LanLan LED Air Purifier Freshener Aroma Steam Diffuser Night-light for Bedrooms Living Rooms Car Home and Office Mini USB Volcano Shape Air Mist Humidifier Pink

Specification :
Timing Function : No
Noise : <36db
Power (W) : 1w
Humidification Method : Mist Discharge
Voltage (V) : 6V
Mist Outlet Quantity : One
Type : Warm Mist Humidifier
Classification : Humidification
Humidity Control : Humidistat
Function : Negative Ion
Installation : Mini Capacity : <1L
Use : Household
Water-shortage Power-off Protection : Yes
Certification : Air Mist Diffuser
Style : Air Mist Diffuser
Material : Plastic
Voltage (V) : 5V

1.Please make sure that there is enough water in the sink before use. This machine can not boot in the absence of water.
2. In order to guarantee the safety of the products, this product more than 2 hours will be automatically without electricity.
3. Add water shall not exceed the water level in order to avoid the overflow.
4. Can\’t directly into the water or the tap wash down, Please use a damp cloth or damp sponge to wipe clean directly.
Apply area: 10 square meters

Customer Service:
We are committed to provide the best products and the best customer services to our customers, your feedback is our motivations to improve.
If you have any question about order and product,pls send us message.We will reply your message within 24 HOURS.(Saturday is our Holiday).
If you satisfied with our product, please leave us 5 stars feedback ,that would be much appreciate.

Product Features

  • Stay Healthy. Keep your living and work place suitable humidity, prevent dry stuffy air and fly/cold germs infecting your loved ones. Prevent dry and chapped skin in dry winter months.
  • Practical at your home, office, also is convenient to carry it with you when you are on a trip.
  • Volcano Shape Humidifier Desktop USB Air Diffuser with Multi Colors Night Light
  • Ultrasonic Volcano Shape Humidifier, Very calm and quite personal humidifier, Perfect cool mist bedroom humidifier
  • Powered by connecting it to any powered USB equipment or DV 5V USB adaptor

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Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Pink Crystal Rock Salt Light Air Purifier with Dimmer Controller, Gold Hollow Bowl, replacement 2 Bulb

EECOO Salt Lamp – Bring it Home, Bring Nature home!
Without any Process, EECOO hand mine these natural pink crystal rocks from Himalayan Mountains, as one of the most precious and purest gifts of nature.
Once up a time, you may clime a mountain, visit a waterfall or a untamed river, and impressively amazed by the feeling of mentally refreshed. Now, we bring it here and you bring nature home.

Soothing Amber Glow, Perfect Lighting Decoration
Filled by some Himalayan salt rocks, this salt lamp is put into a beautiful golden crystal bowl.
Unlit, pink crystal salt chunks with irregular surface, along with a golden bowl makes it perfect for a household natural decoration.
Once lit, it gives a warm amber glow, offers the same soothing and relaxing ambiance as the warm glow of a campfire.
Use as a gentle nightlight, create a romantic mood. Simply adjust the lamp’s hue to your needed by controlling the dimmer switch.

As a Natural Air Purifier for Eco-life.
Heated by the 15W halogen bulb, the salt crystal emits negative ions into the atmosphere and eliminating the positive ions which are present in our surroundings produced every day from computers, refrigerators, TV sets etc. And help clear the air naturally of allergens like smoke, pet dander, pollen, and other air pollutants, fight against electromagnetic radiation. And create a fresh air environment around you, just like a negative-ion generator.
Whether in a bedroom, living room, office, or in your yoga, the lamp is your natural partner! It helps reduce stress, improve sleep, increase energy, reduce allergies and improve breathing.

Warm Tips:
Please avoid bumping, and don’t add water to the salt lamp, if the long long time does not use the lamp, please take out the stone, and keep them dry.

