AIRY Dragon Tree House Plant – Dracaena marginata – Natural air purifying plant for healthier indoor climate – Suitable for AIRY pot and box (17cm)


There are more than 100 different kinds of Dragon Trees. This one originates from Madagascar and is, since of late, no longer an independent species but counted among Dracaena reflexa (var. angustifolia). Since the plant is still sold under its former botanical name, we decided to call it in this description Dracaena marginata’ as well. The plant has shiny dark green leaves which are edged in wine red. They resemble fleams: They are 20 mm slim and 30 cm to 40 cm long. After several years of careful maintenance, dragon trees are looking like palms; they are, however, not trees and closer related to lilies of the valley than to palms.

Dracaena marginatas prefer a sunny to semi-shade spot, like to stay on the balcony or patio during the summer; if so, it should be allowed to get used to sunlight gradually. Incessant rain is not its favorite weather and at temperatures below 10 °C (50 °F) it will be pleased to move back inside the house. Benevolent plant owners take care that it does not dry out and keep the plant moderately moist.

Product Features

  • HEALTHY ROOM AIR – Dragon Tree cleans the air very effectively from benzene, a pollutant contained in paints, rubber and plastics
  • 100% QUALITY – Our plants are from AIR SO PURE, a Dutch gardening association that specialises in high-quality indoor air purifying plants
  • A POWERFUL TEAM – Plants purify the air in a natural way. Together with our patented AIRY air purifier, pollutants are filtered, which has been proven to improve the indoor climate
  • LIGHT CARE – Dragon tree prefers a sunny to semi-shady place, enjoys spending the summer on the balcony or terrace, but should get used to direct sunlight only slowly
  • DECORATIVE – Dragon trees look like palms after a few years of good care. This always sets great accents in your home or office

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3 in 1 Dracaena ‘Jade Jewel’ – Dragon tree 3 plants in one – Bright green leaves – Variegated white stripes – Large indoor foliage plant – Ideal for hallways, offices and kitchens – Stunning gift for any occasion – Simple care – Low Light and humidity tolerant – Tropical palm-like look

The Dracaena Jade Jewel is a fairly new variety, producing white and green variegated leaves. Supplied with 3 plants of varying sizes, in one pot for an amazing full effect.

Overall pot size: 21 cm

Overall plant height (inc pot): 115cm approximately

Three plant sizes: 60 cm, 30 cm, 15 cm

Please note items are ordered in upon purchase – Products may take up to 14 days to arrive.

Dracaenas are easy to look after plants, which are very forgiving to some neglect. They are commonly grown for their dramatic foliage, which is similar to some palms in shape. They are said to suit any interior style, and will thrive when kept in low light and low humidity areas, making them an ideal addition to offices, hallways, kitchens and more. Dracaenas are also a powerful air purifier, as shown in the NASA clean air study, a hidden additional benefit! These undemanding, carefree plants are ideal for busy lifestyles and for those unsure about keeping a larger plant. Add some tropical greenery to your home, garden or business.

Product Features

  • Variegated green and white stripes – Tropical Evergreen palm-like look
  • 3 plants in 1 – adds height and texture – Plants are ordered in upon purchase.
  • Ideal feature plant for homes and offices – Stand out, large foliage plant
  • Requires limited and simple care – Tolerant to low light, low humidity and some neglect.
  • Powerful Air purifier – Proven by NASA clean air study

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