cool mist humidifier,Humidifiers,Air Purifiers ,CYMALL Mini Portable Cool Mist Humidifier Moonlight Cup Design USB Essential Oils Aroma Diffuser with LED Creative Night Light for Mist Outlets,humidifier for bedroom Home, Yoga, Office, Spa, Baby Room (Blue)

1.Touch inductive switch
Mist button ,Touch once on sparying, touch again spraying off.

2.Mood light button
Touch once white light lighting, Touch twice mood light lighting, Touch third lighting fixed color you want,Touch fourth mood light off.

3.How to use
Set aside out of the handle
Counterclockwise rotation unscrew the cover
Add water into the cup
Clockwise ratation tighten cover the cap
Set back of the handle
Connect the power supply
Touch the function key humidifier start work

Product parameters:
Product name: The Moonlight Cup Humidifier with LED Mood Light
Product features: Aromatherapy/ air/ atmosphere humidification/ Mood light
Product material: ABS/PS/PP/Electric part
Spraying automatically power-off: 3 hours
Power supply: USB input
Rated Volt: DC 5V
Work current: humidifier 350MA, Mood light 180MA
Water Tank Capacity: 110ml
Rated Power: 2W
Mist Output: 25-30ML/H
USB Cord Length: 1M
Product weight: 132g
Product size: 14.5*9.5*6.5cm
All products are tested before delivery, your purchase at our store is guaranteed. If any problem, please contact us we’ll supply our best service for you.

Product Features

  • 【The Moonlight Cup Humidifier】– It with LED Mood Light come with function of aromatherapy, humidifier, mood light, nightlight, power supply by USB adopt nano-spray technolog, fine spray to remove static electricity and reduce drying and electronic radiation, fresh interior and car air.
  • 【Utra-quiet and Mini Design】 — it will conveniently sit on your car, office desk, dresser or counter, which allows multiple locations for use, Whisper-quiet operation won’t disturb your sleep.
  • 【Soft and Colorful Light】– The soothing LED light provides 7 cycle color of red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan, snow-white. Set it to one fixed color or turn the light off completely if you want. Control the brightness of each color from 1% to 100%.
  • 【 Touch Inductive Switch】– Mist and Mood Light button, click Mist button start spray , click again spray off. Mood Light button control lighting, When the LED light is on , it looks very beautiful and can work as a night light .
  • 【 Auto Shut-off Function】 — It will cut off the power automatically after continuously working up to 3 hours. Water tank capacity: 110ML, Material: ABS + PS + PP, USB cable included.

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Veesee LED Lamp Air Purifier Ionizer Activated Carbon Filter Negative Ion Generator Reading Night Light Desk Table Bedroom Bedside Nightstand Study Touch Control 3 Adjustable Brightness Levels Portable (Blue)

AIR Purification Desk Lamp: A perfect integration of desk lamp lighting function, air purifying function and night lighting function. Provide you a perfect experience with healthy breathing and light up your future. Our Air purification light has 3 functions, you can use it to light and to purify as well. By touching Illumination Button and Fan Button to choose different modes. When the built-in in the dim light, please recharge with cable! You can adjust its brightness and position easily as you want. What’s more, the light is in low-energy consumption. Let’s enjoy our beautiful life!!!

– Independent Touch Design
– Adjustable Brightness Design
– Air Purifier and Night Light Design

– Material: ABS plastic, Silicone
– Input: 5V 1A
– Light Dimension: 5.5(L)*5.5(W)*22(H) inches
– Net Weight: 1.39 lbs

What’s in the Package?
– 1 * Light

– 1 * Instruction

Product Features

  • Veesee Air Purification Desk Lamp- A perfect integration of desk lamp lighting function, air purifying function and night lighting function. Provide you a perfect experience with healthy breathing and light up your future.
  • Independent Touch Design- Two touch switches have separate controls. You could either use it as a desk lamp and air purifier only or as a night light only, or both at the same time.
  • Touch Control Adjustable Brightness Design- The default brightness is set at medium. Gently touch Illumination Button to adjust your brightness and turn it off. System brightness has three different levels. You may adjust to your preferred brightness to your own satisfaction.
  • Air Purifier and Night Light Design- A colorful lamplet is designed in the center of the desk lamp. This lamplet defaults to off status.Touching the Fan Button to open AIR Purification or Night Lamp Mode.

