Himalayan Salt Lamp, Wanfei Natural Pink Crystal Sea Salt Lamp Air Purifier Salt Lamp Night Light in Hand Carved Metal Bowl with 2x15W Bulbs Dimmable Control and UL-Listed Cord

Natural crystal salt lump. The minerals and sea salt in the Himalayan precipitated and crystallized into pink rock salt throught thousands years of change. No washing, no chemical treatment, to ensure that the natural ingredients of salt.
LED light source components. Metal cooling base, LED lamp beads, more power, longer life
Release the Soman wave frequency. When Salt lamp working, can emit the resonance frequency, naturally adjust and inhibit electrical radiation generated by electromagnetic radiation
Fashion, healthy life trend. Crystal salt lamp gradually recognized by the people, especially in the high level of environmental protection country, people are a soft spot for it. As a warm night light,suitable for living room,bedroom,hotel,office,business club and so on
Safe product. As a salt lamp, it obtained CE, RoHs, FCC, UL certification. Absolutely safe and reliable
Beautiful gift. Turn on the lights, the light soft, warm, magnificent, coupled, with the unique function, is a wonderful gift to send friends and family

Blub Type: E14
Input voltage:220V(UK plug)
Max. Power: 15W
Product Size: 11cm*11cm
Weight: 1.48kg / 3.26lbs
Wire: 5ft Power cord with dimmable rotary switch. 

Instruction Steps:
1. Making sure the power is off and installing the bulb on the E14 base
2. Putting the salt rock into the bowl
3. Connecting the power supply
4. Rotating the switch to adjust the brightness of the bulb

Keeping dry environment.In a humid area,it deteriorates the salt because it melts and dissolves just like any other salt. Dry is best for these kinds of lamps.

Package includes
1 X Pack of Himalayan Crystal Salt Chunks
2 X 15W Bulbs
1 X Dimmer Switch
1 X Manual

Product Features

  • Releasing Negative Ions, Purifing Air — When the salt is heated with the bulb, salt lamp absorb water from the air , and then evaporate, repeated alternately, continue to release ions that refresh the air, effectively improve the air quality
  • Dimmable Lighting — The himalayan salt lamp has different levels of lighting control. The dimmer is easy to operate. Adjustable dimmer switch, according to their own preferences to adjust the light.
  • Reducing Stress & Emotional Changes — Unique natural soft orange light, It makes house lighter and with more harmony, and the ambient glow casts is surprisingly calming and mood building! It can effectively relieve stress, create a romantic warm ambience
  • Help for Health — Crystal salt lamp can volatile salt ions,It has the function of sterilization and disinfection.In a smoky place , this salt lamp will remove the smoke and smell in the air. At the same time can adjust allergies, asthma and other children common disease and immune system. These features are a long-term effect
  • Ideal for Decoration — Salt lamp of beautiful appearance, simple hollow engraving patterns, unique design.This one is more decorative. Been looking for a small enough decent lamp that would be perfect for side table,bedroom, living room,hall and more

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Homankit Dimmable 5-7kg Natural Therapeutic Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimmer Switch / Dimmable Bedside Lamp Air Purifying Crystal Salt Lamp with Wood base and Blub

✔Each salt lamp is hand-crafted with a large piece of Himalayan rock salt.Each salt lamp has its own shapes and different sizes and colors, which is unique in the world.
✔Weight of the Salt Lamp:5-7kg
✔Package includes: 1Salt Lamp, 1 Blub(15watt),1 Black Cord(1.5meter) with Dimmer Switch

✔Emitting Negative Ions: How is your feeling, when standing under a waterfall, taking a hike up the mountain, Faceing towards the sea.Yeah, the happy feeling you feel is the result of negative ions. Working as a natural negetive ions genertor, the Salt Lamp absorbs the moisture from the air, then evaporating, absorbing again, evaportaing again.This progress is ontinuous alternately. During this progerss, negative ions produces.
✔Air Purifying: Working as a natural air purifier, the Salt Lamp can remove and absort dust, smoking, and somthing like polluted particles from the surrounding air.It is also said that it may have a little help for allergy and asthma symptoms.
✔Stress Reducing:The stress from our daily life always makes people be in tension and anxiety,which have bad impact on people’s physical-mental health. The Salt Lamp gives out a warm soft calming glow, which can efficently reduce the impact on people’s health. With a salt lamp on, enjoy a calming environment!!!

