Forbes 6-Stage ActiveShield Filtration Electric Cigarette Lighter Adapter Powered Car Air Purifier | Freshener for Dog and Cat Smell, Cigarette Smoke, Dust, Pollen and Odors, Greatly Reduces Allergens | Whisper-Quiet, Portable and Compact – Fits Inside a Cup Holder.

Forbes AC-5 Auto Plug In Air Purifier

6-Stage Purification Technology:

1. ActiveShield provides anti-infection protection.

2. UV Lamp purifies microorganisms.

3. HEPA Type filter removes even the tiniest harmful airborne particles.

4. Active carbon filter purifies allergens inside a car cabin (covers up to 5m2).

5. Negative ions produced by anion generator constantly makes the air fresh and pure.

6. Active oxidation cell keeps the purification process on. Aerodynamic 360° air flow speed: 10m³/h.

Product Features

  • HELPS SOOTHE RESPIRATORY DISCOMFORTS – Has a lifespan of 2000 hours while using all 6 stages of purification. The active oxidation cell has self-cleaning abilities and keeps the air filtering process on. UV lamp eliminates microorganisms, fungi and harmful VOC’s. Active carbon is another filtration segment that has excellent absorbency quality. HEPA filter is very efficient and thorough – removes particles of 0.3 microns at a 99.9% efficiency rate.
  • NON-DISTRACTING UV LIGHT, HAS A PERFECT SIZE AND A SUPER QUIET WORK MODE – Despite the powerful 360 intake systems drawing air into all sides to maximise efficiency and deliver purified air faster, its noise level is very low. Even when you’re waiting for the green light you shouldn’t hear it when it’s on. We carefully thought about the size of the casing, so if you want to place it near the driving seat it will not block the gear stick.
  • ActiveShield FILTRATION STAGES FOR PURIFIED AIR – The advance multi-layered purification process reduces respirable airborne particles and dreaded airborne infections, making the air always 99.9% pure and healthy. If you happen to have a problem with the dust inside the cabin, the fan will suck it in a miniature tornado motion, while the generator inside produces negative ions to keep the air around you pure and fresh.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR ANY VEHICLE – Designed to fit into the standard size round cup holder. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter or USB port, press the grey button and you’re all set. Our air cleaner can be used in auto-cabins sizes of up to 5m2 – which makes it equally effective if used next to the wheel of a truck.
  • REMOVES ALL TYPES OF SMELL, ODOR AND VAPOR – Dust, harmful gases, viruses, pet smell and bacteria get successfully filtered even during short car rides. If you’re testing it for the first time to see how effective it is against both invisible and visible particles, its cleansing capabilities of that sort are best noticeable during long-haul trips.

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[Safe Upgraded]CHGeek 12V/24V 150W 3-Socket Cigarette Lighter 6.8A 4 Port USB Car Charger Power Adapter DC Outlet Splitter for iPhone iPad, Android Samsung, GPS, Dashcam, Air Purifier

CHGeek 150W 3-Socket Cigarette Lighter Adapter 4 USB Car Charger

Triple Your DC Outlets
The 3 DC outlets on this adapter provide a total output power up to 150W, allowing you to use multiple 12V/24V car appliances simultaneously.

Four USB Charging Ports
Adopted 4 USB ports with total 5V/6.8A output (2.4A x2 and 1A x2), enables you to rapidly charge 4 devices at the same time.

High Safety Standards
Compact design with LED display monitoring your car battery. When car voltage is less than 12V, warning with flashing number on the display. Built-in protective circuits protects against over-current, short-circuit, over-temperature and over-charging, ensure complete protection for you and your devices.

Product Specifications:
Input: DC 12-24V
car charging cable: 39.37inches
USB (Blue) Output Current : 2.4A±5%
USB (Black) Output Current : 1.0A±5%
4 USB Ports: 6.8A/34W (Max)
3 Sockets Output: 150W (Max)
3 Sockets+4 USB Ports: 180W (Max)

Package Contents:
1. 1x Car Power Splitter with 39.37 inches car charging cable, the appropriate length is greet to meet your using need.
2. User Manual×1

Each CHGeek products enjoys a 30-day money back&1-year manufacturer warranty. If you have any problem with our products, please feel free to contact us via Amazon Message with your order# and details, we will always be more than happy to assist you.

The total power can NOT EXCEED 150W
When both 3 cigarette lighters and 4 usb ports are all on work
Max power of single cigarette lighter socket can NOT EXCEED 50W
Please make sure work on your 12~24V vehicle
Do not work on over 24V OR below 12V vehicle
Please keep your car socket clean and dry

Product Features

  • 【Extended Power Socket】The triple 12V/24V cigarette lighter sockets (DC outlets) provide a total power of up to 150W, enough for simultaneous use of variety portable appliances like GPS, Tomtom, SatNav, Handhold Vacuum Cleaner, DVD player, Electric Air Pump and other portable appliances in your 12V/24V vehicle.
  • 【4-Port USB Car Adapter】4 USB charging ports with 5V 6.8A total output enables you to rapidly charge four devices simultaneously. USB 2.4A is designed for charging iPad and other tablets devices, USB 1A is only for charging iPhone, Samsung, Android, MP3 players and other small USB devices.
  • 【Intuitive Voltage Monitor】The LED display can monitor your car battery. When car voltage is less than 12V, it warns with flashing number on the display. Note: If your car’s 12V/24V outlet stays on after the key was off, pls unplug or turn off all the devices after shutting off the car.
  • 【Premium Design】Made from durable ABS plastic and heat-resisting material, adopted stain-resistant surface treatment for long time usage. 1 meter / 39.37inches car charging cable and long distance connection make it easy for sharing charging in the backseat. For Volkswagen, Benz S500, Toyota prius, Honda civic, Audi, BMW, Ssayong, Ford, Mazda, Mini Cooper, Vauxhall, Renault, Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen, Mercedes, Skoda, Mitsubishi, Nissan
  • 【Reliable Safety Design】This 3 socket cigarette lighter adapter has Built-in Safe fuse and high quality components, protects against over-current, over-heat, over-load, over-voltage and short-circuit, ensures complete protection for you and your devices. Certified by RoHS, CE & FCC.