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Salt Kingdom Himalayan Natural Fire Bowl Shape Crystal Rock Night Light Salt Lamp Ionic Air Purifier, Decorative Genuine Wood Base with Cord, UK Plug Electric Wire, Light Bulb

Each Lamp is Packed in Individual Retail box

Hand-Crafted Natural Shape Salt Lamp Provides a Soft Glow
Totally natural, hand-crafted product. rough, unfinished surface and the crystal’s rough-hewn, irregular surface looks pink. it gives a warm amber glow. You can even change the color of the bulb to give a different hue to the lighting area. Use the lamp as a gentle nightlight, to create a romantic mood or replacement of candle light in dinner provides a natural touch.

As the bulb enlightened salt lamp emits a calming amber color & after gets heated the salt crystal start releasing negative ions into the air. Thus it creats an effect of ionizer by purifying the surrounding air. Due to the effect of the negative ions on the body blood and oxygen supply to the brain and other organs gets improved. This will enhance your mood and help you relax.

Reduce Allergy & Asthma Symptoms
People with asthma often find it helpful in reducing their symptoms. Salt lamps remove polluted particles of dust, smoke and the like from the surrounding air. By putting lamps in the living and bed rooms you can see remarkable cut back on allergy and asthma symptoms after a week or two.

Expensive gifts aren’t always the best gifts. Sometimes giving a “”simple”” present that touches will work.


Product Features

  • UNIQUE HAND MINED & HANDMADE LAMP – Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps are originated and hand mined in the Himalayan mountains. Due to the natural variation in Himalayan crystal salt weight, size, color and shape may vary
  • ENHANCE LIFE, NATURAL AIR PURIFIER & IONIZER – As the bulb enlightened salt lamp emits a calming amber color and negative ions thus it creates an effect of ionizer
  • GET BETTER SLEEP PATTERN – removes all POLLUTING PARTICLES – take fresh breath without polluted particles like dust, pollen, cigarette smoke etc from the air
  • FIND COOL, UNUSUAL, NATURAL GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION – Expensive gifts aren’t always the best gifts. Sometimes giving a “simple” present that touches will work

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E-Plaza Novelty Mushroom USB Desk Lamp LED Night Light Touch-sensitive USB Rechargeable Energy Saving Air Purifying Night Lamp


This novelty mushroom lamp is multifunctional. You can use it as book reading lamp, children’s sleeping night light, as well as an air purifier. With this light, you don’t need to worry about the surrounded dust, which can surely improve your sleep and work efficiency. It can be widely used in home, office, bedside, etc., definitely a good gift for family or friends.

Colour: white
Material: ABS + PS
Power: 3W
Input: DC 5V 800mAh
USB rechargeable
Touch-sensor switch: easy to operate
No radiation, no flickering, eye friendly
48LED beads inside the lamp, bright enough as night light
Net Weight: 399g
Product dimension: 177mm(Φ) * 211mm(H)

Package includes:
1*LED Mushroom Lamp
1* USB Cable

Product Features

  • USB rechargeable: powered by USB cable (when connected to laptop or something alike) or the built-in lithium battery (needs to be charged before use);
  • Energy saving and environmental friendly: the air purifying process means the anion coming from the device can remove dust, kill bacteria and purify the air condition;
  • Eye care: the soft led light produces no radiation, can easy your eye fatigue, good for study, bedside reading activities;
  • Touch sensor switch: just slightly rotate and touch the button to adjust brightness;
  • Lifespan is around 50,000 hours, good gift for children, the old, etc.

