Stop Snoring Air Purifier Aids Nose Vent, Heavy Breathing Effective Relief Snore Stopper, Anti Snoring Nasal Dilators Improve Sleep Apnea Devices(3 pack)

Product description
Material: environmentally ABS + silicone

Weight: 50g

Packing: boxed

Note: could water wash after use

Product Features

  • Environmental protection ABS material, not produce allergies or pain. Soft and comfortable, not harmful to your body
  • Cure heavy breathing and nasal congestion through stop or reduce snoring and dry-mouth
  • Easy to wear and take off, suit any size nostril, may need a short period of adaptation
  • Good quality air purifiers, effectively filter air pm>2.5, prevent fog, dust, formaldehyde and odor. Prevent pollution, protect health
  • Improve your relationship through quieter sleep, create better sleep quality

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Anion Healthy Weight Scale Precision Bathroom Scale Air Purifier LED Backlight Bear Heavy 180 , light blue , 30*30cm

Product Type: Electronics

Function: measuring weight, air purification

Applicable people: GM

Maximum weighing: 180KG

Dimensions: 300 * 300 * 23mm

Color: gray, light blue

High-strength rigid glass bearing surface, ultra-thick plastic anti-skid base, stable and safe, with high-precision sensors, high-precision sensor, Voltage and overload display, induction auto power on / off

Product Features

  • Large LED liquid crystal display screen, backlight display, indoor temperature measurement
  • Automatic negative ion generator, produce negative ions to purify the air, sterilization in addition to odor
  • High strength rigid glass bearing surface, ultra-thick plastic anti-slip base, stable and safe
  • Equipped with high-precision sensors, voltage and overload display, induction automatic power on / off
  • Maximum weighing: 180 kg, size: 30 * 30 * 2.1CM

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Honeywell HH-503E1 Heavy Duty Heater

Honeywell Heavy Duty Heater Suitable for Workshops Onsite Buildings GaragesRobustly Constructed 3 Year Warranty HH503E Air Purifiers

Product Features

  • 3000 W heat output
  • Overheating protection
  • Ideal for warming workshops, on-site buildings, garages etc
  • Thermal protection with automatic reset
  • Easy grip rubber-covered handle

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