HEPA Air Purifier, TopdDirect Air Cleaner Air Loniser, Air Cleaning, Negative ions Activated Carbon Filter for Odor Reduction Smoking and Dust Mite Allergy on Home Office Desktop

Our family or office always exist a higher risk of PM2.5 particles, toxic or harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia. Electrostatic printing equipment in office, poor ventilation and overuse of air conditioners also can produce much harmful substance, including ozone, mites, molds, & legionella bacteria. So in order to enjoy a cleaner air at all times, we should use a high efficiency particulate air purifier capable of removing PM2.5 particles.

●Size: 333 * 105 * 80mm/13.2″ * 4.1″ * 3.1″(L x W x H)
●Weight: 0.85Kg
●Rated Power: 2W Air volume (CFM): 30m fand /h
●Rated Voltage: 5V DC
●Length of the Cord: about 1.5m (5ft)
●Purification efficiency (CADR): second-hand smoke, odours (34) / dust, pollutants (35) / pollen, allergens (35)
●Decibel of Noise: 28-35dB
●The concentration of Negative Ions: 3 million fand pcs /cm

1. Professional Electrostatic Air Purifier with Central Filtration Systems & Negative Ion Technology delivers uniform clean airflow & helps to reduce odors, remove allergens and pollutants.
2. Folding convex designs of fliter surrounded into 360º barrels, effectively reduce heat build-up and filter out more than 99.99% of particles (PM) larger than 0.3 microns – that’s much smaller even than PM2.5 microns.
3. Microporous activated carbon filter, harmless to human body characteristics used in the purification process can be completely decompose toxic pollutants, fliter out micro-organism, fungus, suspended particles, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds.
Use Tips : Please clean it regularly using a soft wet towel and slightly soapy water.

Package Included:
1 x Air Purifier
1 x USB Cable ( USB Plug Box not included )
1 x User Manual
1 x Gift Package

Product Features

  • 【Integrated Filtration】The negative ions generated by HEPA Air Purifier can effectively isolate more than 99.99% of air pollutants, odours, micro-organism, fungus, suspended particles, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and allergens as small as 0.3 microns, protect us from infringement.
  • 【Negative Ion Generators】Low voltage negative ion generator provides smooth motion which allows to sterilizate and clean air continously, efficiently remove and isolate dust and common household allergens from the air.
  • 【Healthy Breath & Beauty Effect】Perfect for Ladies, kids or middle-aged and elderly, can be used with the essential oil, keeps skin hydrated, silky smooth even toned, it seems that you do a beauty spa when sleeping. Note: if use 100% pure essential oil, please dilute it.
  • 【Silenced Technology】Features a silenced low noise technology, rotates 360° intake grill and oscillate gently releasing fresh clean air with 38°grid, fairly quiet.
  • 【Applications】 Suitable for small to medium size spaces, especially for office and family desktop which can be easily affected by asthma, rhinitis, pollen allergy, respiratory diseases.

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Catuo USB Air Purifier, Silent Rotatable Computer Air Freshener Loniser Handy for PC Laptop Desktop, Lonic Atmosphere Enhancer

Density of anion: 1 Million / cm3
Rated voltage: DC 5V
Rated power: < 0.3W
Dimensions: 88 x 21.5 x 21.5mm
Color: Black&White

Package includes:
1 x USB Ionic Air Purifier

Product Features

  • A USB-Powered Ionizer that uses a carbon fiber brush system to emit healthy negative ions into the air.
  • By attaching themselves to air molecules and any impure particles in the air and negatively charge them.
  • The emitted negative ions extremely purify the air and remove toxic substances including the dust,odors and molds,also can eliminate static, reduce EMI and help boost your energy and mood.
  • Connects it to your computer, and then the negatives ions will be released into the air consistently!
  • Soothing LED light indicates the working of the unit;

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