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JY$ZB Creative egg aroma USB mini colorful night light home air purifier humidifier 12.5X16.8cm , blue

Applicable area: 10 square meters below
Function: Aromatherapy
Water tank capacity: 1 liter or less
The number of fog: 1
Operation: mechanical
Timing function: 2-8 hours
Water shortage protection: support
Power supply: AC power
Shape: Egg
Size: 12.5X16.8cm
Noise: 36dB or less
Rated voltage: DC24 (V)
Rated power: 12 (W)
Applicable to: home
Color: orange, blue, white

Product Features

  • Product Name: humidifier, air purifier, office refreshing
  • Size: 12.5X16.8cm
  • Location: application: Beauty salon, Yoga, Bedroom, living room, conference room, office, reception center, corridor, pet room, toilet, baby room, hotel, hospital or any other private / public places
  • Prevent drying: to provide a fresh and moist air, at the same time to humidify prevent the drying of the skin, you can relax the mind and body and eliminate stress.
  • For more information on the product, please see the following product description. If you have any questions, we will always answer your questions.

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Humidifier – Kingwo Portable Penguin Humidifier Mini Night Light USB Humidifier Air Purifier (White)


- 100% brand new and high quality.
- Material: ABS+PET+PP
- Remove unfavorable odors and smells.
- Increase humidity of air.
- Moisturizing your skin.
- Very portable and easy to use.
- A healthy lifestyle gadget,it is great for your home,office,ect.
- Size:7.6X8.5X12.4cm
- Power:2.7W
- Input voltage: DC5V
- Touch the switch.
- Spray volume: 30ml/h
- Working current: 540MA

Package Include:

- 1PC Humidifier
- 1PC USB cable

Product Features

  • Size:7.6X8.5X12.4cm , Spray volume: 30ml/h
  • Material: ABS+PET+PP
  • Design : A healthy lifestyle gadget,it is great for your home,office,ect.Moisturizing your skin.
  • Functions : Remove unfavorable odors and smells.Increase humidity of air.Moisturizing your skin.
  • Package : 1PC Humidifier , 1PC USB cable

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Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Crystal Salt Rock Night Light Air Purifier Relieve Pressure Good for Allergies,Sinus,Asthma (Round Form)

Customer Guarantee-Money back guarantee and 12 months replacement warranty

Lamp and cord assembly are UL approved
Cordless and convenient: just plug right into the wall,no cord or extra space needed
For all occasions: Can be used in various occasions as a gentle nursery light or to keep dark hall ways lit
such as living room, dining room, kitchen and office.
Warm tip: The salt lamp’s surface could be moisture because wet or accidentally wet climate
Please turn on the light under this circumstance and the moisture will be volatilized gradually

Natural Salt Lamps for Natural Life

This process is enhanced by the natural process of NACL, resulting in the production of negative ions.
These eliminate the positive ions which are present in our environment, that are produced by computers, refrigerators, televisions and more.
Thus these lamps make the air clean, fresh and healthy

Salt Crystal is a Natural Air Purifier

The lamp is made from salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains,it works as an air purifier.
When lit, the lamp emits negative ions that fight against positively charged particles that cause you to feel stuffy and sluggish.
The lit salt crystal clears the air naturally of allergens like smoke, pet dander, pollens, and other air pollutants.
It dilutes odors so that you can breathe easier. People with asthma often find it helpful in reducing their symptoms.
You can keep the lamp lit for as long as you like to maintain this purifying effect

Package included
1 Pack Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

Product Features

  • 1. Special Material: Salt lamp is made from Natural Himalayan salt crystals hand mined in the himalayan mountains
  • 2. Air Purifier: Himalayan salt rock lamps purify the air to provide you with air that is healthy and easy for breathing by clearing natural allergens such as: smoke, pet dander, pollens, and other harmful pollutants
  • 3. Release the Negative Ions: The salt crystal absorbs water from the air and evaporative ,continuously reciprocating can release the negative ions all the time
  • 4. Relieve Pressure: The salt Rock Light can emit softer light,make the space peaceful effectively calm down your nervous system and relieve your pressure
  • 5. Soft and Warm Night Light: The Salt night light fills the room with a warm calming glow It creates a pleasant atmosphere,it makes your mood better,helps calm and sooth you well sleeping

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Salt Kingdom Himalayan Natural USB Plug Crystal Rock Night Light Salt Lamp Ionic Air Purifier, Decorative Genuine Wood Base with Cord, Light Bulb

Himalayan salt lamp USB-plug

Healing masterpiece!