1 * Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
2 * 15W Blubs
1 * 1.5m Dimmer Cord
1 * Manual

Product Features

  • [Pure Natural Salt & Buy with Confidence]: Without any process, 100% natural salt crystals from Himalayan Mountains. Buy with confidence, any problem with it, we will resolve in 24h (guide,replace or refund).
  • [Negative Ions Genetor]: When heated with the 15W bulb,it release negative ions into the air, purifying the surrounding air, soothe allergies, fight against electromagnetic radiation, reduce your stress, improve breathing and make you a whole great day!
  • [Calming Color for Eco-Life]: Once lit, it will emit a warm amber glow like a compfire. give you a relaxing ambiance, calm mood or increase focus in bedroom, living room, office, yoga, etc.
  • [Customize Your Own Brightness]: Just adjust the rotary dimmer switch to get the brightness of the light as your needed.
  • [Unique Gift, Ideal Decoration]: The surface of each natural pink salt chunks is irregular, so you will get a unique salt lamp which is similar to the image shown. it’s along with a golden crystal plate bowl, ideal as a natural decoration indoor. Also it’s a great gift for the the old, the young or the weak.

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SourceDIY® Himalayan natural salt lamps are the perfect element for a mind-relaxing and calming atmosphere at your place. Put them in your room to create the amazingly romantic and charming environment that you always longed for. You can use more than one to give the multiple flame effect. Himalayan rock salt lamps provide a double benefit by purifying the air and giving off a gentle and relaxing light as well. These are perfect products not only for home but hotels, restaurants and spas as well. Himalayan rock salt lamps prove to be a great gift idea for any occasion.

These beautiful natural shape lamps come in beautiful colours ranging from light pink to orange hue. Once lit, these lamps emit a warm and serene amber-orange glow and immediately begin to filter the air naturally with negative ions flowing from the extra pure salt and binding to positively charged dust particles bringing them to the ground and leaving the air fresh and healthy.

They also offer countless medical benefits. Patients with asthma and various allergies admit that they felt better with one or more of these natural salt lamps placed in their rooms. Emission of negative ions and the beautiful calming light by these lamps improves the sleep patterns and moods as well.

Himalayan natural pink salt lamps are a great addition to your place and therefore, to buy these lamps is an excellent decision.

Package Contains:

  • One Beautiful Natural Shape 2-3 KG Crystal Rock Salt Lamp.
  • Four unit of UK standard 15 Watt Bulb along with one Unit of UK Standard Button cable.

SourceDIY provided you with the 100% SATISFACTION, QUALITY AND AUTHENTICITY Guarantee.

Product Features

  • TO ENSURE THE BEST QUALITY ALWAYS BUY FROM SourceDIY® (Brand with Quality that you Know and Trust) – UNIQUE SALT LAMP is made from Natural Himalayan pink salt crystals carefully hand mined from the Himalayan Mountains. OUR NATURAL Salt Lamp rough finished, just like how it came out of the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.
  • When heated works as an air purifier by emitting negative ions into the air, provides the ioniser effect and leads to light therapy to reduce stress and increase energy. Himalayan salt lamps are an ancient gift from mother nature for a better and healthy living. Salt Lamps are also helpful for symptoms of Asthma, Sinusitis and common allergies.
  • Our Himalayan Salt Lamp Colour range starts from beautiful light pink and all the way through orange, red and completes at deep red colour. SourceDIY® Himalayan natural salt products are carefully selected and hand carved by the premium craftsmen of Pakistan. Each lamp is a masterpiece in itself and two lamps are never same.
  • Our lamps come with STANDARD UK PLUG with Button Cable, 15 WATT OVEN BULB E14 Screw with the ability to resist Heat up to 300°C and long lasting life hours, Our Rock salt of Lamp is Heat Shrink Laminated and screwed on top of Wooden Base. Our each and every Lamp is tested and approved before the final Packing for shipment to our Customers. Hence we Provide the 100% SATISFACTION, QUALITY AND AUTHENTICITY Guarantee.
  • Package Contains: – One Unit of NATURAL PINK HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL ROCK SALT between 2-3 KG, One Unit of Standard UK PLUG BUTTON CABLE (CE Certified) and Four Unit of 15 WATT BULB (CE Certified).

