Excelvan 1.1L/D Digital Air Dehumidifier Anion UV Air Purify Portable Low Energy Air Dryer for Damp, Mould, Moisture in Home, Kitchen, Bedroom, Caravan, Office, Garage

It is a protable, lightweight and space-saving unit that convenient to move from room to room.Using the dehumidifier will help eliminate the excess moisture from the air and provide a healthier atmosphere for you.
What’s more, the anion and UV lamp settings of the unit help you clean the air and reduce the bacteria£¬making a difference to the air that you breathe at home.
It is suitable for small rooms and poorly ventilated areas such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes and storage rooms.
Besides, the machine features adjustable humiditistat functionality from 30-80RH% and 65W low energy consumption without worrying about your electricity bill.

Water max extraction: 1100ml/day (30¡æ, 80RH%)
Water tank max capacity: 2.4L
Dimension of product: 190x190x340mm
Weight of product: 2.1kg
Voltage/Frequency: 200V-240V/50Hz
Rated power: 65W
Protection against electric shock: II
IP level: IP20

Notices(please read the notices before using the dehumidifier):
Turn off the unit and unplug it before any maintance or repair to avoid electric shocks.
Use the machine in proper temperature range from 5-40¡æ.
Keep at least 20cm space around the machine when operating.
Keep the machine in an up-right position to avoid leakage.
Always use the machine in flat and horizontal position to minimize the vibration.
Do not insert any sharp objects into air inlet/outlet.
Keep the air inlet/outlet free from air blocking materials such as paper, clothing and plastic bags.
Unplug the plug and empty the water tank when the unit will not be used for an extened period of time.

Package Included
1x Deuhumidifier
1x UK plug
1x User manual

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Product Features

  • 2.4L Removable and washable water tank,water max extraction: 1100ml/Day at 30¡æ, 80RH%;digital LED display shows humidity, remaining timing, ambient temperature,downtime error code in different situations.
  • Air purify functionality: Anion function and UV lamp function seperately;once the water tank is full, the dehumidifier automatically stops, anion, UV lamp and fan continue to operate.
  • Adjustable humidistat setting: 30-80RH%,each press of Humidity key will increase 10% of humidity setting value;Auto start/off timer: setting range from 1 to 24h,each press of Timing key will increase 1h of the set time.
  • State memory function: stop and restart the machine, it will run at the same setting value about humidity, anion and UV lamp function, pre-set on/off timing automatically as its last time. No need to set the functions again.
  • The ambient temperature inquiry:in the boot state,long press the ¡°Anion¡± key for a few seconds,the display will show the ambient temperature;soft touch buttons and electronic control panel and it is easy for operation

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Hrph Anion Machine Bedroom Wall Plug Ozone Anions Air Purifier Cleaner LED Light

1. Clear air
2. Inhibit bacteria growth
3. To prevent the spread of the virus
4. Elimination of the smell in home
5. Sterilization, disinfection for the spaces in family, office, meeting room, washroom, pet house, business site, etc.
Voltage: AC220V/60Hz or(AC110V/50Hz )
Power consumption: 6W
Anion output: 2000000ion
Air Flow: 2.58-3.44m?/min
Use Area: 15m?
Temperature: 0-40 °C
1 x Anion Machine

Product Features

  • 1. Clear air
  • 2. Inhibit bacteria growth
  • 3. To prevent the spread of the virus
  • 4. Elimination of the smell in home
  • 5. Sterilization, disinfection for the spaces in family, office, meeting room, washroom, pet house, business site, etc.

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AceFox 2 in 1 Air Purifier 600mg Cycle ANION Ozonizer Ozonator Ionizer Disinfector Ozone Generator

Dimensions: 28 x21x8cm
Input voltage: 220V / 50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Maximum power: 18W
Ozone output: 600mg / hour
Anion output: 4 million / CM3
Package Includes:
1 x Generator Body
1 x Instruction Manual

Product Features

  • Multi-Function 2 in 1 Air Purifier 600mg Cycle Anion Ozonizer Ozonator.
  • Ozone is one of the world’s most powerful sterilizing agents. Use it to purify water, sanitize the air, clean vegetables and fruits.
  • It is also a popular device for cleaning odors from the air. This model is considered by experts to be one of the most powerful and convenient sterilizing systems on the market today.
  • Multi-Function Ozone Generator that can be mounted on a wall or used as a portable device.
  • Apply for: detoxification for fruit and vegetable, air, water, dishes, aquarium, skin protection and beauty, hand and feet, cloth, tooth brush, baby products and toys and more.