These small Himalayan lamps can moderate down positive ions in the air through emitting negative ions and therefore popular for its healing properties. Get a true masterpiece for your place as each lamp is made up of authentic salt chunk from the Himalayan mine and checked before delivered. Improve air quality at your place through ordering your unique lamp!

Energy booster for every place

No need to look for extra place and power source while carrying out your office work at home or making an assignment for your school! Truly these crystal lamps are small and tiny with amazing health benefits and can glow with laptop and therefore can be placed on study table or on small office table. Get this natural energy booster source for your office or every room of the home!

Economical source of beauty and glow!

Reasonably priced, these lamps are affordable for all. Enjoy extreme soothing glow, as these tiny lamps come in varying color, and always add up value and beauty to your place. As each piece is carefully excavated, they can last for years as well.

Product Features

  • Beautiful To Be Use For Decorative Purpose At Restaurants.
  • Due To Natural Stone Being Utilized For These Lamps.
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps Can Be Used As An Air Purifier.
  • Natural Crystal Salt Lamps Come in Different Shapes and Multiple Sizes.
  • Genuine Neem Wood Base Led Bulb Lamp LED Bulb And USB Plug Cord Salt Lamp,

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Mini Salt Lamp, Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Salt Rock Lamp Wireless Night Light with CE-Approved Wall Plug for Air Purifying, Relaxing and Decoration

Natural special material: 100% Himalayan crystal salt made and hand carved in Pakistan.
Releases negative ions into the air, creating an effect similar to an ionizer, purifying the surrounding air by heating the salt with a 15 W bulb inside.
Eliminate the positive ions produced by computers, refrigerators, TVs and more, and deodorize air of tobacco, pet odors which are present in our living environment.
Cordless design solve the trip-over problems during the night.
Comfortable warm light can give you a nice sleep.
Perfect as a night light for kid’s bedroom, living room, porch, path, corridor, aisle.

Material: 100% Himalayan crystal salt
Voltage: 220V
Lamps power: 15 watt
Light color: warm white
Plug: UK(cordless)
Lamp body height: 3.2 inch
Lamp body diameter: 3.2inch

Package list:
1 * 15 Watt Rotatable Himalayan Salt light

Product Features

  • SPECIALLY MATERIAL: Salt lamp is made of natural Himalayan salt crystals which is hand mined in the Himalayan mountains.
  • AIR PURIFIER: Heating the salt with the included 15 Watt bulb, then it releases negative ions into the air, creating an effect similar to an ionizer, purifying the surrounding air.
  • CORDLESS AND SPACE-SAVING: Plug directly into the socket or the wall socket with no cords. No worries that people will be tripped up by the wire in the night.
  • BULB IS REPLACEABLE: The salt can be easy taken off, then you can replace the bulb.
  • CREATE A UNIQUE AMBIANCE: nice warm glow, perfect as a night light for kid’s bedroom, living room, porch, path, corridor, aisle.

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MEGACRA 100ml Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Diamond Design portable USB Humidifier Air Purifier with Whisper-quiet Operation and Night Light for Home Bedroom and Office


  • Material: Glasses
  • Power: 2W

  • Water Capacity: 100ml
  • Working time: 3-4hours
  • Working Current: 400mA
  • Input power: DC 5V(USB port)
  • Product Net Weight: 0.35Ib
  • Product Dimensions: 3.7* 2.2*2.2in
  • Fetures

  • Get rid of static electricity, health humidification
  • Come with two work model, when the first time to press switch it will intermittent spray and the second time press will continue spray.
  • Can be used in the car, humidify the air humidity, protect the skin
  • Support Lack Water Protection
  • Package:

  • 1x Humidifier
  • 1x ON/Off USB Cable
  • 1x Replacement Absorbent cotton
  • Product Features