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LanLan Crystal Bottle Mini Household Humidifier Air Purifier Pink



Capacity: 300ML

Size: 130mm x 90mm x 123mm

Operating space: 10-20 square meters

Product Features

  • With external electronic control,flexible to use
  • Fresh and comfortable
  • Fog particles can eliminate static electricity, reduce the computer radiation
  • With cute bow,you can take it as decorations
  • Increase the humidity in the air, keep skin moist

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HLH-CTRL Car Humidifier Home Indoor Mini Mute Air Filter Atomizer , pink


No cleaning, zero radiation, ultra-quiet, mini,

Applicable area: 31-40 square meters

Function: Ultrasonic

Water tank capacity: 1.0-2.5 liters

The number of fog: 1

Operation: mechanical

Water shortage protection: support

Power supply: AC power

Noise: 36dB or less

Rated voltage: 220 (V)

Rated power: 30 (W)

Applicable to: home

Product Features

  • No-clean water tank, easy to use
  • Zero radiation, health and environmental protection, can be safe to use
  • Ultra-quiet design, will not bother you
  • Mini volume, easy to carry
  • 180 degrees accurate rotation, double port docking, any mineral water bottles are applicable

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Negative Ion Replenisher Beauty Spray Mini Humidifier Creative USB Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Mist Maker Air Purifier Gift for Travel Home Office Car Bedroom Yoga (Pink)

Size: 7.2 * 7.2 * 16.5 CM
Product Weight: 180g
Water tank capacity: 300 ml
Input voltage: DC5V
Product Power: 2W
Switches: key switch
Material: ABS + PC
Wire Specifications: USB cable length 1.0M
Packing Material: color carton

Easy To Use
1: Reversal open the lid
2: Add pure water
3: Close the lid clockwise
4: Open to use, press once, continuous fog, push twice, indirectly out of the fog

Package Includes: 1 x Mini air Humidifier
1.With Automatic switch, start working from the humidifier can last four hours, you do not have to worry about security problems, as long as two-thirds of the water inside the humidifier when you start to use it.
2.Before turning on the humidifier, whatever it is the first use or not used for a long time, make sure the filter wick (cotton stick) is wet thorough (Very important) .
3.Pure water is recommanded and please don’t dismantle and don’t use it in damp area.
4.Long time dry-running of the humidifier could cause damages. To avoid this, please add water or turn the humidifier off in time .
5. Please dry the water in the water tank if not used for a long time. Hang the cotton stick dry and unplug the power cable.

Product Features

  • A key to start and switch modes, up to 100 million times per minute, ultra-high frequency ultrasonic atomization, the four major user-friendly and practical design.
  • High frequency ultrasonic technology produces an ultra-fine mist,which is soft to your face and hand ,quickly purify your air around. Refresh the dry air to alleviate dry eyes and dry throat. It may also help with insomnia, cough, flu, and cracked skin from lack of humidity.
  • Offer cold mist and quiet operation which guarantee do not disturb you through work or rest. The super slient small room humidifier is perfect for baby room, bedroom, office, car, yoga or spa.
  • For PC office moisturizer, moisturizing car, clean up remover, face moisturizing spray, anti-radiation living room TV, fresh air, sleep, water and so the whole scene!
  • With the LED luminous characters, warm night light function, a variety of ways to take power, for example: notebook power supply, power charger, mobile power supply, and so on. With USB more easier.

