ZEO DR. Air Purifier Bag-Remove Odors,Formaldehyde,Bacteria,Excess Moisture (200g x 2)


The product uses natural zeolite and variety of natural minerals as the main components, with efficient adsorption and humidity control function to remove formaldehyde, ammonia nitrogen and other harmful pollutants, indoor or inside the vehicle, meanwhile eliminate the odors. It can adjust the humidity of the room, restrain the generation of mildew. 


✔Zeolite is a hydrous aluminum silicate mineral alkali metal or alkaline earth metal. The interior is filled with tiny cavities and channels, which is much more complex than the hive. 1 cubic micron with 1 million Nano apertures.

✔Zeolite has a large specific surface area.A teaspoon of the zeolite powder is equivalent to the surface area of a football field. 

✔The Zeolite Air Purifier Bag is an easy, convenient way to maintain a fresh, dry and odor free environment.

✔Fragrance-Free, Chemical Free and Non-Toxic, the Zeolite balls effectively absorbs and removes odors, allergens, and harmful pollutants.

✔Prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria from forming by absorbing excess moisture.

✔Use in areas up to 250 square feet. Kitchens, Basements, Bedrooms, Living Areas

✔Reuse for up to two years. To rejuvenate and re-activate place the bags outside in the sun once a month for about an hour, it’s an incredible value.

Dump Your Air Freshener

Air are filled with formaldehyde, petroleum, and fragrance, all of which can be carcinogenic and lead to numerous health problems. It is time to take them out of your life. The chemical free, fragrance-free and non-toxic Zeolite Air Purifier Bag will naturally clean and deodorize your environment, allowing your family and pets to breathe safely.

Product Features

  • INGREDIENTS-Natural zeolite, natural volcanic stone;The characteristics of the Zeolite Air Purifier Bag:Remove (Odors•Formaldehyde•Bacteria•Excess Moisture)
  • ELIMINATE FORMALDEHYDE AND ODOR IN YOUR HOME-Zeolite Air Purifier Bagcan absorb organic pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene series, methanol, and VOC, to create a green and healthy indoor environment.
  • ELIMINATE FRIDGE ODOR AND PRESERVE FOOD-Zeolite Air Purifier Bag can absorb the smell of new refrigerator and old refrigerator used for a while. The ball can also absorb the ethylene from the fruit and vegetables in the fridge, to extend the freshness time of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • ELIMINATE CABINET ODOR, DEHUMIDIFY, AND ANTI-BACTERIAL-Zeolite Air Purifier Bag can absorb the odor in the shoe cabinet, to keep the space dry. It also helps stop bacterial reproduction and prevent the production of mold
  • ELIMINATE FORMALDEHYDE AND ODOR IN THE CAR-The air condition in 30% of new vehicles is substandard. Old car air conditioning, accessories, and smoking even make the car air conditioning worse. Zeolite Air Purifier Bag can absorb harmful gas and odor in the car, ensuring “driving safety.”

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