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HLH-CTRL Car Air Filter Humidifier Home Office Cigarette Lighter Jack , gold

Name: Automotive air purifier

Material: ABS

Type: Negative ion

Applicable models: GM

Power: 5 (W)

Power supply: 12 (V)

Negative ion concentration: 300

Recommended area: 10 (?)

Rated voltage: 12 (V)

Active Oxygen: Activated Carbon

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Net weight: 0.31kg

Product Size: 182 * 180 * 55 mm

Color box size: 211 * 75 * 326mm

Product Features

  • Stylish appearance, the use of “dual-core drive” more powerful, more effective purification
  • Using three filters to filter, the initial effect of filtration, HEPA, activated carbon combination, so that the filter effect more
  • UV lamp design, can eliminate more harmful bacteria in the air
  • 8 million of negative ions, you can smoke, dust, clean air
  • High-end, the atmosphere of the gift box packaging, so you more fashion gifts

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JR Modern Metal Round Top Design USB/Car cigarette lighter plug adaptor Aroma Diffuser Essential Oil Diffuser Air Purifier Deodorant dust catching and cleaning purification machine (Purple)

All of us face a variety of risks to our health as we go about our day-to-day lives. Some risks are simply unavoidable. Some we choose to accept because to do otherwise, would restrict our ability to lead our lives the way we want. And some are risks we might decide to avoid if we had the opportunity to make informed choices.
Indoor air pollution is one risk that you can do something about. Good Air Purifier delivers powerful air-flow, without the noise associated with other systems. Portable design is easy to move from room to room. Maintains full effectiveness even when placed in a corner or against a wall. Good Home Air Purifier, together with our JR Concentrated Solutions Water- Soluble Aroma can provides the following advantages:

– Eliminates a spectrum of airborne fungi, spores, bacteria and viruses
– Provides healthy environment to homes, offices and more
– Eliminates organic smells
– Delivers pure air continuously
– Ultra Low Noise
– No filters to replace
– PETE Tank
Chic, modern, stylish and fully-functional, bring you luxury ,comfort and relaxation life and good mood for you.

– Waterwash technology cleans the air and releases fresh air in return
– Effectively to collect the dust
– Improve your healthy

– Add some drop of water- soluble aroma /essential oil can effectively to affect the aroma’s function
– Release the fragrance let you feel a sweet smell greets your nose

Product Features

  • AROMA DIFFUSER HUMIDIFIER:Release the fragrance let you feel a sweet smell greets your nose
  • LED GRADIENT LIGHT: Optional can turn off the LED light
  • REMOTE DUST: Effectively to cleaning air
  • WATERWASH TECHNOLOGY: Cleans the air and releases fresh air in return
  • ADAPTOR: USB/Car cigarette lighter plug adaptor included

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KAWOSEN® Car Air Purifier,Air Freshener,Powerful Fast Remove Smoke,Dust,Pollen and Bad Odors,No Noise with 12V Cigarette Lighter Plug AFO_06 Silver

What are Negative Ions?
Ions with one or more negative electric charge called Negative ions. The thunderstorm, the storm, the impact of falls, photosynthesis and other natural phenomena produce negative ions which make people feel comfortable.

Why We Need Negative Ions?
With the increase of kinds of pollution, all sorts of bacteria, virus are everywhere around us. Fresh air is becoming more and more rare. People get to dizzy, weak, chest tightness, easy to get tired and other health problems.
Negative ions improve pulmonary function, purify the blood, promote boost metabolism, improve the body, and reduce the pressure on the brain.

How Can We Get Negative Ions?
Here comes KAWOSEN Car Ionizer Air Purifier. It releases 4.8 million negative ions per cm? in your car for massive odor-fighting power.
It can kill harmful bacteria, virus and dispel unpleasant odor, remove the PM2.5 particles by generating safe amount of ozone. It can decompose the formaldehyde, benzene, musty, leather smell, animal odor and other harmful gases. Promote the boost metabolism, relieve fatigue, refreshing.

How to Use it?
Plug the device into the car cigarette lighter or adaptor. The indication light will be on when the device is working. The device will work continuously until it is unplugged.

Product Paraments:
Anion Density: 4,800,000 pcs/ cm?
Applicable Occasions: Perfect for car or RV; also can be used in a house and office
Working Temperature: -10¡æ~40¡æ(10¨H~104¨H)
Storage Temperature: -20¡æ~60¡æ(10¨H~140¨H)
Weight: 40g

Product Features

  • The strongest car interior accessory releases 4.8 million negative ions per cm3 in your car for massive odor-fighting power.
  • Car air purifier produces negative ions that actually improve the air quality by destroying odor-causing particulates from the air, rather than simply covering up the smells like perfume.
  • With a measurable and controllable quantity of negative oxygen ions, this compact unit destroys bad odor effectively getting rid of smoke smell and other stale odors, neutralizes contaminants like mold, bacteria and viruses purifying the environment helping you breathe easier.
  • Quiet design, nearly no noise.Compact and attractive design with blue LED light enhances auto decorating.
  • Plug directly into the 12v cigarette outlet. Cool Automotive Accessories.

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