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hsy® intelligent Anion Mini Air Purifier indoor Cleaner with Adaptor (110-240V)

Material: ABS plastic

Features: sterilization, remove dust and fumes or bad smell, wholesome

Color: blue and white

Package dimensions (length x width x height): 7.5 x 6 x 11 cm

For people:

1, pregnant women: Pregnant women in serious indoor air pollution will feel malaise,

dizziness, sweating, dry smoke Shezao, Yu Tu chest tightness and other symptoms, adverse effects on fetal development.

The possibility of suffering from heart disease is the breath of fresh air for children born to pregnant women is three times

2, Children: developing the body, the immune system is relatively fragile and easily compromised indoor air pollution, leading to decreased immunity, physical retardation, induce blood disorders, increased incidence of childhood asthma, children’s intelligence greatly lower.

3, office workers: when to go to work in a high-end office enviable career.

But in the bad air quality thermostat closed environment, easily lead to dizziness,

lightheadedness, fatigue, mood swings and other symptoms large, affecting work efficiency,

lead to various diseases, severe cases can cause cancer.

4, the elderly: the elderly decline in physical function, often multiple chronic disease ridden.

Air pollution is not only caused by the elderly bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases.

But also induced hypertension, heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular and vascular diseases of old.

5. respiratory diseases: air pollution can cause respiratory function and long-term life decline, respiratory symptoms,

especially rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema and other diseases.

By breathing pure air to achieve a therapeutic effect aid and cure.

6, the driver: car hypoxia, automobile exhaust pollution.

It contains: 1 x purifier

Product Features

  • Application areas
  • Just renovated or refurbished homes.
  • The elderly, children, pregnant women, newborns home.
  • Asthma, allergic rhinitis and pollen residence allergy personnel.
  • Pets and livestock rearing residence.

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BYK Anion Air Purifier

The Anion Air Purifier can generate up to 1,236,000 anions per cubic centimeter and can refresh the surrounding air and keeps it clean.
Main features:
A low power device that cleans your air by means of anions.
Produces anion and active oxygen which can be easily absorbed by our body.
Improves heart and lung fitness.
Enhances metabolism and strengthens immunity.
Improves the sleep quality and relieves the tension.
Effectively Removes the dust, pollen and smoke in the environment and reduces the high voltage electrostatic damage to eyes.
Decreases inhalation of particles that causes sneezing, coughing and throat irritation.
No maintenance, no cleaning, no consumable material.
Please do not block or touch the air outlet.
When using this product for the first time, dust, pollen and particles may subside into the ground or the outlet. Please clean the Purifier with soft clothes and avoid scratching.
Three yean warranty

Product Features

  • No filter to replace, Compact – fits virtually anywhere, Keep air clean and fresh, Features a virtually silent operation.
  • Eliminate smoke smell, bacteria and mould, neutralize poisonous of harmful gas
  • Dust collection plates absorb airborne contaminants, Uses no mechanical parts and saves energy
  • Use advanced electronic ionic air movement technology
  • Soundless design, no motor, Silent, cost efficient, Low power consumption only uses 3.4 watts

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Wotefusi Home New 220V 20W Electric Indoor Air Purifier Cleaner Filter 200mg/h Ozone 700million/cm3 Anion

Maximum power: 20W
Power line length: 1.8 meters
Anion: 7 million cm3
Ozone: 200mg/h
Product size: 132*132*167mm
Product net weight: 0.69kg
International certification Available!

1.Ozone gas can improve the quality of indoor air,kill various indoor natural bacteria and bacteria,deodorizing,wardrobe mouldproof.
2.Produce the same negative ions in nature,purifying air
3.You can add personalized plant fragrance or aromatherapy essential oils,to warm indoor atmosphere

Product Features

  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 20W
  • Ozone gas can improve the quality of indoor air,kill various indoor natural bacteria and bacteria,deodorizing,wardrobe mouldproof.
  • Produce the same negative ions in nature,purifying air
  • You can add personalized plant fragrance or aromatherapy essential oils,to warm indoor atmosphere

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Wokesmart Refrigerator Deodorizer, Ionizer Air Purifier, Fridge Ionic Food Freshener Preserver, Waterproof Ozone Anion Sterilizer, Freshness Extender, App Control, Up To 90-Day Battery Use.

[From the Manufacturer]

Wokesmart Fridgmate Smart Fridge Ozonizer Food Preserver

1. Ozone and Negative Ion Dual Mode Sterilization Kills 96.26% Bacteria
2. Deodorization Expert Brings You Good Smell and Sweet Smile
3. Freshness Extender Doubles Shelf Life of Food
4. 90-Day Consecutive Working and IP65 Waterproof Construction
5. Smart APP Control and Self-Management

1. Charge the product via USB cable (power adapter not included)
2. Scan the code or download APP via searching “WokeSmart” in App Store or Google Play.
3. Press the Power Button to turn it on, with blue light flashing once per 2 seconds.
4. Set the volume of your fridge on APP.
5. Put it into your fridge to work at AIR STERILIZATION MODE
6. Press the Blue Button once a week to access DEEP STERILIZATION MODE for at least 2 hours.

