2in1 Air humidifier & air purifier CA-807 – Suitable 70m² – Suitable for permanent use – No lime deposits!

The new air washer by Clean Air Optima fulfills two functions. This highly effective air washing system humidifies dry indoor air and purifies it at the same time. The CA-807 is ideal for each interior, living rooms, offices, treatment rooms, medical practices etc. up to 70m² / 175m³. The technology of the modern Clean Air Optima air washer CA-807 belongs to the most effective methods of automatic air humidification and purification indoors and functions according to the principle of air washing without filter pads.

This state of the art air washer by Clean Air Optima possesses highly effective filters. The integrated activated carbon prefilter stops hair, dust and other bigger particles and absorbs bad smells. The additional nano silver water filter provides hygienic and clean mist and works against bacteria formation.

The rotor with specially structured humidification discs rotating in the water provides intensive humidification indoors. The air is enriched with humidity and water acts as natural filter liberating the air from impurities (as for example dust, pollen and smells).

For rooms up to: 70m² / 175m³ / 750ft²
Integrated humidity sensor: Yes
Digital display humidity: 30 – 45% / 45 – 60% / > 60% Rl.
Voltage: AC220V, 60Hz – 344W / warm – fast humidification – 44W / natural humidification
Humidification: 400ml/h warm – fast humidification / 200ml/h – natural humidification
Dimensions (LxBxH): 391x238x444mm
Weight (empty): 6,9Kg
Volume: < 25 dB (A)
Colour: Pearls white / black
Guarantee: 2 years

Product Features

  • 2in1 air humidifier & air purifier – Suitable: 70m² / 175m³ / 750ft² – Air humidification through cold evaporation, water as natural filter for air purification, activated carbon prefilter & water filter – Suitable for permanent use – No lime deposits!
  • Transforms unclean and dry air into clean and healthy air – Healthy indoor air through natural purification and air humidification – Air humidification through cold evaporation – Water as a natural filter for air purification – Prevents dust being stirred up and is hence ideal for people suffering from allergies
  • Prevents allergic reactions such as sneezing, irritated eyes and hay fever – Dry skin is carefully protected and moisturized – Acts against allergens like dust, pollen, animal hair – Acts against particle-bound smells – Hygienic humidification – Four programs to optimize indoor climate
  • Prevents damages caused through drying out of furniture, wooden floors, plants and other valuable object – Four programs to optimize indoor climate – Intensive air purification – Integrated humidity sensor – Day and night operation – Very silent < 25 dB (A) Mode: Sleep / Baby – Digital display with dimmer – Ideal for the bedroom and children's rooms – Easy to clean, parts can easily be removed from the casing – Easy in maintenance and operation
  • Dimensions (LxBxH): 391x238x444mm – Weight (empty):6,9Kg – 44W / natural humidification | 344W / warm – fast humidification

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