WXHNFHL Mosquito Traps Electronic Mosquito killer Suction Type Mosquito Lamp Indoor UV Light Trapping Electric Shock Anion Purifier Purifying Air Sterilization Odor Removal Grid Wall Hanging Radiation-free , Purple

Product Name: Mosquito Killer

Rated power: 2.5W

Color: black, green, pink, purple

Packing size: 22.8*20*16cm

Range: 20-50m²

Product Features

  • Mosquitoes have a strong phototaxis. Under the lure of a 410nm wavelength ultraviolet light, mosquitoes swarm and fly nearly 5cm away from the mosquito killer. The powerful air flow created by the fan momentarily becomes trapped inside the machine and is killed by the high voltage power network.
  • The cover uses a plastic protective net to prevent children from accidentally causing danger. The negative oxygen ion brush in the built-in machine can release a large amount of negative oxygen ions to kill harmful bacteria in the air.
  • Negative ions can reverse the bipolarity of the bacterial proteins, making them less viable or lethal to the bacteria and achieving the purpose of sterilization. It can also reduce the active oxygen produced by various harmful substances from the atmosphere, neutralize the positive airborne dust, cause it to settle without charge, and purify the air.
  • Please do not put the mosquito trap on the air outlet or in the place where the fan is blown. Because the mosquito is attracted to the machine, it will be inhaled by the fan. If the air flow changes, it may not be inhaled. Placed in the absence of light source 0.8-1m can improve the effect.
  • Anti-mosquito devices will not be like mosquito coils and insecticides. Once used, mosquitoes will disappear immediately and they will achieve immediate results. Instead, they will form a benign circulatory system in the use area, destroy the breeding chain of mosquitoes, and reduce the density of mosquitoes as a whole. Mosquitoes need to air dry for a long time, do not be too anxious to shut down or turn on the machine.

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MaisOui All in One Pest Control Repels Roaches, Mice, Rats, Fly, Mosquito, Rodents ,Moths, Ants, Spiders, Bats For Home Indoor,Natural Harmless Electronic Ultrasonic Repellent,All in One Function Pest Repeller

Extensive tests have demonstrated item is effective in eliminating:Rats/Mice/Cockroach/Mosquito/Fly.Our customers have also reported the item is effective against:Ants/Silverfish/Earwigs/Water bugs.
Your pest problem will be remedied with 2-4 weeks ;however ,eradication of pests may take over 4 weeks depending upon the pests and their reproduction cycle.If the rodents have already nested in your house, they are unlikely to desert their young until they are old enough to move.
Additional units will be required in larger areas. Areas such as attics, basements, garages and large storage areas may require more than one unit.
The electromagnetic wave drives pests out from the walls;the Multi-frequency ultrasonic(20-65khz) drives them from your hom;Ozone and Anion can make the air fresh and remove bacteria which attract unwanted pests.
1.For the best results, it is recommended that one unit be places per room where you are seeing signs of an infestation.The installing point should be avoided from carpet, curtain etc.(attaching sound material).
2.This item should be installed at 30-50cm away from the floor. The installing point should be avoided to be in the back of the furnitures that deterring or attaching frequency.
3.To further enhance the safety of the All in one pest repeller,the unit has a built in electrical protector that will guard against over heating and power surges.
4.Vermin activity might increase within the first two weeks of usage.This will quickly drop in the following two weeks.
5.An internet search will show you that pest repellers do work but results vary. There are many factors that need to be considered , including the type of pest, the surroundings of the item etc .
6.It is not recommended to use this product if you have the following pets: Mice, Hamsters, Ferrets,or any other rodent-like pets.
Power Supply:AC100-240V 8W
Cover Range:2500sp.FT