★How To Maintain the Salt Lamp
✔Clean the surface with a dry soft cloth so as to maintain a good transmittance in the daily time. Using a wet cloth or wet sponge,if there dirt on it.DO NOT WASH LAMP WITH WATER! If unused for a long time,the salt lamp should be wrapped with plastic bag to keep it dry all the time.
✔Please Avoid Cashing or Bumping.

The Salt Lamp absorbs moisture, sometimes there may condenstion of water on the surface.
Please check the Blub and Cord to make sure both blub and cord dry before using!

Product Features

  • ☆NATURAL handcrafted himalayan salt lamp with dimmer switch, package includes 2*blub(15watt), wood base and black cord(1.5M) with dimmer switch.Use the Dimmer Switch to keep the crystal light on low,also switch the light off altogether, to create a peaceful mood
  • ☆Best Alternative to Normal Bedside lamp / Bedroom lamp:AVAILABLE WEIGHT: 5-7kg and varies in size and color, suitable for bedroom, smoking room, office and covered area is about 14-18 square meters, the larger a himalayan salt lamp is, the wider it coveres
  • ☆Safe to use – Built-in with Protective Tube to keep your cord more safe.Each Homankit lamp cord is equipped with Protective Tube to make sure complete protection for the cord and your lamp
  • ☆NATURAL AIR PURIFIER cleans dust,smoke,bacteria etc. in the air.NATURAL NEGETIVE IONS GENEROTR emitts negetive ions, which would be helpful for improving the quality of surrounding air
  • ☆HIMALAYAN SEA SALT LAMP–A best choice for home decoration and best gifts for family members and friends

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Crystal Salt Lamp, Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamps on Wood Base, Natural Ionic Air Purifier and Soft Night Light for Living Dining Bedroom and Office, with Dimmable Rotary Switch by GuangQi. [Factory Store]

• The Himalayan Mountains formed over the course of millions of years, Deep within these mountain
  chain laid troves of ancient Salt fossils, the origin for Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps.
• Crystal Decor’s salt lamps provide both tranquility and natural earthy aesthetic to any home or
  office. To sooth your inner spirit and to help you breathe and rest easy,are also effective in
  treating common respiratory ailments.

• Material: Salt
• Size: Diameter of about 3.15″(8cm), height 5.5″(14cm) or so
• Switch Type: Knob for dimming
• Bulb: 15W
• Color box size: 5.5″*5.5″*8.6″(14 * 14 * 22cm)

Package Contents:
• 1 * Salt lamp
• 1 * Color box

• Color difference exists because of photo shooting and various LCD display.

• All the products we sold are guaranteed free return in 30 days after your receiving.

Don’t hesitate to get it TODAY!

Product Features

  • ►AIR PURIFIER: Heating the lampshade to release negative ions which can purify air,clear natural allergens, and fight against electromagnetic radiation.
  • ►UNIQUE: All salt crystals come from the Himalayan Mountains, so each one is unique in color, size and shape.
  • ►PEACE AMBIENCE: Not dazzling by adjusting the dimmable rotary switch, creates a calming ambiance and helps release pressure.
  • ►NATURAL LIGHTING: The salt lamps provide a pure and natural source of light that soothing effects for relaxation. You can even change the color of the bulb to give a different hue to the lighting area.
  • ►MULTI-ROLE: Can be used in various occasions as a gentle event light or to keep dark hall ways lit, such as living room, dining room, kitchen and office.

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Multi-functional Mushroom LED Lamp Rechargeable Desk Lamp Dimmable Eye-protection Night Light Lonizer Air Purifiers Health Anion Anti-radiation Purifiers for Household Office

Name: Mushroom Air Purification Lamp
Finish Color: White
Material: ABS
Input: DC 5V 800mA
Power: ≤3W
Product Size: 177mm (φ) x 211mm (H)

Packing Content:
1 x LED Air Purification Lamp
1 x Charger

Product Features

  • Anion Air Cleaning-Purification of airborne bacteria, secondhand smoke, dust. Keep pressing the touch key, the light will be bright or dim.
  • LED bulbs last can be used more than 50,000 hrs, no radiation, easy on eyes. Warm led light: also can be used as night light for baby and children.
  • Rechargeable LED lighting, mushroom lamp is an air purifier and night light, eye protection.
  • Eco-friendly and low energy consumption, provides natural, non-flickering light for stress free productivity.
  • Touch sensor switch. 2 kinds of power supply: Use USB power supply or use the built-in battery power supply.

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