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ESUMIC® Portable Mini Air Conditioner Travel Handheld USB Rechargeable Cooling Fan Air Purifier Humidifier for Summer Kids with Smart Stand Hand Strap (Pink)

Rechargeable portable mini air conditioner.
Cooling effect is even better with freezing the sponge after water absorption.
Unique dual-mode of fan and air-conditioning refrigeration, which can effectively cool down3-5°.
Not only use as an ordinary fan , but also has air conditioning cooling function.
Refreshing air-conditioner cooling system.
Save money with built-in rechargeable battery.
Adjustable holder.
Great for household, outdoor, office, gifts etc.

Connector: USB
Battery capacity: 1400 mA
Single usage time: Up to 6 hours
Material: ABS plastic
Size: 11.5*6.6*3.5 cm
Weight: 183g
Rechargeable time: 2.5-3 hours

Package included:
1* Mini air conditioner
1* USB Cable
1* Sling

Product Features

  • Rechargeable portable mini air conditioner.
  • Cooling effect is even better with freezing the sponge after water absorption.
  • Save money with built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Great for household, outdoor, office, gifts etc.
  • Single usage time is up to 6 hours.

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Veesee Desk Lamp LED Air Purifier Ionizer Activated Carbon Filter Negative Ion Generator Reading Night Light USB Rechargeable Table Bedroom Bedside Nightstand Study Touch Control 3 Adjustable Brightness Levels Portable (Pink)

AIR Purification Desk Lamp: A perfect integration of desk lamp lighting function, air purifying function and night lighting function. Provide you a perfect experience with healthy breathing and light up your future. Our Air purification light has 3 functions, you can use it to light and to purify as well. By touching Illumination Button and Fan Button to choose different modes. When the built-in battery in the dim light, please recharge with USB cable! You can adjust its brightness and position easily as you want. What’s more, the light is in low-energy consumption. Let’s enjoy our beautiful life!!!

– Independent Touch Design
– Adjustable Brightness Design
– Air Purifier and Night Light Design
– Intelligent Low Battery Reminder Design

– Material: ABS plastic, Silicone
– Input: 5V 1A
– Battery: 1x 18650 1500mAh
– Light Dimension: 5.5(L)*5.5(W)*22(H) inches
– Net Weight: 1.39 lbs

What’s in the Package?
– 1 * Light
– 1 * USB Cable
– 1 * Instruction

Product Features

  • Veesee Air Purification Desk Lamp- A perfect integration of desk lamp lighting function, air purifying function and night lighting function. Provide you a perfect experience with healthy breathing and light up your future.
  • Independent Touch Design- Two touch switches have separate controls. You could either use it as a desk lamp and air purifier only or as a night light only, or both at the same time.
  • Touch Control Adjustable Brightness Design- The default brightness is set at medium. Gently touch Illumination Button to adjust your brightness and turn it off. System brightness has three different levels. You may adjust to your preferred brightness to your own satisfaction.
  • Intelligent Low Battery Reminder Design- When the air purifying lamp has a low battery, the lamplet turns to red breathing mode, in which circumstance only desk lamp function or night lamp function is available.When the air purifying lamp is charged fully, the lamplet turns to purple and you may remove the charging plug now.
  • Air Purifier and Night Light Design- A colorful lamplet is designed in the center of the desk lamp. This lamplet defaults to off status.Touching the Fan Button to open AIR Purification or Night Lamp Mode.

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Electric 2-3kg Natural Himalayan Pink Crystal Rock Salt Lamp – Create a Relaxing Warm Atmosphere In Any Room – Natural Air Ioniser and Purifier Improves your Health and Wellbeing – Every Light is Unique in Size, Weight, Shape and Colour

The air we breathe consists of ions (atoms or groups of atoms that carry either a positive or a negative electrical charge. Computers TV sets, air conditioners, tobacco smoke and many other by-products of modern living produce positively ionised air, which is harmful to our health. Negatively ionised air is generated by environments such as mountains, the seaside and waterfalls. and by mechanical means such as thunderstorm, gentle heat and Salt Crystal Lamps.