Product Features

  • Upgraded for Fivefold Impact:The newest All in one Pest Repeller transmits ultrasonic(Fred.) ,dragonfly wings’vibration(Mosquito),Electromagnetic wave(Electro-magnetic),Ozone(O3),and Anion(Anion) to repel different pests. Also it can be used as power-saving night light(Light).Five power in one item!
  • Not Only a Pest Repeller But an Air Purifier:The electromagnetic wave drives pests out from the walls;the Multi-frequency ultrasonic drives them from your home;Ozone and Anion can make the air fresh and remove bacteria which attract unwanted pests. It is not only a pest repeller but a small-sized air purifier!When you press “TEST”,all the lights (3 lights)will turn on and you can hear sound,so this shows the item works well.
  • Eco-friendly and Safe:All in one pest repeller is your best choice for pest repeller.It is completely safe to use around children,pets and food products.It does away with the use of harmful chemical insecticides and pesticides. Unlike mousetraps, glue traps or cockroach motels – all which kill pests and leave a messy cleanup.Drive pests is better and more thoroughly than kill them.Also it will not have effect on house equipment like computers or burglar alarms
  • Refund Guarantee: If there is any quality problem of the product itself, do not hesitate to contact us.If the product you receive is damaged, we would resend you a new one as replacement. If you’re not completely satisfied, return the item in the original packing box for a full refund within 30 days!

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Honeywell FC37A1064 Replacement Electronic Cell For 20-Inch by 25-Inch Air

Product Features

  • The FC37A1064 is used in F300E1035 F300A2025 F50F1065
  • Includes one plastic handle 137266. The handle can mount on either end of the cell allowing the cell to be rotated and used with air flow running in either direction

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DIOSN Refrigerator Deodorizer Portable Creative Air Purifier Electronic Kitchen Refrigeratory Deodorant Ionic Freshener

Product Description:

Adopt advanced high-voltage ionization technology, produce reactive oxygen species (O3), eliminate the smell of the refrigerator, fresh food and sterilization.
Neutralizes or eliminates unpleasant odors with fresh air inside refrigerators, closets, bathrooms and cars, pantries, pet zones and wherever else you need it.
Kill all kinds of bacteria to avoid the growth of mildew. All electronic deodorant preservation, no secondary pollution.
Operated by 3 AA batteries (NOT included). Low voltage indicator reminds you of replacing batteries.
Very ideal for use in refrigerator to keep the foods fresh for longer time.
Built-in micro CPU intelligently controls the operation cycle & mode by one touch and indicates with the colored LED.
Compact and portable for your convenience.Safe and harmless under proper use, better in a relative closed space with nobody in.

Operation: ON/OFF button,mode button, LED indicator light for easy operation.
Power consumption: Max 0.5W
Low power consumption, deodorize continuously for about 90 days on only 3 AA batteries
Have the low voltage indicator to remind you of when to replace the batteries
Powered by three AA alkaline batteries(NOT included) For fridges of up to 250-Litre in volume
Power: 12 W
Voltage: 100-240 V
Product Size:7.2*6.8*12CM
Product Weight:280g

Package included:

1 x Electronic Refrigerator Deodorizer
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • Neutralizes or eliminates unpleasant odors with fresh air inside refrigerators, closets, bathrooms and cars etc
  • Safe and harmless under proper use, better in a relative closed space with nobody in.
  • Reduces food spoilage caused by bacteria and mold Extends the freshness and life of many foods.
  • Naturally neutralizes odors without any cover-up scents or fragrance.
  • Compact and portable for your convenience.

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LONGKO 5-in-1 Ultrasonic Repeller Electronic Pest Repellent Pet Friendly w/Ionic Purifier Sensor Light for Mice,Ants, Moths, Insect, Mouse, Rodent & More, Electromagnetic & Ionic Built In Night Light, Simply Plug In Get Most Powerful Pet & Child Safe Total Home Protection (Upgraded Version)

Rid Your Place of Pests & Rodents!!!
The ultrasonic frequency covers up to 5,000 square feet in open space that drive rodents out of your home, office, barn, garage or other indoor places, while electromagnetic pulses force pests out of walls. Both of the two waves working accompanied by the function of ionic purification, helping to remove smell and bacteria that attract pests, greatly enhance the repellent effect.