APP Smart Control
1. Check real-time bacteria residue
2. Check healthy status of today or the past week
3. Low power indicator and remaining working time estimation
4. Set smart frequency and operating time of deep sterilization mode

[LED Indicator]
Normal Operation: flashing blue once per 2 seconds
Turned Off: no indicator light
Charging: flashing green
Fully Charged: green color
Low Power: flashing red

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Battery: 2600mAH
Rated Power: 0.04W
Input: 5V 1A
Charging Port: Micro USB
Fridge Space: 20-120L
Working Temperature: 14℉-122℉ (-10℃-50℃)
Ozone Release: 10mg/h
Bluetooth 4.1 Chip: Industrial Chipset from TI in USA
Transmission Distance: 26 Feet (Fridgmate Inside the Fridge)
APP Compatible Devices: iPhone/iPad, Android Phones/Tablets.

Product Features

  • [Dual Mode Sterilization] Fridgmate releases 3 million negative ions simultaneously and 10mg ozone per hour to kill 96.26% pathogenic bacteria. Dual mode sterilizations kill bacteria in the air and on the interior surface, letting you say goodbye to diarrhea/stomachache caused by psychrophilic bacteria.
  • [Deodorization Expert] With bacteria decomposition, Fridgmate is a much more efficient deodorizer than other products like bamboo charcoal working by passive adsorption. A refrigerator with good smell always starts your day with sweet smile.
  • [Freshness Extender] Fridgmate doubles the shelf life of your food like fruit and vegetable to reduce food waste and also speeds up the degradation of potential pesticide residue. Smart self-management keeps a low concentration of ozone. Save money with safe food.
  • [Smart APP Control] As the 1st smart fridge robot, Fridgmate has smart APP to check bacteria residue, health status of today and the past week, as well as remaining power and working day estimation. You could also set smart frequency and working time of deep sterilization.
  • -HIGH QUALITY BACKED with RELIABLE WARRANTY:100% Brand New and High quality from Exotic Life ,sold by Exotic Life ONLY! Exotic Life offers 12 months Warranty and 31 days free exchange for all the Exotic Life products which are built with the highest quality standards and we stand behind for best after service

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VOSMEP Air Purifier Home Office Car Anion Air Humidifier Aroma Diffuser Solar Lonizer Purifier Remove Dust, Bacterial, Benzene and other Harmful Substances in the Air Blue CA7


Solar Anion health aromatherapy machine through ultrasonic vibrations generated by high-frequency electronic shock, water molecules break down plant essential oils(not included) and dissolved into nano-distributed in the surrounding air, cold fog, scent filled the air. It’s using a variety of ways to make water atomization, maintaining a relatively high humidity, and produce a significant number of natural negative oxygen ion and can be treated and alleviate influenza epidemic diseases, hypertension, bronchitis, and the nervous system, cardiovascular system and body metabolism play a protective role.


Highly Effective: The sterilization, eliminates the taste, the dust removal, dispels the poison, the smoke abatement, and supplements “the air Vitamin” – the anion. Simple: Portable, easy to operate. Consumes energy lowly: Uses for month-long the power consumption not to surpass 3 kwh electricity. Coverage area: Product effective coverage area of about 20 square meters. Cleaning speed: Purification using natural circulation, purify quickly. Stable operation is safe and reliable. The size is petite and has attractive appearance.


Color: Black, White, Blue, Gold, Red

Weight: 180g

Power: 0.6W

Size: 130*30*(mm)

Power supply: Solar, 5V external power supply

Scope: car, home, restaurant, entertainment, office and so on.

Capacity: 100ml

Humidification amount: 12ml/h

Ozone concentration: 0.02ppm/cm³

The package includes:

1* Air purifier

1* Oil flask

1* Charging Cable

1* Car charging jack

1* Instructions

Product Features

  • Anion purification: Effective sterilization, deodorization, removal of formaldehyde, removal of PM2.5 and other harmful gases.
  • Comes with solar charging system, the use of electricity a month does not exceed 3 degrees.
  • Three charge modes: 1.USB charging cable. 2.Use the car power charger. 3.The solar panel is charging (lithium battery capacity is 500 mA) 3 files spray adjustment: continuous work for one hour, 10 seconds spray 3 seconds off , 3 seconds spray 3 seconds off.
  • Japan imported chips: 3.5mm of fog port includes more than 500 out of the fog holes, diameter of the hole is less than one-tenth of hair, reaching the level of medical beauty.
  • Easy to use, effectively avoid the pungent smell of new cars, car air drying, the health hazards of passive smoking.Sports car streamline appearance design, simple and stylish packaging, it’s can be used in car or household, also is a perfect gift for your family and friends.