Salt Lamps – Lights produce both gentle heat and negatively-charged ions. They make it easy for you to bring the benefits of famous health spas into your own home! The most common benefits are reductions in rheumatism, allergies, respiratory ailments, sleeplessness, migraine, high blood pressure, physical and psychological disorders, mild depression etc. In addition to the proven benefits of negative ionisation, many people also experience a reduction in stress and anxiety due to the gentle, soothing colours

Please note that due to the nature of this product, no two lights will be exactly alike and will vary in size, weight, shape and colour. This is not a problem with the product and is a result of the natural formation of the Crystal Rock Salt.

DIMENSIONS – L10cm x W10cm x H20cm / L4″ x W4″ x H8″ (Estimate – Size & Shape Vary)

Pack Includes 1 x Rock Salt Lamp and 1 x UK 3 Pin Plug and Cable
Bulb not included.

Product Features

  • Natural Himalayan Pink Crystal Rock Salt Electric Plug in Lamp
  • Create a Relaxing Warm Atmosphere In Any Room
  • Natural Air Ioniser and Purifier Improves your Health and Wellbeing
  • Every Light is Unique in Size, Shape and Colour
  • DIMENSIONS – L10cm x W10cm x H20cm / L4″ x W4″ x H8″ (approx.)

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Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp,XYK Natural Lonic Air Purifier Crystal Desk Lamp Dimmable(2-3Kg) (Pink)


Himalayan Salt Lamps have many benefits! When placed in your home or office, Himalayan Salt Lamps naturally improve your indoor air quality by creating healthy negative ions; similar to an ionizer. It does so by drawing water molecules from the air to the surface of the salt lamp, also known as hygroscopy. As the lamp is warmed by the bulb, a gentle chemical reaction takes place: healthy, negative ions are released into the air, thus counteracting the positive ions from electrical equipment around the home and office. The air then becomes purified, meaning airborne bacteria, mold, viruses and allergens as well as respiratory irritants and asthma triggers (which carry positive ions) cannot survive in the negatively charged environment. 

Product Features

1. Cleanses & Deodorized the Air 

2. Reduces Allergy & Asthma Symptoms 

3. Orange Light Decorate Your Home

4. Neutralizes Electromagnetic Radiation 

5. Improves Mood & Concentration 

6. Treats Seasonal Effective Disorders 

7. Reduces Static Electricity in the Air 


Material: 100% himalayan crystal salt 

voltage: 220V~240V 


Lamps power: 15 watt 


• For safe use, plug only into exposed wall outlets where this device is ventilated and cannot contact bed covering or other materials

• If the salt stone begins to sweat or get moist to the touch, unplug from socket, dry off and seek another area to use the lamp

• Not suitable for high humidity environments, particularly areas without proper AC or ventilation

• To insert or remove from socket, grasp the base and not the stone

• Due to the vast differences in shape, color, sediment layers, natural cracks and crystal formation; no two are same.

Product Features

  • Air Purifier: himalayan salt lamps purify the air to provide you with air that is healthy and easy for breathing by clearing natural allergens such as: smoke, pet dander, pollens, and other harmful pollutants
  • Special Material: salt lamp is made from Natural Himalayan salt crystals hand mined in the himalayan mountains
  • Widely Used: Use as a bathroom light, bedroom light, living room light, kitchen light, hall light, or anywhere in your home you want to bring a gentle glow. For Air Purifier/ Improved Sleep Quality/ Art Decor, to purify the bad air.
  • Healthy: Tension and anxiety would effect the body’s physical and mental health if people always live under great pressure of work and life. Salt lamp can alleviate the people’s psychological state with the soft light which create a comfortable space, to make you feel tranquil and relaxed.
  • Our lamps come with standard UK plug with Dimmer Cable, 15 watts oven bulb E14 screw with the ability to resist Heat up to 300°C and long lasting life hours, our rock salt of lamp is heat shrink laminated and screwed on top of wooden Base. Our each and every Lamp is tested and approved before the final Packing for shipment to our Customers. Hence we Provide the 100% satisfaction, quality and authenticity guarantee

