Himalayan Salt Lamps Natural Colorful Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp Air Purifier About 4.7 Inches 1.5 Lbs,Premium Quality Wooden Base – Natural Home Decor Lighting

Product description:

– Soothing and relaxing campfire amber warm glow. Great for use in bedrooms, on office desks or cubicles, living rooms, restaurants & hotels and therapeutic & meditative rooms. Crystal salt lamp with pure natural beauty, tasteless, without any harmful radiation, without internal maintenance; normal life of ten years; crystal salt lamp from the natural crystal salt ore hand made, the Himalayan natural rock salt commonly known as crystal salt.

Package include:

– Salt Lamp*1

Product Features

  • Hand-carved, 100% pure natural Himalayan salt.
  • Suitable for people who sit for a long time,frequent use of computers,elder or weak,smokers,recurrent insomnia.
  • Negative ions purify the air,May also relieve symptoms of Anxiety and Insomnia.
  • 4.7inch height, 2.75inch width.
  • This salt lamp has multi color changing function,it has LED light inside,no need for you to install.

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