Himalayan Salt Lamp, Wanfei Natural Pink Crystal Sea Salt Lamp Air Purifier Salt Lamp Night Light in Hand Carved Metal Bowl with 2x15W Bulbs Dimmable Control and UL-Listed Cord

Natural crystal salt lump. The minerals and sea salt in the Himalayan precipitated and crystallized into pink rock salt throught thousands years of change. No washing, no chemical treatment, to ensure that the natural ingredients of salt.
LED light source components. Metal cooling base, LED lamp beads, more power, longer life
Release the Soman wave frequency. When Salt lamp working, can emit the resonance frequency, naturally adjust and inhibit electrical radiation generated by electromagnetic radiation
Fashion, healthy life trend. Crystal salt lamp gradually recognized by the people, especially in the high level of environmental protection country, people are a soft spot for it. As a warm night light,suitable for living room,bedroom,hotel,office,business club and so on
Safe product. As a salt lamp, it obtained CE, RoHs, FCC, UL certification. Absolutely safe and reliable
Beautiful gift. Turn on the lights, the light soft, warm, magnificent, coupled, with the unique function, is a wonderful gift to send friends and family

Blub Type: E14
Input voltage:220V(UK plug)
Max. Power: 15W
Product Size: 11cm*11cm
Weight: 1.48kg / 3.26lbs
Wire: 5ft Power cord with dimmable rotary switch. 

Instruction Steps:
1. Making sure the power is off and installing the bulb on the E14 base
2. Putting the salt rock into the bowl
3. Connecting the power supply
4. Rotating the switch to adjust the brightness of the bulb

Keeping dry environment.In a humid area,it deteriorates the salt because it melts and dissolves just like any other salt. Dry is best for these kinds of lamps.

Package includes
1 X Pack of Himalayan Crystal Salt Chunks
2 X 15W Bulbs
1 X Dimmer Switch
1 X Manual

Product Features

  • Releasing Negative Ions, Purifing Air — When the salt is heated with the bulb, salt lamp absorb water from the air , and then evaporate, repeated alternately, continue to release ions that refresh the air, effectively improve the air quality
  • Dimmable Lighting — The himalayan salt lamp has different levels of lighting control. The dimmer is easy to operate. Adjustable dimmer switch, according to their own preferences to adjust the light.
  • Reducing Stress & Emotional Changes — Unique natural soft orange light, It makes house lighter and with more harmony, and the ambient glow casts is surprisingly calming and mood building! It can effectively relieve stress, create a romantic warm ambience
  • Help for Health — Crystal salt lamp can volatile salt ions,It has the function of sterilization and disinfection.In a smoky place , this salt lamp will remove the smoke and smell in the air. At the same time can adjust allergies, asthma and other children common disease and immune system. These features are a long-term effect
  • Ideal for Decoration — Salt lamp of beautiful appearance, simple hollow engraving patterns, unique design.This one is more decorative. Been looking for a small enough decent lamp that would be perfect for side table,bedroom, living room,hall and more

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FarSail Himalayan Salt Lamp Wall light Natural Rock Hand Carved with Orange Glow,Negative Ions Air Purifier Healing Mineral Salt Crystal NightLight Bed Lamp ( Natural Shaped ,2pcs bulbs 7W and 15W )

” Product Description:”

“The salt lamp is from a two hundred millions five thousand years old salt crystal deposit in the Himalayas. The bulb heats the rock and the salt attracts moisture out of the air.Salt is mixed up with water,Na (as position ion),Cl (as negative ions to release) to achieve neutralization effect.And the ionized water is released back to the air. This only happen to Himalayan Salt Crystal. 100% hand carved natural mineral rock every stone is different.You can sense the calm in the air,breathe the pure air, experience aesthetic appeal,relax yourself and back to nature. It has so many health benefits effects on aspects of a person’s mental and physical wellbeing.  ”


*Material: 100% himalayan crystal salt

*Voltage: 110V

*Bulbs:2pcs ,7W and 15W

*Size:7cm in height ,5cm in Dia

*Weight:200g-300g(each one vary)

*Mode:On — Off


*To keep the natural feature ,salt lamp is non-blasting mining .Every stone are not the same.The weight,the shaped may varies.It is normal that some may have little black spot.But our company promise that our lamp is with best clarity grade.

*Normally,the salt lamp do not melt.Only in the moist environment,it melts.If does,please dont worry,just light the lamp to dry it.

Main functions about the salt lamps

*Air purifier– Room deodorized– Improve breathing– Change energy– Deeper sleep– Reduce stress– Protect eyes– Get rid of allergens– Reduce asthma and allergy symptoms– Neutralizing electromagnetic radiation

Package Include:

*1 x salt lamp

*2x bulb (7W and 15W)

Product Features

  • 【Air purifier, Emits negative ions】Himalayan salt crystals can releases negative ions and neutralize positive ions that are emitted from electronics such as TVs, computers, Wi-Fi etc . Purify the air of toxins and dust and to get rid of allergens.Have your room deodorized when you smoke. They also protect against germs in the air, resulting in decreased irritation due to inhaling various particles that make you sneeze, cough, or have a throat irritation.
  • 【Give out Unique Orange Amber Glow】Look at the natural warm glow ,relieves eye strain.The gentle golden yellows and oranges color help you relax,also perfect for divine cure.
  • 【Healing Mineral】As a bed lamp,It changes the energy in the room, the lights are soothing and helps you fall asleep.
  • 【Eco-friendly, Save energy】Every slat lamp has 10 years working life and save electricity bills. Direct to use just plugs right into the wall with no cords.Seller approved by CE, RoHS, UL ;Seller offers 1 Year Warranty.
  • 【Widely Used】Use as a wall lamp, bathroom light,bedroom light,living room light,kitchen light,hall light,anywhere you want to bring a uniqueo range amber glow ,use for babies or child nightlight for better sleeping,or for decoration lighting.

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