    • Unique and Compact Design. This humidifier is coated with crystal, which makes it look very elegant. With compact and portable design, the cap of the diffuser is easy to take off, Just gently take off the cap and add water
    • Super Quiet. Adopted ultrasonic technology, this humidifier is extremely quiet when working. It gives out ultra fine and smooth mist.
    • Ultrasonic cool mist technology safely moisturizes the air runs 30ml per hour of continuous operation, Support lack water protection.
    • Note: Can not add essential oils, essential oil molecules are too large, will block out the fog hole. 2) When first time add water, need to wait absorbent cotton to absorb water fully and then turn on the product(about 1-2 minutes)
    • Warranty- One year replacement for defective product, 30 days no-hassle refund & return and friendly customer support from MEGACRA

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    Primrose 4-in-1 Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Rat/Mouse/Rodent Repeller with Ionic Air Purifier and Night Light Built In

    Product Features

    • 1) Electromagnetic interference works through the wiring of your house.
    • 2) Ultrasonic works in the room space you plug into
    • 3) Room ionizer
    • 4) Night light – comes on in the dark with, a non-intrusive warm blue glow.
    • Found to be effective in clearing the whole house of rats, mice, spiders, ants and other creeping insects.

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    Mini Humidifier / Cool Mist Humidifier/Skin Moisturizing-MollBii Mini USB Portable Virtually Silent Diffuser with Night Light and Automatic Shut-off Function for Home Car Office Bedroom (Green)

    MollBii USB Portable Mini Cool Mist Humidifier/Ultrasonic Air Desktop Humidifier with LED, Perfect for Travel, Home, Office or Car Humidifier.

    -Ultrasonic Cool Mist increases air moisture for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep.

    -The best for dry or cold-weather conditions, and can also be used as a mister during hot summer months, or as a moisturizer by holding your hands or face over mist.

    1. Light-weight Slim design. Applicable in home, office, car, travel, etc.
    2. Wicking filter removes impurities from water reducing white dust and providing clean moisture output.
    3. Runs up to 4 hours per filling on low setting.
    4. 5V/2W high power and low voltage are safe for kids or home use.
    5. Auto turning off after continued 4-hr use. Auto power off without running dry when water in the bottle is run out.
    6. Applicable to connect with portable power source, laptop computer, and mobile phone charger, etc.
    7. The lights can be turned off. Nourish the skin all night, let you enjoy a comfortable sleep.

    TO USE
    1.Fill the bottom full with water, put the humidifier cap back on the bottom.
    2.Wait for a couple minutes for the filter sticks get soak.
    3.Plug the humidifier into the USB cable & the USB cable into USB port touch the switch once:
    light+ humidifier function
    Twice :turn light off
    Thrice : turn humidifier off

    Every 2 weeks, clean the nozzle of the humidifier with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar to remove dirt &minerals.
    Every 3-6 months replace filter sticks.

    Our products have been well tested before delivery,Damage during transport, so we cannot 100% guarantee the items when delivered to you. Any problem please feel free to contact us through Amazon Email System and we will do our best to serve you .

    Product Features

    • Light-weight Slim design: Portable for travel; fit for standard cup holders in the car, overflows-resistant; A must-have air desktop humidifier to refresh the dry air to alleviate dry eyes and dry throat. Relieves allergies, dryness, cold & flu symptoms anywhere.
    • Fight back against dry air. This stylish cool mist humidifier adds moisture to your air to eliminate dryness and help with your dry chapped skin, chapped lips and dry sinuses. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to give your room a fresh, clean scent.
    • Compatible Charging: there comes with a USB data cable. Applicable to connect with portable power source, laptop computer, and mobile phone charger, etc. Note: it has to be powered all the time when in use.
    • Ultrasonic aroma essential oil diffuse is safe and does not harm the essential oil of any ingredients. Let you enjoy the SPA of aroma wherever and whenever.
    • Stable mist-spraying, no wet on the desk. Whisper-Quiet Ultrasonic Operation, Incredibly silent in use: disturbance-free for your rest or sleep.

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