Much Safer Than Using Chemicals
It is a pet-friendly pests repeller without any extra poisons, chemicals, sprays or traps that doing no harm to your kids, loved family and even your pet dogs/cats. The unique sweet sensor nightlight will automatically turn on/off depending on the brightness condition at the sensor state, also shining soft blue at the constant state which is perfect for comfortable sleeping!

Friendly Tips:
A few simple steps to solve many pest problems!
* Keep the kitchen garbage lid closed while not using.
* Restore grain and dry-saltery food in airtight containers.
* Repair plumbing leaks and cracks to avoid the breeding of mosquitoes!
* Trim the lawn, trees, or shrubs around your house regularly…

Power: 8W max.
Voltage: 110V-240V/AC, 50-60Hz
Material: ABS Plastic
Effective Range: 5000 sq.ft
Certification: CE & ROHS
Product Dimensions: 4.53″x1.77″x2.76″
Ultrasonic Frequency: 25kHz
Ultrasonic Pulse Intervals: (1-4sec/on)-(0.5-2sec/off)
Electromagnetic Pulse Intervals: (0.5-2sec/on)-(1-4 sec/off)

Package including:
1 x Pest Repeller
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • * No More Pick Up Pests Debris: it emits 25kHz ultrasonic frequency and (0.5-2sec on / 1-4sec off)electromagnetic pulse intervals that startle and repel pests and rodents away from your indoor places, replacing traditional rat trap, flyswatter and sticky tape, no need to glimpse at or clean pests debris
  • * Pets & Child Friendly Repeller: no need to add extra poisons, chemicals, sprays or traps, the unique pet friendly design ensures no noise interference to your pets and kids, can be used in various places (bedroom, kitchen, garage, barn, pigpen, etc)
  • * Smart Sensor Nightlight: the cozy blue nightlight automatically turn on/off based on the brightness condition (at sensor state), eco-friendly and energy saving, it can also be a constant soft light for special lighting, no disturb to your kids, pets and yourself comfortable sleep
  • * Bonus Ionic Purification: built-in ionic air purifier removes airborne smell and bacteria that attract pests as soon as plugged in, keeping your indoor air fresh and clean
  • * Safe & Easy Operation: CE & ROHS certified, easily plug into wall outlet to use in any indoor places without obstructed by furniture, refrigerator and other obstacles for better effectiveness

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★★ NEW-UPGRADED version ★★ Exclusive 6 IN 1 Ultrasonic Indoor Pest control Repeller in UK. Totally Safe for Humans and Pets, Perfect for Home Protection. Most powerful electronic pest control deterrent against spiders, mice, moths, ants, bugs, fleas ( UK plug, Simply Plug in, Auto Night Light)

Why choose the Aspectek Home Sentinel?

With over 20 years of design and technical breakthroughs (U.S Patent Number 5473836 & 5990783), the protection of the Home Sentinel eliminates the ongoing costs of spraying your home with no messy mouse traps to clean up. It is safe for humans, pets and even the pests.

It’s the #1 leading seller for humane indoor pest control, the HOME SENTINEL by Aspectek is the industry’s most advanced indoor pest repellent product.

How it works:
Simply plug one unit into each room where you are experiencing signs of a rodent/insect infestation, that’s it!
You may see more activity in the first few days as pest are driven out of the walls by the powerful electromagnetic pulse.
The pursistant annoyance of the utrasonic sound will make sure they don’t linger long in the open areas of the room leaving forcing them to leave your home to find peace and comfort.
The ionic air purifier works as a preventative measure to clean the air of pest attracting bacteria. Leave the Home Sentinel plugged in as an invisible shield. Protecting your home and family from insect and rodent infestations!

Includes: 1 Aspectek Home sentinel

About Aspectek :

Aspectek is a Canadian brand trusted for over 25 years as a leader in effective pest control products designed with quality and affordability in mind.
When purchased from a licensed vendor (Deals Republic), all Aspectek products are covered under a one year manufacturer’s warranty and are shipped directly to you from Canada. GREAT WEEKEND OPPORTUNITY. ORDER IT TODAY ONLY AT £19.99 DO NOT MISS IT.

