Ulable Air Purifier Sterilization Lamp Ultraviolet Ozone Germicidal Lamp UV Steriliser Light Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp for Car Household Toilet Pet AreaHousehold Toilet Pet Area

Product:Sterilization Lamp
Mode:UVC + Ozone
Rated power:5W
Dimensions:165mm x 34mm x 34mm
Working time:15min/use
Material: metal, good quality ABS
Instruction of power cable:
1.Connect the power cable to the charging port of the device,then connect the other end of the power line (USB end) to any 5V USB power supply port.
2.For the standard version,once connected to an external power supply,the red indicator light will turn on,and it will turn off if full charged.
3.The device (re-chargeable version) can work 2 times after fully charged.It can work while it is charging.


1.Do not charge the device with a USB power supply higher than 5.25V,it will cause damage to the product.
2.Do not dissemble the device by yourself,otherwise it is no longer under warranty and may cause safety incidents.
3.Keep the product away form moist,water,high temperature and fire source.
4.Keep the product away from textile fabric (at least 10cm) to avoid color fading.
5.Do not remove the EVA foam that supports the tube.

Ultraviolet sterilization principle:

UV-C by exposure to microorganisms, damage the DNAandamp;RNA of bacteria, virus to make them lose their viability and multiplication, so as to achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization.
UV-C light kills germs without the use of chemicals. The Germ Guardian UV-C Sanitizer and Deodorizer provides you a healthy living environment.
UV-C light destroys the DNA of germs eliminating their ability to reproduce.

Package Including
Packing list:
1*ultraviolet lamp, 1*USB charge lines, 1* manuals

Product Features

  • KILLING 99% BACTERIAL: With the design of UV light and Ozone synchronize working, UV Sterilization Lamp is laboratory tested of killing most bacterial in space of 35-150 cuft.
  • MULTIUSE, PORTABLE, SMALL: It’s a Germicidal Lamp with dimension 165 x 34 x 34mm, suitable for many occasions small space like car, bedroom(mattresses, pillows), kitchen(cupboard, washing basin), shoes cabinet, washing room, baby’s room, pet house, toilet, much more space you desire to purify.
  • USE SAFE AND SAVE ENERGY: The light will turn off automatically when working time reach to 15minutes to avoid long time uv ray exposure. For large area, need lager power UV Sterilization light, this product is small one
  • INTELLIGENT ON OFF: Germicidal light will work 10 seconds after power on (10 sec for leaving) and automatically power off after 15 minutes.
  • RECHARGABLE: No batteries needed, UV Sterilizer Lamp will work after recharge or with power charging. Car recharge is OK.

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