Replacement HEPA Filter cartridge for Air Purifier models HM688 / HM688A / HM688S / HM 68801RC / DIO68801RC / ECO68801RC / EH0312 / EH0320 / EH0322

Replacement HEPA filter cartridge for HM688/HM68801.HM68801-RC and DiO68801-RC models.
Note this is a single cartridge. Early models of the HM688 used two smaller cartridges. This single larger cartridge replaces the two and fits into these units as a direct replacement.

Product Features

  • Repalcement HEPA filter cartrige to fit HM688 / HM68801 / HM68801-RC and DiO68801-RC
  • Fits in the side of the machine.
  • Despatched to you using Royal Mail Post
  • Same working day despatch on all orders cleared by Amazon by 4pm.

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Boneco 2055D Filterless Air Purifier & Evaporative Humidifier – Digital Humidity Display & Control with Fragrance Cartridge & Pre-Ioniser

The Air and Water Centre recommends the use of this evaporative humidifier in bedrooms, living rooms or any room up to 50m².

The Boneco 2055D humidifies and washes the air without the use of filters. This makes this unit much cheaper in the long run than other evaporative humidifiers that constantly need replacement filter cartridges.

A fan at the top of the unit sucks air in and on to special humidifier discs inside the humidifier that are rotating in the water. The moisture evaporates into the air and is blown out through the vents on the side of the unit. Dirt and dust particles that are suspended in the air are washed out during the process and are left behind in the unit. The air leaving the unit is therefore clean, fresh and optimally humidified.

A digital display indicates the current humidity and allows you to set the internal humidistat to maintain your desired humidity from 30-70% relative humidity. It can also be set to run continuously. The display will also indicate when the unit needs to be topped-up with water, cleaned and when the ISS anti-bacterial system needs replacing.

Unique to the Boneco 2055D is a pre-ioniser that releases negative ions into the air being sucked into the unit. These ions bond with dust particles, forming clusters, which are attracted to the rotating discs like magnets removing them from the atmosphere.

In order to keep the water pure inside the unit an Ionic Silver Stick releases silver ions into the water. The anti-bacterial qualities of silver effectively kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria and viruses. Replacement ionic silver sticks can be purchased from the Multi-Buy section below.

A special fragrance container sits in the tray – a cotton pad moistened with fragrance can be placed in it so that the room is scented at the same time as being humidified.

Product Features

  • Filterless evaporative humidifier suitable for rooms up to 50m²
  • Digital humidity display shows when it needs to be cleaned, topped up with water & when ISS needs to be replaced
  • Transparent, removable 7 litre water tank
  • 2 operation modes – night & normal
  • Dimensions H360mm x W360mm x D360mm, Very quiet operation – less than 25 decibels

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