Anion Healthy Weight Scale Precision Bathroom Scale Air Purifier LED Backlight Bear Heavy 180 , light blue , 30*30cm

Product Type: Electronics

Function: measuring weight, air purification

Applicable people: GM

Maximum weighing: 180KG

Dimensions: 300 * 300 * 23mm

Color: gray, light blue

High-strength rigid glass bearing surface, ultra-thick plastic anti-skid base, stable and safe, with high-precision sensors, high-precision sensor, Voltage and overload display, induction auto power on / off

Product Features

  • Large LED liquid crystal display screen, backlight display, indoor temperature measurement
  • Automatic negative ion generator, produce negative ions to purify the air, sterilization in addition to odor
  • High strength rigid glass bearing surface, ultra-thick plastic anti-slip base, stable and safe
  • Equipped with high-precision sensors, voltage and overload display, induction automatic power on / off
  • Maximum weighing: 180 kg, size: 30 * 30 * 2.1CM

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