refrigerator, bathroom, closet, and home. Unlike baking soda, this activated charcoal odour absorber will not crust over when in contact with water and does not need to be replaced more often. You stay mess-free with our odour absorber charcoal and carbon fridge smell remover.
  • ALL NATURAL: Activated charcoal is an all natural ingredient used for centuries across the world to remove odors and filter air. Activated charcoal is renewable and does not pose any threat to the environment. You can dispose these air purifiers and wheelie bin air freshener with ease and know you aren’t hurting the environment.

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