Product Features

  • ✓FIRST and ONLY 6 in 1 pest repeller on the UK market. Repel Indoor Pests such as; Rodents, Rats, Mouse, Roach, Crickets, Fleas, Bed Bugs, Ants, ….MORE!
  • ✓3 PEST REPELLING TECHNOLOGIES FOR FULL PEST CONTROL COVERAGE AND BEST RESULTS: Operates quiet to the human ear Ultrasonic sound wave clears pest from open areas of the room, Electromagnetic pulse EXCLUSIVE to the Home Sentinel drives pests out of walls where they can hide from other ultrasonic pest repellers, Ionic Air purifier removes pest attracting bacteria from the room
  • ✓3 ADDED in technologies: 3 LED Function Status Lights, Built In Bright Blue LED Night Light, ONLY indoor pest control repeller with a “pet-friendly” mode so that you can still take advantage of the other functions if your pet is bothered by the ultrasonic sound waves!
  • ✓Poison Free, Trap Free, Cost Effective Non Toxic Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller. Safe to use around children and pets. For best results, it is recommended to use one unit per room where you are seeing signs of an infestation. FREE 30 day trial or your MONEY BACK. ORDER TODAY GET IT TOMORROW. FREE DELIVERY ALL OVER UK.BIG LIQUIDATION SUMMER SALE ORDER IT TODAY ONLY AT £18.99

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BugzOff Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent Electronic Plug-In Repeller for Insects – Best Products for Cockroach, Rodents, Fly, Roaches Ants Spiders, Fleas, Mice Indoor Air Purifier

Plugs into your outlet

Our BUGZOFF® Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Repels pests forever. Are pests living and growing in your home, between the walls, in the kitchen, in the attic? Running around near your children, pets and food? Are your tired of spending hundreds or thousands trying to get rid of them? Save money:

• No chemical products
• No maintenance
• Unlimited duration Easy to use: All you have to do is plug the iCooker Pest-Reject into an outlet in your home and you`ll repel parasites within an action radius of 200 m².

How it works:

Pest Reject uses Ultrasonic Technology, inaudible to the human ear

Double Technology:

BUGZOFF® is completely inoffensive for children and pests, and does not interfere with household appliances.

Environmentally friendly:

Pest-Reject is a product for home use that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no hazardous chemicals that are toxic or poisonous or that give of noxious odours

Product Features

  • ✔ ULTRASONIC & ELECTROMAGNETIC – Uses safe & effective technology to rid those nasty pest from your home. Plugs into any wall power outlet in your house which uses the power in order to effectively eliminate those rodents and pest
  • ✔ LIFETIME GUARANTEE – This product is backed by our Lifetime guarntee becuase we want to help you get rid of those pest and we offer a money back guarantee if you dont see results within 3 weeks. Typical results can take 2-3 weeks depending on the amount of infestation
  • ✔ LATEST TECHNOLOGY – Sends out inaudible sounds to get rid pests from your home, In-Audible to the human ear but extremely annoying to roaches, rats and ants. They’ve annyoped you enough, now its time to annoy them right back
  • ✔ BEST SOLUTION for Mosquitoes, Rats, Insects and Rodents (Mice, Rats etc..) It will not harm your children, or pets, it is completely safe as long as your pets do not include roaches, rats or any kind of insects
  • ✔ SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS while driving away Rodents without using any kind of poison, risky traps, or chemicals that smell horrible and burns your eyes – Use one unit per floor – has built in night light for indoor use

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Pest repeller plug in Ultrasonic Ionic Electronic Pest Control Rat Mouse Mice Spider Insect Deterrent (UK 3 Pin BS-plug)

