Mylboo Car Air Purifier Ionic Air Purifier purify formaldehyde smoke smell apply for car、 bedroom 、indoor . (for Car Air Purifier, Gary)

Use voltage 12V / DC; 110V-240V / AC
Power consumption ≤ 0.8 w
Body size 31 × 100 (mm)
Product weight 40 g
Anion concentration of 4,800,000 pcs / cm3
Ozone concentration ≤0.05ppm
Use space <15m3
Applicable to cars, bedrooms, offices
Product Certification CE, FCC, RoHS, patent

Product Features

  • Eliminate dust, disinfection and disinfection, decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene and odor, refreshing
  • Removes cigarettes smoke, PM2.5 air pollutants and kills harmful bacteria. Unlike typical car air freshener that uses artificial scent that does nothing to cleanse air, fresh air uses modern ionization
  • Hassle-Free and Simple to use: Unlike typical Car Air Fresheners, there are no filter and maintenance required, which will help you save long term costs.
  • 4 million huge amounts of negative ions and trace ozone, six seconds to get rid of dust, scientific ratio, inlaid exquisite crystal hemisphere, the new packaging.
  • Car Air Purifier/Ionizer: newly improved ionization technology. Removes odors and cigarettes smells within seconds. useful for drivers and kids

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BXT Novelty Mushroom Mini USB LED Mood Light Aroma Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier Air Ioniser Purifier, Safe Automatically Stop, Apply for Baby Bedroom Office, Home, Car

•Name:USB LED Mood Light Aroma Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier
•Size:Mushroom Style, Size 15*8cm
•Charger:Via USB Port by any USB device
•Continuous Time:around 5 hours

1.Ultrasonic Technique,million ultrasonic vibrations per second to produce truely atomized Fog
2.Safety automatically shut off when water runs out
3.Compact size,inspired cute cartoon appreace,also be a pretty ornament on desk
4.Easy operate and clean,Low energy consumption
5.Rubberized mashroom surface, build in LED mood light, one smart touch key to controll it

Ideal for Living room,Bedroom,Car,Spa,Yoga room,Beauty salon,office,Nursery,Hotel,Hospital etc
Special for a child’s room,or elderly person,also perfect for people who suffer from asthma, emphysema or any other chest complaints, Helps ease dry nose, throat, eyes and skin discomforts

•Please use pure water
•Do not soak the body in water,or it may damage the inside electic chip
•Keep the absorber refill dry if not in use.Make the absorber refill soak in water for 3 mins when the first time use or not use for a long time
•Clean the diffuser regularly to prevent bacteria and stain built-up

What’s in the box?
•1*BXT Humidifer
•1*USB Cable
•1*Absorber refill

Product Features

  • Novetly Cute Mushroom Appearance! —constructed by premium ABS, stainless driver,high grade cotton chip,rubberized surface, features soft touch and classy quality
  • Smart Touch Key & Stunning LED Mood Light! — combined with mood light, supported million ultrasonic vibrations per second to produce truely atomized fog, creating noticeable humid fresh air
  • Significant Moisturises Air!— Prevent dry cracked skin,strengthen the immune system to defend colds/flu/congestion,ease dry nose,throat,eyes and skin discomforts;Increasing negative ion can help reduce computer radition,eliminate satic electricity,masking stubborn smoking
  • A healthy beneficial product,a pretty desktop decors,a restful lifestyle choice! —Effectively Relieve your breathing,eyes and skin in heavily air-conditioned rooms or during dry seasons.Also can add some essential oil to help relive your stress and make air sweet smelling
  • Ideal for Lounge,Baby Bedroom,Elder Bedroom,Car,Spa,Yoga room,Beauty salon,Office room,Nursery,Hotel,Hospital etc

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