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Fossil Valley Himalayan Hand Carved Natural Pink Crystal Salt Lamp 2 to 3kgs with Bulb, Dimmer Switch and Genuine Neem Wood Base

  • Unique salt lamp is made from Natural Himalayan salt crystals hand mined in the Himalayan Mountains
  • Once lit the lamp will emit a calming Amber color
  • Heating the salt with the included 15 watt bulb releases negative ions into the air, creating an effect similar to an ionizer, purifying the surrounding air
  • Due to the natural variation in Himalayan Crystal salt, weight, size, color and shape may vary
  • Includes:6 ft Power Cord, 15 Watt Light Bulb, Rotary dimmer switch
  • Material: 100% Himalayan Crystal Salt
  • Base is made of genuine neem wood. The neem tree is one of the most versatile of India’s plants. Valued for centuries throughout tropical Asia for its multitude of medicinal and other uses, it has recently attracted attention in the United States as an effective botanical insecticide. Neem wood is now becoming a popular option for furniture manufacturers. The advantage of using this is that it is a strong wood making it durable and giving your furniture a long life. Secondly, due to the pest repelling aromatic properties of the wood; it is termite free.
  • Finish: Natural
  • Lamp and cord assembly are CE approved

100% Himalayan Crystal salt, 100% neem wood

Avoid fake Himalayan Salt lamps

  • Cheap chinese imports and often inauthentic – The only source of pure Himalayan Salt is Pakistan so look out for a mention of Pakistan on the packaging.
  • Real Himalayan Salt is very fragile, if the one you own is very durable it may be an imposter.
  • Not experiencing any benefits is a sure sign that your lamp is a fake

Product Features

  • UNCOMPROMISED QUALITY: Hand selected from the Himalayan Mountains, only salt crystals with the best clarity, shape, and colour purity are hand carved ensuring natural rock of highest quality.
  • AIR PURIFYING: Himalayan salt lamps purify the air to provide you with air that is healthy and easy for breathing by clearing natural allergens such as: smoke, pet dander, pollen, and other harmful pollutants.
  • MOOD SETTING: Use the lamp as a gentle nightlight, or to create a romantic mood. Whether in a child’s room, near the television or computer, or in your office, the lamp, sitting on its round wood base, provides a natural touch.
  • DIMMER SWITCH AND BULB included in every purchase along with a CE certified cable. Eye catching packaging designed in the UK.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: If for any reason you are not absolutely happy with this product, Just return it and we will refund you every penny spent (or replace if there is any problem)

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25ML Aroma Diffusers & Humidifiers, Transer® Auto Mini Humidifier for Cars Air Purifier Freshener Travel Car Portable Air Aroma Diffusers (Pink)


100% brand new and high quality.

Quantity: 1

Material: ABS,PP

Size: 5.7*5.6*16.4cm

Color: Pink,Purple,Green,Blue

Compact and lightweight, this personal humidifier offers portability that is perfect for home or travel use.

Save energy,convenient to use.

Automatic water protection with a stable and reliable system that allows you to easily enjoy intelligent life

Negative oxygen ions , sterilization dust

Operating Voltage: DV12V

Working current: 130-150mA

Use power: 1.5-2W

Water capacity: 25ml

Spray volume: 25ml/h

Run time: Two hours off automatically

Package Content:

★ 1* humidifier

★ 1* USB cable

Product Features

  • √ 100% brand new and high quality
  • √ Beauty: Refresh skin and can be taken as a skin care, keep skin healthy and moist.
  • √ Decoration: Make the room romantic and happy,smells nice.
  • √ Humidify: Humidify the air in the room, refreshes the quality of air you breathe.
  • √ Water Capacity: 25ml

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