Latest Technology Multi-function Pest Controller Protect your home from: Insects: roaches, ants (excluding carpenter ants), centipedes, water bugs, crickets, bed bugs (prevents only), silverfish, earwigs, mites, spiders, scorpions, fleas, ticks. Rodents: mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons and bats. 3 kinds of Pest Control technology: *Ultrasonic technology The exclusive high pressure transducer emits an ultrasonic alarm (inaudible to humans) that drives pests out by creating a hostile environment. *Electro-Vibrawave technology Pulsating vibrations travel through your wiring to create a giant pest repelling field. Reaches deep into walls and cracks untouched by other pest controls where 90% of pests nest and breed. *Ionic technology Removes pollutants from the air, destroys dust mites and eliminates food odors that attract pests into your home. Pest Repeller Features: *Efficient electronic pest control device *Covers up to 5, 000 sq. Ft. *Recommended one per floor ideal for flats, apartments and offices *Safe for humans and pets (excluding rodent type pets) *Use Latest 2013 technology to repel pests from your home *Second Ultrasonic sound generation, Electro-Vibrawave repels pests from inside walls *Ultra-Ionic pest control technology filters out bacteria and odors that draw pest in *Super bright blue LED nightlight (On/Off/Light Sensor controls) *Standard 1 year Warranty Technical Specifications *3 Pin BS Plug Fits any standard socket. *Power: 110V/60Hz; 220V/50Hz *Consumption: 8 Watts (Max. ) *Ultrasonic Frequency: 25, 000 Hz *Pulse Intervals: Ultrasonic wave: 1 sec. ~ 4 sec. On, 0.5 sec. ~ 2 sec. Off Magnetic wave: 0.5 sec. ~ 2 sec. On, 1 sec. ~ 4 sec. Off *Negative Ions Air Purifier: Purifying Rate: 98% Negative Ions Concentration: 3, 000, 000 ions/CBM

Product Features

  • 1. Use three ways to repel pests: Ultrosonic wave+anion+electromagnetic wave
  • 2. You can choose anyone of them to repell pests according to your environment
  • 3. The unit creates a stream of beneficial anions to disinfect and clean the air, bring you a healthier environment.
  • 4. Wider effective range: Enhanced electromagnetic waves can reach deeper even into walls, cracks and crevices throughout your home or office to repel the pests, make the effective range wider.

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Spaire USB Aroma Diffuser 90ML Portable Essential Oil Electronic Aromatherapy Humidifier, Ultrasonic Cool Mist Air Purifier with 7 Colors LED Light Changing Waterless Auto Shut-off Function For bedroom, baby room, Office, Spa and Yoga.

Material: PP
Tank Capacity: 90ML
Weight: Approx.235G
Dimensions: 119mm×143mm
Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Output: DC 5V 1A
Time Mode: 30min / 60min / 120min
Length of cord: Approx.100CM
Electric consumption: Approx.5.5W
LED light: 3 bulbs
Accessories: USB Cable, Adapter, Measuring cup, User Manual
Ultrasonic rate: 3.0MHz

This Aroma Diffuser uses the ultrasonic waves to instantly vaporize water and essential oil in the tank, to produce a cool, dry fragrant mist.
Multi-function but extremely easy to use, perfect device for your office, bedroom, home, spa, baby’s room and so on.

Package includes:
· 1 x Spaire EL-1001 Aroma Diffuser
· 1 x USB Cable
· 1 x Adapter
· 1 x Measuring Cup
· 1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • Fill with your favorite fragrance that can lift your mood and relieve stress. Healthy anions is created when water is ultrasonic diffused, anions cleans the surrounding air and reduce radiation from computer and natural environment.
  • The Water Tank holds 90ml water. Timer button will cycle through one of the five modes orderly, 0.5-hour, 1-hour, 2-hour, on and poThe automatic shut-off features ensure safety and save energy making it for trouble-free use at night. It will switch off when water runs out.
  • 7 color changing LED lights cycle through the colors automatically, or simply set to stay on your favorite one.
  • Low power consumption and low noise, good for for gym, yoga, baby room, office, spa and bedroom, letting you enjoy life anytime and anywhere.
  • What you will get: 1x Aglaia aroma diffuser, 1x power adapter, 1x user manual, 1x measuring cup, 24 months worry-free warranty and friendly customer service.

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