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Pumpkin Mini Car Indoor Auto Fresh Air Purifier Anion Release Ionizer Freshner Eliminate Smells Sliver


Release 4,800,000 pcs/cm³ anion


Power:≤0.8 w

Concentration of Ozone:≤0.05ppm

Exterior Size:31×100 (mm)

Net weight: 40 g

The range of using: <15m³

Color: black


1.used in the car

inserted it in the car cigarette lighter directly. When start car, the blue led light turn on,then it could work.

2.used indoor

brinserted it in the adaptor of the household cigarette lighter.

Package content:

1* air Purifier(packaged with iron box)

Product Features

  • Effectively remove smoke, dust and PM2.5 air pollutants (proven by the experiment).
  • Release 4,800,000 pcs/cm³ anion,kill bacteria and viruses.Dispel formaldehyde & benzene and eliminate unpleasant smell.Increase concentration and relieve fatigue.
  • Delicate and transparent crystal decoration.Built-in soft blue LED indication light.
  • Application area: car, home & office with home adaptor
  • Approved by CE, FCC, RoHS.

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Ozone Generator Hug Flight® 2 in 1 Cycle 400mg Digital Air and Water Purifier Plug-In Kill Odor Smell Remover Sterilizer Anion Ion Ozonizer

About US:
Hug Flight Co. Ltd. Specializes in areas of Home & Garden, Health & Personal Care, Outdoor & Sports, Motor & Tools, etc.
We own a world leading global brand ‘Hug Flight’ which has built its reputation after years of effort.
We aim to provide the most reliable products the best service, to improve your life quality.
To hug what you have, you can fly your dream, to achieve what you want!
You SHOP, you ENJOY and you LOVE !


15 Set Programs that Can Meet All Your Requirements 6 Ozone Programs Up to 30 Minutes Each Session 1 Ongoing Anion Program to Keep the Room Fresh 8 Ozone & Anion Cycle Programs that Can Work Round

– Brand: Hug Flight
– Input voltage:220V / 50Hz or 110V/60Hz
– Maximum power: 18W
– Ozone output: 600mg / hour
– Anion output: 4 million / CM3

Package Includes:
1 x Generator Body
1 x Table Resting Pad
1 x Diffuser Stone
1 x Ozone Outlet Tube
1 x Instruction Manual

For more products, you can search our brand name ‘Hug Flight’ on line. Thanks

Product Features

  • A powerful ozone generator with 400mg/hour ozone output. Agriculture chemical detoxification for fruits and vegetables: kill bacteria;keep fresh, kill flu viruses;decompose pesticides;decompose formaldehyde;eliminate bad smell,especially in household and office area.
  • Skin care: A good environment is important for skin health! This item can improve the activation of skin cells, helpful for speckle removing, prevention of halitosis and tooth cavities, skin disease and so on.
  • Perfect for purifying AIR, WATER, DISHES, FOOD, OIL, CLOTHES, BABY TOYS and AQUARIUM ! Ideal for PERSONAL HEALTH & BEAUTY as well ! Super EASY To Use: Mature Technology + Simple Operation !
  • 15 Set Programs that Can Meet All Your Requirements; 6 Ozone Programs Up to 30 Minutes Each Session; 1 Ongoing Anion Program to Keep the Room Fresh; 8 Ozone & Anion Cycle Programs that Can Work Round;
  • – Input voltage:220V / 50Hz or 110V/60Hz; – Maximum power: 18W; – Ozone output: 600mg / hour; – Anion output: 4 million / CM3;

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Multi-functional Mushroom LED Lamp Rechargeable Desk Lamp Dimmable Eye-protection Night Light Lonizer Air Purifiers Health Anion Anti-radiation Purifiers for Household Office

Name: Mushroom Air Purification Lamp
Finish Color: White
Material: ABS
Input: DC 5V 800mA
Power: ≤3W
Product Size: 177mm (φ) x 211mm (H)

Packing Content:
1 x LED Air Purification Lamp
1 x Charger

Product Features

  • Anion Air Cleaning-Purification of airborne bacteria, secondhand smoke, dust. Keep pressing the touch key, the light will be bright or dim.
  • LED bulbs last can be used more than 50,000 hrs, no radiation, easy on eyes. Warm led light: also can be used as night light for baby and children.
  • Rechargeable LED lighting, mushroom lamp is an air purifier and night light, eye protection.
  • Eco-friendly and low energy consumption, provides natural, non-flickering light for stress free productivity.
  • Touch sensor switch. 2 kinds of power supply: Use USB power supply or use the built-in battery power supply.

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