Antun Car Air Purifier Multifunctional Vehicle Air Purifier Air Cleaner System UV Sanitizer – Black

Antun Car Air Purifier – Robert: Photocatalyst ¡¤ UV light ¡¤ Negative ions ¡¤ Fragrance

Product Features:

– High efficient sterilization. Degrade harmful organics.
– Photocatalysis ultraviolet lamp, anion release are in one.
– It is designed with an aroma box which can be added car perfume in it.
– It can get rid of smoke, dust and peculiar smell, makes the air fresh and clean.
– The power supports USB connection as the power mode which makes the using very convenient.
– It is suitable for using in the environment with poor air quality such as new cars and new rooms.

Product Specifications:

– Product: Robert
– Color: Black
– Power: 4W
– Voltage: DC-5V
– Weight: 197g
– Perfume volume: 3ml
– Covering area: 1-6©O
– Negative ions connectration: 4 million/m3


– Do not use outdoors.
– Please do not operate the machine to aviod accidents when the car is moving.
– This product is used to improve air quality in cars or spaces of small range only.

Package Includes:

– 1 x Antun Car Air Purifier – Robert
– 1 x USB Cord
– 1 x Dual USB Car Charger
– 1 x Non-Slip Mat
– 1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY and friendly customer service, just contact us any time:, if any problems.
  • Photocatalysis ultraviolet lamp, anion release are in one.
  • Designed with an aroma box which can be added car perfume in it.
  • The power supports USB connection as the power mode which makes the using very convenient.
  • Suitable for using in the environment with poor air quality such as new cars and new rooms to get rid of peculiar smell.

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The Commander PX 7in1 , Multi-Functional Plug In Pest Repeller , Black With Night Light & Ultrasonic , Electromagnetic & Ionic Air Purifier Functions. Rid Pests & Insects Faster , Pet Friendly. Rid Your Whole House Fast, With Our Direct Action Pest Control Device. Direct Action Against Rodents – Rats Mouse, Field Mice, Spiders, Ants, Fleas, Flys, Bugs, Moths & Many More….

The Most ADVANCED Pest Control for your home:

Created from extensive research and providing the latest and the best in chemical free, pest repelling, this advanced Home Protection system combines the power of Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic technologies to keep your home Pest FREE!

The AMAZING Flexible Technology
The COMMANDER PX 7in1 uses advanced electromagnetic waves to interfere with the auditory systems of pests, while the ultrasonic waves ranging from 25 to 65 KHz attack the pests in those hard-to-reach corners and ensures that they stay out! The powerful Ionizer releases healthy ions into the air that purifies the air molecules and creates a healthy environment in the home!

Small Size, BIG ACTION:
Simply plug and play and watch the most advanced technology in pest control come to life at your fingertips. The device runs through a quick self-test as the four indicator LED’s light up in turn!

When the Electromagnetic light is on, the device emits EM waves in a 25 second burst and then goes off for 35 seconds. This pattern confuses the pests and drives them away from the source of the waves – the Commander PX! When the Ultrasonic LED Is on, the device uses its speakers to emit Variable Sweeping waves in the range of 25-65 KHz through their three positions. Additionally, the LED light turns on to provide soft lighting, thus creating a comfortable environment. The Ionizer releases streams of healthy ions into the air to purify the air in your home, thus promoting a healthy and safe living space! Each function can be independently controlled for maximum performance and flexibility to suit your needs!

Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Commander PX 7 in 1 is so effective, we offer a free 30 day trial. If you are not happy with the product, we will refund your money back fully, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

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Product Features

  • THE MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY IN PEST CONTROL: The Commander PX 7in1 Covers an area of up to 5000 sq foot and uses the most advanced technology that combines the power of Electromagnetic, Ionic and Ultrasonic waves to not just repel household pests such as rats, mice, bugs, ants, spiders, moths, cockroaches and mosquitoes, but also to purify the air in your home!
  • PROVEN AGAINST PESTS: The advanced technology uses both ultra-sonic and electromagnetic waves to drive out those pesky critters from their hiding holes. The two pronged technology ensures that no spot becomes a hiding place for them to sneak away in! The pests get out, and STAY OUT!! No Traps
  • POISON FREE TECHNOLOGY: The Commander PX 7 in 1 uses the most advanced technology and ZERO Chemicals to protect your home from insects and bugs. This makes it the perfect system as it leaves no toxic residues or chemicals that can harm children or household pets.
  • CUSTOMISABLE FEATURES: The unit offers multifunctional use, with its 4 smart switches allowing you to customize the combination of functions to suit your specific needs. From left to right, the first switch controls Electromagnetic waves, the second controls Ionic Purification, the third controls Variable Ultrasonic Waves, and the fourth controls the Night Light feature. Simply PLUG into the corner of your choice, and let it PLAY!
  • 100% SATSIFACTION GUARANTEED: Our patented technology is chemical free and highly child and pet safe for all forms of indoor use. We are so confident in our technology, we offer you a FREE 30 DAY trial, or your MONEY-BACK!

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Multi-functional Mushroom LED Lamp Rechargeable Desk Lamp Dimmable Eye-protection Night Light Lonizer Air Purifiers Health Anion Anti-radiation Purifiers for Household Office

Name: Mushroom Air Purification Lamp
Finish Color: White
Material: ABS
Input: DC 5V 800mA
Power: ≤3W
Product Size: 177mm (φ) x 211mm (H)

Packing Content:
1 x LED Air Purification Lamp
1 x Charger

Product Features

  • Anion Air Cleaning-Purification of airborne bacteria, secondhand smoke, dust. Keep pressing the touch key, the light will be bright or dim.
  • LED bulbs last can be used more than 50,000 hrs, no radiation, easy on eyes. Warm led light: also can be used as night light for baby and children.
  • Rechargeable LED lighting, mushroom lamp is an air purifier and night light, eye protection.
  • Eco-friendly and low energy consumption, provides natural, non-flickering light for stress free productivity.
  • Touch sensor switch. 2 kinds of power supply: Use USB power supply or use the built-in battery power supply.

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